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Story-Based Adventure Rakuen to Launch May 10th; New Trailer Released

Story-Based Adventure Rakuen to Launch May 10th; New Trailer Released

Story-Based Adventure Rakuen to Launch May 10th; New Trailer Released

From developer Laura Shigihara, the game will be released on Windows, Mac and Linux


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Composer Laura Shigihara (To the Moon, Plants vs. Zombies) will be releasing her first adventure game, Rakuen, May 10th on Steam. The game’s soundtrack will also be available.

Rakuen is a character-rich, heartwarming story of a little boy who lives in a hospital. He asks his mother to accompany him to the fantasy world from his favorite storybook. He wants to ask the Guardian of the Forest to grant him one wish. Off they go.

The Boy discovers that in order to get his wish, he must negotiate a set of trials that involve helping his hospital neighbors via their fantasy-world alter-egos. Included are a grumpy old man, a young woman in a coma and a little girl who wasn’t able to say goodbye to a very ill friend.

He also discovers that these problems are tied to the hospital in some way. By collecting items and building friendships, he can gradually make the hospital a better place.

Rakuen has no combat. It does have whimsical dungeons, eerie room escape puzzles and dialogue-based mysteries. All are intricately woven throughout the story. The game also has an original soundtrack, with multiple songs tied to each character.

Look for the game May 10th on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux.


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Karla Munger

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