Explore a Fallen Utopia in The Mind's Eclipse, an Emotionally-Charged Adventure
Explore a Fallen Utopia in The Mind's Eclipse, an Emotionally-Charged Adventure
This sci-fi visual novel from Mind’s Eclipse Interactive has an intriguing style that features hand-drawn art in stark black-and-white; a playable demo is available
Posted: 12/16/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Mind's Eclipse Interactive | Publisher: Mind's Eclipse Interactive | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

In The Mind's Eclipse, you'll experience an interactive sci-fi narrative that's emotionally driven. The game is presented in black-and-white, but its characters are morally gray. (I love that...)

The year is 2352. The CORE is a private research station. You are celebrity scientist Jonathan Campbell, who awakens to a fallen utopia.

Your loved ones are here -- somewhere. You hope. You search for them, joined by a mysterious companion known only as L.

You'll be reading quite a few logs and journals as you go about piecing together the events leading to the state of affairs in which you find yourself. What happened to the CORE and the utopia? What is the Eclipse? Where is your family?

And one more thing: Beware COSy.

"The Mind's Eclipse takes a serious look at the personal and human consequences of technology and immortality, and tries to examine a family that is caught in a web of uncertainty with regard to this new frontier of existence," explains founder Donald Campbell. "In a universe where we could live forever, what does this mean for the human? For a family? For a father? For a daughter?"

The Mind's Eclipse will be released on January 25, 2018 for Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam and itch.io. Links to playable demos for all three platforms appear on these pages as well.

This might bear repeating...
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