Wreck Tangle Games Releases a Pre-Alpha Teaser for ALASKA
Wreck Tangle Games Releases a Pre-Alpha Teaser for ALASKA
Still in early stages of development by a one-man studio, the game is an action-adventure crime thriller
Posted: 03/06/17 | Category: Upcoming Releases | Developer: Wreck Tangle Games | Platform:

Five close-knit families have chosen to live in relative seclusion in the mountains of Alaska, where they work together, play together and depend on each other for support and sustenance.

Then one day, the calm is shattered by screams. Everything is about to change as a dead body is discovered on the town's small airstrip and a murder mystery starts to unfold.

ALASKA is the story of a single day in the life of one man as he confronts this terrible turn of events. Who is he supposed to trust?

The game, which is in early stages of development, is powered by Unity and a one-person studio: Wreck Tangle Games, aka Adam Reed. The graphics are still in "pre-pre-alpha." It appears that the game will be released later in 2017; no platforms have yet been announced.

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