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The Latest Asylum Update

The Latest Asylum Update

The Latest Asylum Update

The game goes retro, the most disgusting sight yet and more!


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Asylum: Dead Rat in a Cage – March 1, 2017 

Verbatim from Senscape/Agustin…

“Just when you were getting desperate… BOOM! Update. It’s a cold, gray, and sorely depressing day in Buenos Aires. I can almost feel the storm coming. There’s a certain unnatural calm surrounding the area in anticipation of what is surely going to be grueling showers. I hope your day is as wonderful as mine is right now.

There’s been a bit of radio silence over here but, when it comes to Asylum, no news is always good news. Over the past few weeks, we have performed a thorough revision of the project to plan remaining work ahead and try to present to you, our dear backers, a realistic, down-to-earth schedule of pending tasks to do and upcoming milestones, including a potential release date. While we won’t be releasing the game tomorrow, we’re optimistic about the outlook. And several new developments are being kept under wraps until they’re ready for prime time; we just need a bit longer to unveil sheer awesomeness that will blow your minds. There’s no hyperbole here: we’re been working very hard to surprise you. Because I love teasing you, I’ve collected a bunch of sneaks peeks to show you.

“First, this one has been making the rounds already and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s by far our most popular post on Facebook  (in less than one week!) and many fans have provided thoughtful feedback. Clearly, it’s the direction we must take with the promo art for Asylum: Asylum Retro Poster

“It’s a very intentional throwback to the kind of horror movie posters you used to see in your nearest VHS store (if you’re old enough, that is). I don’t know about you, but I have the fondest memories of perusing the dusty shelves (my local store wasn’t that clean) while hunting for the next batch of obscure gems to watch over the weekend. That’s the kind of passion for the genre which gave birth to games like Scratches and Asylum.

“This project always had a certain vibe of vintage horror, but it was never quite communicated in our logo and artwork, so there’s going to be more refresh in this regard as we put together new materials including more “retro” posters and a new trailer. With revival stuff like Stranger Things happening now, this feels like a very good direction to take for the promotion of the game.
Plus, we frigging love it!

“There’s more I’ll be showing you in this regard soon, promise. For now, just know that Asylum will feel as if you were playing a recently unearthed obscure horror gem from the late 70’s, including a throbbing John Carpenter-esque soundtrack by my brother Pablo Cordes.
Here, I’m dropping a few more goodies in today’s brief update, glimpses of coming attractions:
Morgue Scene (Ed note: No link was included for this scene)

“Is that gruesome scene going to involve a disgusting puzzle?! We can only hope.

“Now take a look at this:

“Our migration to Unreal Engine 4 understandably raised a few eyebrows, but the move has paid off by leaps and bounds. Characters are a far cry from our previous efforts (just compare the video above to a previous test in Unity . Everything from textures to particles to animations is super polished and, dare I say, the results are comparable to big budget AAA games (I’m looking at you, Mass Effect Andromeda). There’s more work to be done, and surely the serviceable lip sync put together by the daring Pablo Forsolloza in one day needs more tweaks, but our complex dialogue system is close to being ready. This is going to be a-m-a-z-i-n-g, a level of quality and technical wizardry rarely seen in adventure games.

“I’m going to say goodbye for now but rest assured I’m working on more thorough and juicy updates, including stuff that the developers among you may find useful.
And hey, since I mentioned Pablo (not that one, the other Pablo), you might want to check out the amazing song he’s just released along with a music video that feels like something out of the 80’s. Talk about going retro! You might even spot a familiar face in the video… 

“That’s it for today. Thanks for sticking around with us and your unending patience (which admittedly we’re pushing to its limits) but we know you’re going to be thoroughly impressed when you see what Asylum has in store for you. More soon!”

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