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Just Adventure was founded in 1997 by Randy Sluganski. Just Adventure started out as a simple forum where friendships were started that carry-on until this day. The site then started expanding with articles, and thanks to the dedication of Randy and many others, turned Just Adventure into one of the largest and most visited web sites dedicated to all platforms of adventure gaming.

For many of us, our adventure began in the early eighties, in a white house with a game called Zork. That same spirit of adventure continues to this day. For those of you new to the genre think of Just Adventure as the starting point for a future of excitement and friendship as adventure gamers around the world gather to share, learn & enjoy the wonderful world of Adventure games!

We know there have been quite a few changes here, some good and some not so good, but we promise to continually improve the content and quality of our site and keep you up to date with new developments in the adventure gaming world.

Our plan going forward is to expand our services with some new staff, reviews and even some new games. Let us know what you think we can do to improve this site and expand our love of adventure games.

And remember when life gets you down... Just Adventure!


Some Comments about Just Adventure:

USA Today called us “an editorially rich destination for adventure gamers on the Web. It prides itself on pulling no punches and digging for scoops.”

PC Player touted Just Adventure as “the ideal meeting place for adventures old and new.”

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