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Svarun Kickstarts Their Journey Through the Cosmos

Svarun Kickstarts Their Journey Through the Cosmos

Svarun Kickstarts Their Journey Through the Cosmos

One is the loneliest number as you embark on a solo trip through space in K’NOSSOS – a sci-fi adventure that will focus on story and atmosphere


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Svarun Entertainment has released an alpha demo and launched a Kickstarter Campaign for their current project, K’NOSSOS. Due out in early 2019, the game is described as “a classical point-and-click science fiction adventure game which follows the story of a lone passenger aboard a huge interstellar colonization ship traveling the unknown reaches of the cosmos.”

Svarun is a small independent game development studio with an international team focused on creating games with “atmosphere, immersion, and quality storytelling.” The group includes Nikola Pacek-Vetnic (Project Lead, Designer, and Artist), Jonathan Hopkins (Developer), Biljana Jelicic (2D Artist), and Michael Stein (Press and Crowdfunding). K’NOSSOS is their first major project and it should appeal to fans of titles such as The Dig (LucasArts, 1995) and Beneath a Steel Sky (Revolution Software, 1994).

Played from a 3rd-person perspective with a 2D point-and-click interface, K’NOSSOS will feature a dark sci-fi storyline, non-linear gameplay, inventory, puzzles, and an experimental soundtrack that crosses musical genres. Initial screenshots reveal a unique and surreal world to explore. The Svarun team is creating the K’NOSSOS landscape in “an abstract expressionist style that is reminiscent of the works of Wassily Kandinsky.” For those not familiar with art history, Kandinsky was an early 20th century Russian painter who is credited with being the originator of abstract art. One of his well-known paintings is shown below and one can see the elements that have inspired the Svarun artists.


Additional information on the game’s progress can be found by following Svarun Entertainment on Twitter or Facebook. The K’NOSSOS demo can be downloaded from their website.

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Cindy Kyser

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