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Sherlock Holmes 2: The Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2: The Case of the Rose Tattoo

Sherlock Holmes 2: The Case of the Rose Tattoo

It’s elementary, my dear reader, that you can use this walkthrough to guide you through any trouble!


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This is the second case of Sherlock Holmes. It has better story than the first
one and become more difficult than the first one because you must examine every
little things if you want to continue the game. Miss look on something and you'll
get stuck. And talk to every person until all the choice have been chosen.
I've divided this hints in several parts.
Now for the game :
Goals : Get Holmes' attraction to investigate the case

The story unfold with an exploding prolog. Holmes' brother has been injured in
a severe bomb attack at Diogenes Club. It depressed Holmes' that he won't do
the investigation. First part, you're Watson. Outside the famous 221B Baker
Street, you see a paper stand. Wake up Wiggins. Talk to him.
Talk to Constable, alas he won't let you in. Talk to Augie, the vendor. He'll
tell you something to distract the constable's attraction. Talk to constable
again, now, he'll inform you about several important places.

Talk to the patient and the Matron. Look at the Morgue sign and Ward sign. Look
at the patient upstairs. Look at the mural on the back wall. Talk to Matron about
the patient. Talk to the injured patient about the ward. Talk back to Matron
until you tell her that you want to see Mc Cabe, your partner at the morgue.
Now go inside the morgue. Talk to Mc Cabe. Ask him about evidence from the body
and ask him to let you pass to the ward through the secret pass. Go left to the
ward. Talk to the sister. Talk to Mycroft. Read his chart. Look at the nightstand,
examine it. Now talk again to sister. Ask her to get some water for Mycroft.
Talk to Mycroft about the reason he invited Holmes to the club. Get his ring
from his hand. Now go out.

Try to rumble the debris for evidence. But ....... you'll find nothing.
Talk to constable Fobes. Man, no one gets in except the member of the club. Ok,
just show him the ring. He lets you in. Go inside. Look at the cabinet door on
the left side. Try to open the door. Look at the small box on the floor ( in
front of the bar ). Examine it. Enter the archway. Look at the clock on the floor.
Examine the clock ( discover the round face of the clock ). Touch the clock.
Examine the round face ( discover some clue about some strange residue ). Pick
up the round face.

Talk to Wiggins. Ask her to monitor Holmes if he goes out. Go in. Knock at the
bedroom's door. Talk to Holmes. He still not want to begin his investigation until
there are some evidence about the foul play. Ok Holmes you ask for it !!!!
Use the lab table. Analyze the clock face. Use the scraper with the clock face.
Use sodium sulfate with the beaker. Use distilled water with the beaker. Use
matches with the burner ( BANG !!! Now Holmes is attracted !!! ). ------------------
Goals : In this part you must gain a permission from Lestrade to continue your
Open the small box near the door. Look at it. Open the bedroom door. Open the
wardrobe. Examine and model the 2 costumes. Save it for later uses. Open the
portmanteau, it's on the foot of the bed. You discover some cosmetics for disguise.
save it for later. Examine the picture on the wall. For amusement, you can play
the violin on the bed or listening to some music ( play the wax cylinder and
crank the gramophone ). Go out. Talk to Dr. Watson. Now you can look at his journal.
Open the roll-top desk. Get the bull's eye lantern and try to pick up the Billy
stick ( Watson disagree with you on bringing the stick ). Now go out. Get some
pebbles on the ground ( you'll never now, maybe it'll be important later ).
You can call Wiggins by trying to remove his scarf on the fence. Talk to Wiggins.
Talk to Rigby. Read the paper ( you discover the Daily Telegraph's address ).
Purchase the paper. If you're hungry just sample the chocolate at the stand.
Talk to Augie, and try to collect info about the explosion. He challenge you
with a card game for the info. Play the game. Choose .... his HAND. Yup, he's
cheating on you. Now, you hear some info about some Irish terrorist, yeah, that
common reason for British man. Now talk to Constable. Offer him some hints about
Augie's secret and he lets you in. Look at the old woman, bull pen, young women,
the prisoner, the evidence cabinet, and the Sergeants of course. Talk to the desk
sergeant. Keep on talking until he introduces you to Inspector Gregson. Talk to
Gregson, ask him to give you permission to investigate the case. He said, he'll
help you but he got no authorization. Darn, you must think for another idea !!!
Talk to desk sergeant that the prisoner seems very ill. Ok, now talk to Dr.
Watson about the prisoner. Tell desk sergeant that the prisoner is ill. He doesn't
believe you. Ok, now look at the library. You'll notice a British Encyclopedia.
Tell the desk sergeant about it. Voila, he realizes that he makes a mistake.
Now, Lestrade is available. Ask him to make you a permission.

Goals : Find as much evidence as you can
Just for fun, you can extinguish the torch by putting it in the vase. Look at
the vase. Talk to Fobes. No one gets in except they have a permission. Oh yeah
another bureaucracy. Show him the permission letter. Talk to him again. Enter
the club. Open the cabinet door. Oops you break it. Examine the carpet. Look at
the small box, examine and smell it ( hmmm.. tobacco ). Pick it up. If you're
thirsty just drink the brandy on the bar. Talk to Fobes. Gather evidence. Talk
to Watson. Now, enter the archway. Look at the clock. Examine it. Hmm.. there's
a handle on it. Examine the handle. Pick it up. Examine the chair on the backside.
Look at the bookshelves, statue, bust, and everything you can. Try to release
the chains, damn Fobes won't let you do that. Examine the wreckage. Try to search
in it. Try to search in the beam. Now talk to Fobes. Gather info about some
strange vase inside. Talk to Watson. Ask him to distract Fobes attention so you
can search in the beam. Watson will leave and Fobes will follow him. Now, release
the chain. Use the chain to pull the beam wreckage. Lit the lantern. Use it to
light the wreckage. Now search it. You discover an evidence. Pick up your light.
Talk to Watson. Get out.

Talk to matron. Ask him to let you in the morgue. Talk to Watson to find out
the way. Talk back to Matron. She still not letting you in. What a bitch. Show
her the permission to enter the morgue. And she still won't let you in. This
woman is pissing me off. Look at the patients on the top floor. Hmm.. she's sick.
Look at the mural and the patient on the left. Examine him. Talk to him. Talk
to matron about why she's leaving the patient on the corridor. Talk to Watson.
He suggest you should distract her attention. Talk again to the left patient.
Move him. Now it's fun. The matron will be angry and chase the patient. Now you
can enter the morgue. Talk to Mc Cabe. Show him the permission. Ask him to let
you examine the body. Examine, turn and smell the body ( yuck !! ). Examine the
other patient body on the left for fun. Ask him again to let you examine the
clothes. Open the cabinet. Examine the clothes. Ask Mc Cabe about the burn on
Sir Hubert's back. Talk to Watson. Enter the ward. Talk to the sister. Read Mycroft's
chart ( you discover a receipt ). Take and read the receipt. Talk to Mycroft.
Talk to Watson. Go out.

Examine the plants near the door. Talk to the guard about it. Show him ID, Summon
letter, and the permission letter. But he won't let you in. He ask for more
evidence ( he wants you to show him that you have the room key ). Talk to the
driver on the right. Before you ask him, he walks away. Talk to Watson about it,
then Watson will follow him. Wait until Watson is coming back. Talk to Watson
about his research. Go to hospital. Talk to Matron. Now, you can threaten her.
Show Matron the receipt. Push her to give you the key. Take it, go back to Mycroft
flat. Shows key to man. Darn he still won't let you in. He's stubborn. The driver
will come back now. Talk to him. Ask him to tell the guard that you're really
SHERLOCK HOLMES !!! Now, he believes you. Now ask the guard to open the door.
Hey, that's a picture hanging above the fireplace. Move it. Aha !! a safe. Open
it and discover ..... nothing. Hmm.. too common. Try to pick up the statue. Move
it to the left, and find ... nothing. Thumbs the bookshelves. Nothing either.
Talk to Watson. Read the bible. Sit if you want. Go to the right, to the bedroom.
Search the desk. Nothing.. but wait. Move the candlestick. Lit it. Now examine
the scrapfold. Hmm.. a code : BQQMZ HIJKLMNO & BTU. Pick up the scrap fold. Read
the dictionaries. Talk to Watson. Try to solve it ( the answer is Apply water
& fire ). If you don't know how, just go to the hospital and ask Mycroft. He'll
says about "wet and warm". If you want you can drink the glass of water beside
Mycroft's bed. Back to your house. Analyze the foolscap on the lab table. Put
the water in the tray. Put the foolscap in it. Use matches with burner. Use the
wet paper on burner. The message reads "Seeks books in Greek". Now, go back to
Mycroft flat. Enter the flat. Thumbs the books. The result is : "A name of a Poe :
Manutius Aldine". Find it in the bible. It is at the beginning. Peruse beg. And
voila, you get a piece of BLANK parchment. This is the second tricky clues. Go
to the bedroom. Examine the pen on the desk. Test, shake and taste it. Hmm...
Back to your home. Analyze the parchment on the lab table. Use iodine and distilled
water with the beaker. Light the burner. Hold the paper on the beaker. That's
it, now you can read the message. It's about some conspiracy in the club over
a formula.
Goal : Find out about the people who know about the accident and retrieve the

Talk to Watson. Peruse the dictionaries on the roll-top table. Retrieve the
addresses of Silverbridge, Lawton, and Pratt.
Talk to Mycroft about Dewer. He'll tell you where to find Dewer.
Talk to Dewer. Give him the spring to be analyzed. Tidy the table if you love
cleanness. But do it anyway. You know that Dewer like to drink tea and eat some
biscuit. Talk to Watson. Touch the iron stove at the back. Open it. Examine the
formula. Talk about it to Dewer.
Try to browse the album on the table. Hmm.. locked. Look at the butler. He likes
to play pool. Talk about it to the butler, and ask him to call Sir Lawton. When
he walks inside, try to climb the staircase. The butler will return at this point
to forbid you to go upstairs. Follow him inside. Examine everything. Talk to Lawton.
He'll refuse to talk about the formula. Leave him for now. Go out. Give your card
to the butler.

Talk to the housemaid. Take the mint in the bowl. Taste it if you want to. Look
and examine at everything in the room. It seems that a kid is playing in the room.
Talk to the maid again. Tell him that you'll waiting Silverbridge at your home.
Look woman. Look at everything. Talk to woman. Pratt is going in a vacation. Tell
her to contact you for Pratt's news at your house while you're leaving.
Goals : Find out whose body is it and gather the evidences of the murder

When you enter the room, someone knocks at your door. A woman will give you a
telegram from Lestrade. Read it. He wants you to examine a death body which is
found at the Cleopatra Needle. Talk to Watson. This case is becoming more interesting
because there's another death body.

Examine the stair. Hmm... strange marks. Talk to the constable. Show him the
telegram. Now he'll cooperate. Talk to him.
Talk to Lestrade about the body. Talk to desk sergeant about the victim's belongings.
He'll tell you to go to Bart.
Talk to Mc Cabe. Yup, another bureaucracy. Show him the telegram. Talk again to
Mc Cabe for information. Look, examine and smell the death body ( What's this,
a rose tattoo at the buttock ??? ). Examine the body again for more evidence.
Ask Mc Cabe's permission for examining the victim's belongings. Open the cabinet.
Look and search the clothes, nothing found. Examine the hat. Pick it up. Ask Mc
Cabe's permission for searching Hubert's body again. Open the steel drawer ( it's
the top right drawer ). Hmm... It become blue. Talk to Watson to discuss the case.
Talk again to Mc Cabe about the victim.

Yup, now it's time to interview the eye-witness. Talk man, and keep on pushing
until he tells you the truth. Talk Watson to discuss the case. Open the chest.
Examine and rummage it. What's this, a school tie ? Examine it. Talk again to
Jesse. Push him until he admits that he took the belongings. Ask Watson opinion's
to get the watch from the man. Examine the watch on the fireplace. You can rummage
the box near Jesse but nothing inside.

Take the train to Cambridge. Examine the books. Try to rouse Flemming. Damn, he's
still sleeping. Examine the cup. Oh man, this guy is drunk. Order Watson to get
some liquor. Examine everything until Watson comes back. Rouse the man again.
This time he'll wake up and drink. Talk man about a student. He tells you that
you lack of proof to search the photo album. I think, we should gather more proof
before coming back here again.

Talk to Augie about the murder. He tells you some important information.
Ask Jesse to go with you to Cleopatra Needle. Examine the stairs. Look at the
blood stain. Ask Jesse about the incident. After a great story; I love the killing
part, it's so real; light the lantern on the stair. Hey, what are those things ?
Look at the shinny disc. Examine and pick it up. Look at the button. Examine and
pick it up. Hmm.. the disc/fob has a rust on it so you can't read the writing.
Use the gaff hook. Ask Jesse to help you locating the gun. Use the hook again
after Jesse's confirmation. Fire the gun to test it. Pocket the gun for evidence.
That's it. You've found all the evidences.

It's time to investigate the button and the hat. Talk to customers, Rumsey and
Watson. You must get rid of that stupid woman. Talk again and criticize her.
She'll be mad and go away. So long old lady !! Ask Rumsey about the button and
the hat. Look at the left table. Look button and needle. Examine the buttons.
Pick it up. Ask Rumsey for the needle. Pick it up. Remember the guard at the
Mycroft flat, he just return from South Africa. Ask about the shop, that had sold
the hat, to him. But no new clue is gathered, 'cause the hat is too common.

Order Wiggins to find a strange man that Jesse told you. Talk to Jonas. Go in.
Analyze the fob at the lab table. Use Hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and fob
with the beaker. Then use tweezers to pick the fob out. Use magnifying glass to
look at the fob on dish. It reads : 23/6/76. That's it. Now you know about the
graduation of the victim at Cambridge.

Ask Flemming about the student. Son of the gun, the body is Pratt !!! Talk to
Watson for discussing the case. Hmm... Pratt and Lawton are friends. Now we got
you, Lawton !!!

Goals : find a way to talk to Lawton

Talk to the maid and tell her the bad news. Talk to Watson to discuss the case.
Talk to maid again, now she's leaving. It's time for snooping around. Look and
smell the hat pin on the table. Hmm.. opium. Pick it up. You can search the bin,
open the wardrobe, shake the pillow, and examine the painting. But nothing is
happening. No clues. Use the hat pin to search the pillow. Still, no clues. Now
just enter the archway. Examine the picture and the bookcase,nope... nothing.
Look, smell and touch the fireplace. Strange, someone just using this place for
burning something. Shift the fireplace to reveal a red cloth. Pick it up. Open
the coal box. Examine the small boxes. Wow, matches, is Pratt a crazy lunatic
person who burn everything for fun ?? Pick it up. Look and smell the Hookah on
the table beside the bed. Yup, definitely opium. Use the hat pin to clean the
Hookah. This guy is an addict. This hat pin is an useful item. Look papers on
the table. Examine it ( notice a bill from Neville, the bathtub by the name of
A. Rachets ). Yes, another name from Mycroft's list. Look at the photograph.
Move and pick it up. Look in the basket beside the archway. Rummage the basket
( it'll reveal a piece of paper ). Look at it. Pick the sealing wax. Talk to
Watson to discuss the case.

Talk to the guard ( he won't let you in !! Let's see about that !) Talk to the
costumer about Pratt. Look counter. Smell and try to use the towel. Look at the
radiator. It's wet and dirty. Try to adjust it. Look and smell the Hookah. Hmm..
opium. Look at the pillow. Move it. Man, it's dirty here !!! That's it, now you
can push the guard to go in by telling him all the bad service around here.
Inside, move the towel on the steam cabinet. Hey, that's Mr. Whitney. After you
that, you'll see some kungfu act. Splash... down to the pool. That'll keep Russel
for a while. Talk to Whitney about Pratt. He's a stubborn man. Ok, it's burning
time. Employ the suegee to lock the steam cabinet door. Turn the valve on the
boiler. Talk again to Whitney. Now he'll talk to you about Pratt and a dude, Mr
Talk to Jenkin about Pratt. Talk to Lawton about Pratt. He'll tell you about the
address of Ministry of Defense. Examine everything. Go out. Talk to Jenkins. He'll
help you if you defeat him on pool game.
Goals : To find out the identity of a guy who involve in the murder of Pratt

Talk to Wiggins. Too bad, he don't succeed in his mission of finding the man.
Examine shelves, and climb it to check the window. Look at windows. Hmm.. very
poor security system. No wonder someone steal the documents. Try to open the windows.
Talk to the clerk.

Look around. Talk to bartender, Lush and Mahoney. Talk to Watson to discuss the
situation. Look dart board. Talk to bartender about Mahoney and set the darts.
Talk to Mahoney and challenge him to play dart game. Beat him. Talk to Mahoney
again and he'll teach you some pool's trick to defeat the Lawton's butler. Open
his case on the chair. Examine it. Get the cue ball.

Challenge Jenkins to play pool. Inside talk to Jenkins and show him the trick.
Outside, look at the piano. Play it. Look at the music sheet and study it. Hmm..
Lawton is good at music. Look at the box on the piano. Open it. Strange, a ring
seems lost from here. Check it out to Jenkins. Use needle to unlock the photo
album on the table. Browse it. Yup, a picture is missing. Ask it to Jenkins. He'll
tell you to check it at the newspaper.

Look at the pictures on the wall and all the papers that lying around. Talk to
the editor about the photographs and the papers. Read the spike. Examine the notes
on the spike. The editor will give you an address of a photographer. He also
need a mug shot if you want to order him to find the mysterious man.

Ask about Sir Avery to the lady. Damn, he's not here but maybe his servant, Petigrew,
will now about his location. Talk to Watson about the case. Talk again to the
lady and ask for Petigrew's whereabouts.

Look at everything. Talk to Lady Lockridge about the case. Look and play the piano.
Look at the photo on piano. Examine it and try to pick it up. Look at the violin
on the couch. Talk to Watson about the situation. Look at the workbox on the piano.
Open it. Hmm.. she's a heavy smoker. Talk to woman about her music experience.
Talk to Watson. He'll suggest you to play some music if you want to get an info
from the lady. Accompany the lady with the piano. After a musical scene, talk
to the lady again. Then pick up the music sheet.

Look at the sinks. Taste it. That's sodium sulphat, the ingredients for developing
a photo. Look at the camera and examine it. Ask Hemming to make you a mug shot.
He won't do it until you get him an eyewitness. This is the trademark of an adventure
games, if you want to have something you must give something. Look at the tools
near the easel. Get a pencil. Look at the small box on the table. Open it. Load
the camera beside it. Pick up the camera.

Ask him to help you making a mug shot. Talk to Hemming, then ask Jesse to describe
the man. Ask Jesse for the mug shot. Then, say thanks to Jesse.
Talk to the editor and show him the mug shot. The man is Erick Moellendorf, the
right hand of Nazi's leader, Otto von Bismark. Wow, first : explosion, then a
murder, now Nazi's stuff. This case is huge and interesting. Meet Carter, the
American spy. Talk to him about Erick. Discuss the case with Watson.

Goals : Freeing Lord Silverbridge's son from the kidnapper
Talk to the butler again. This time force him to arrange meeting with Lord Silverbridge,
or else you will go public with the information. Follow the butler inside. Look
at Silverbridge. This guy is sick. Talk to the butler about it. Talk to Silverbridge.
Now, he's fainted. Discuss the illness with Watson. Look at the jar on the desk.
Open it, yikes !! It's salt. Use it to wake Silverbridge. Look at the photograph
on the mantel. Talk about his son. Man, he's fainted again. Look at the waste
basket near the fireplace. Peruse it. You get a piece of paper from the school
master. Talk to the butler about it. Then use the jar again to wake Silverbridge
up. Talk to him about his problem. Yes, he's fainted for the third time. This is
greeeaaat. Use the jar again to wake him up. His son was kidnapped several days
ago but he won't tell you about the ransom. Look at the left desk. Examine the
inscription. Hmm... need a rub. Look at the pencil lying on the floor. Examine
it then pick it up. Rub the pencil at the inscription. It'll reveal a chess move.
Use it on the chessboard on the table. Voila, a click is heard. Look at the corner
of the right desk. It's a panel. Open it. There's a letter inside. Read it. Yes,
that's the ransom. Talk again to Silverbridge. At last he isn't fainted anymore.
Pick up the photograph on the mantel. Go out. Pick up the blankie under the sofa.
Talk to your friend, Old Sherman, from the previous case. Ask him for Toby, the
dog. Yup, you guess right, the dog is missing at St. James Park. Why don't they
keep it simple. But that's fun.

Look at Wilbur, the vendor. Talk to him then hire him if you want to hear some
music. Buy the bird food for later use. Look dog. Hey, it's Toby. Look kid and
his book. Examine the book. Talk to the boy. Ask him to give you Toby. But, it's
not that easy. You must do something first. Talk to Wilbur about the kid. Talk
to the boy and make a deal with him. Now find another pet for him.
Ask Sherman for a pet. Man, he says that his pet is missing. Ok, we'll find it.
Now we become a pet detective ?? Take the biscuit on the table. Look at the cuckoo
clock. Examine it ( Aha !! the missing mongoose is here ). Use biscuit to catch
it. Talk to Sherman.
Let's check out the news first with Wiggins. Order him to find the man again.

Talk to the boy and give him the mongoose. Now, show the blanket to Toby. Follow
him. Discuss the situation with Watson. Query at the stationery door. Talk to
the stationer and show her the ransom. Ask her to smell the ransom. Discuss it
with Watson. Show the blanket again to Toby. Follow him. Talk to the window washer.
Inquiry at the real estate door. Talk to Maxwell. Repeat it until no more things
to say. Talk to Watson about the case. Use the ransom with Toby. Follow him.

Peer at the window. Discuss it with Watson. Look at the door. Look at the mail
slot beside the door. Hmm... a key is hanging there. Use the hat pin to get the
key. Use it on door lock. Watch the gruesome accident. The kidnapper is dead.
Talk to the driver. Look and examine the dead body. Look at the suspicious ring
on the street. Examine it. Hmm.. expensive and dirty. Pick it up. Open the door
and get inside. Smell cup & saucer on the mantel. Look the paper bag on the table.
Open it. Pick it up. Look, smell and pick up the handkerchief. Hmm.. chloroform.
Near it, look and taste the dark bottle. Yup, it is anesthetic. Pick it up. Then,
look at the reticule near the door. Open it. Hey, there's an envelope here. Pick
it up. Look at it. Another, name pops up. Go out and back to 221B Baker Street.

Goals : Find out Erick Moellendorf whereabouts and release Wiggins
Talk to Wiggins. Discuss the case with Watson. Enter your home. Time for a little
rest. But as soon as you wear your coat, a message from Kaiser arrives. Discuss
it with Watson.
Examine the helmet and model it. Examine the sword and brandish it. Look at the
photograph on the cabinet. Look at the German flag. Discuss the situation with
Watson. Kaiser will arrive at this point. Talk to Kaiser about the case. Show
the mug shot to him. This guy is strange. Something wrong with him. Use the camera
to take his picture. Talk again to Kaiser about Erick. He'll give you an advice
to deal with Erick.

Talk to Virgil. Order Wiggins to follow Erick.
You can open the globe and discover his liquor compartment. Drink the liquor if
you want. Look and browse the book ( hmm.. German's stuff ). Look, retrieve, and
smell the cigarettes. Definitely someone has been talking to him before you show
up. Look at the photograph on the mantel. Look at the snuffbox and open it. Sample
and pick up the candies if you like. Discuss the situation with Watson. Look the
letter and the diploma on the wall. Ask Farthington about Bledsoe. Discuss the
case with Watson. Talk again to Farthington again about the case. He still won't
talk a bit and deny the meeting with Bledsoe. Check out his calendar on the table.
Peruse it. You'll read an initial P.B. Ask about it to him. Now, he'll arrange
the meeting with Bledsoe, and he'll inform about the time later to your home.

Look at everything. Talk to barman about Pratt. Ask the patron about Pratt either.
Alas, they won't tell you a bit. Try to enter the curtain. The barman will forbid
you. Try to bribe him and show him the matches. Damn, not working. Maybe later
we'll come back here with another way.

Ask Virgil about Wiggins. He's missing. Ask Jonas about Wiggins. Talk to Virgil
again. Give the candy to Virgil. Now ask him again about Wiggins. Man, the kid
won't talk much. Ok, just give him the candy again. This time he spills it out.
Discuss the situation with Watson.
Hey, that's Erick. Watch the shooting scene. Brandish the sword. Extract the spike
from the ground. Talk to Erick. Damn, he kills himself. Look and smell the flask
on the ground ( hmm.. trasic acid, it's poisonous ). Search Erick's body. Nothing.
Try to search the basket, still nothing. Pick up the contents of basket. Look at it.
Hey, that's a lethal weapon. Pick up the gun. Break the flask to cover Kaiser's
identity. Breakdown the sword. Man, what's this. Aha !! It's the formula. Discuss
with Watson about it. Look at the shed at the far end. Examine it. Look at the
scarf on the crate. Hey, it's Wiggin's. Look at the lock. Use spike to unlock
the shed lock. Release Wiggins.

Goals : Find out about the background of the bomb's incident
Talk to Dewar about the formula. Peruse the formula in the stove.
Tell Kaiser about Erick's death and tell him that his identity is safe.

Talk to Wiggins and ask him how's he fell. Go home for a rest. By the time you
open your coat, a message from Dewar arrives. Not again, yup Sherlock never rest.
Analyze the formula on the lab table first. Use scissor with the formula paper.
Put the piece in the beaker. Put ammonia hydroxide in the beaker. Put chloroform
in the beaker. Stir it with the rod. The solution will discover the bomb's ingredients.
It should turn up to brown.
Ask him about the analysis. He'll tell you to meet Lloyd Jones, ex-bomb specialist.

Talk to his sister about the house. Look at the piano and the books. Ask Lloyd
about the bomb. He keeps his mouth shut. Ask him about the piano and the visitor
to his home. Discuss the situation with Watson. He'll tell you to wait until his
sister left than talk again to him. Go out. Re-enter his house. Now you'll see
him sleeping. Wake him up. Ask him again about the bomb's incident. Discuss it
with Watson. Examine the books, hmm.. bombing experience. Inspect the alarm clock.
Man... it has the same system with the bomb at Diogenes club. Try to play the
piano's panel. Strange it's not working. Open the piano. Aha !! Another secret
compartment. Remove the cigar box. Look and smell at it. Look and examine the
bank notes. Hey, it's a lot of money involved. Confiscate it. Ask about all the
things you found with Lloyd. Now he gives you his buyer name, Vincent.

Check out the bank notes with Rumsey. He admits that he made it.
Talk to his sister about Lloyd. He's already dead. Poor guy. Gives some money to
her. Ask her about the piano. Man, now we meet another dead end. Now, we must
find another ways to discover the incident.
Goals : Gain info from Mrs. Ratchet.
Discuss with Watson about her profile. Ask her again about Petigrew. This time,
she'll call Petigrew. Ask him about Sir Avery's favorite places. He told you to
go to St. James Park.
Ask Wilbur about Sir Avery. He told you to go to the lake. Go there. Try to talk
to Hodgson, his bodyguard. He won't let you talk to Sir Avery. Discuss it with
Watson. Go to Wilbur hangouts. Ask him to help you distract Hodgson's attention.
His pet, Fred the monkey, will help you. Watch the funny sequence. Now talk to
Sir Avery. Man, he's a bird lover. Get his attention by feeding the bird with
the bird's feed. Now ask Sir Avery about the case. He'll inform you about Mrs.
Ratchet's address. Go there.

Look at the drunk. Ask him about Mrs. Ratchet. Try to enter the doss house. Yes,
the neighbors aren't very friendly at all. Talk to the children. Give them money
for some info about Mrs. Ratchet. Damn, they fool me. Try to gather info about
Mrs. Ratchet from the tinker and the prostitutes. Not work !!! They only suggest
you to watch out in this neighborhood. Discuss the situation with Watson. Enter
the phrenologist studio. Talk to Fr. Totman. Rose will show up when you discuss
the problem with Watson. Talk to Rose. Discuss the situation with Watson. You
can test the skull, the calipers, the brain and do everything fun in this studio.
Show Rose the hat, ransom, envelope, summon, and the permission to Rose. Strange,
she says that the writer of the envelope is a man, not a woman.
Inspect the produce outside the shop. Hmm old goods. Enter the shop. Talk to the
proprietor. Ask the guard about Mrs. Ratchet. Not work, he can't speak. Look at
the shelves, stock, the bread, and the apple. Buy it. Talk to the proprietor about
Mrs. Ratchet. He won't talk. Buy the bread. Drop it. Now pick it up. Try to open
the code book. The proprietor will forbid you. Must use different approach. Discuss
it with Watson to deal with the guard. Ask the proprietor for a marmalade. While
he's picking it up on the shelves, read the code book. Talk about it with him.
Still not work.
Order Wiggins to get info about Mrs. Ratchet. Just go anywhere for a while than
ask Wiggins for the result. He says, that the proprietor is her son. Hmm.... ok,
that's it, go upstairs to your house. Enter the bedroom. Wear the labor costume.
You'll be at the greengrocers automatically.

Talk to the proprietor. Tell him that you need to inspect Mrs. Ratchet. Enter the
door. Talk to Mrs. Ratchet. She needs proof. Show her your card, ring, snuff box,
and the summary. She ask more from you. OK, now examine the room. Test the cheese,
look at the work box, examine it, dump it, and you'll find a seal wax. Look at
it, the compare it with the one in your inventory. Hmm.. it's a match. Look at
Mr. Ratchet. You must find a way to shut him up. Use the kindling on the fireplace.
Look at the coffee pot. Empty. Go downstairs. Ask for caffeine with the proprietor.
Go upstairs. Fill the coffee pot with caffeine. Then use the coffee pot. Now, it
should shut him up. Talk again Mrs. Ratchet. She tells you that the formula isn't
missing after all, and Whitney knows all about it. Damn, that lizard is lying to
me. We'll see about that.

Goals : Find out what is exactly happened to the formula
Ask Whitney about the formula. Now, he tells you to met him at the Ministry of
Defense office.

Talk to Whitney about it. Examine the register and the document. Try to pick them
up. Whitney will forbid you. That stupid man is making me mad !!! How about we
burn this place up !! Talk again to Whitney. Discuss it with Watson. Move to the
far left of the room. Talk to the patrons. Tidy the paper on the ground. Then
ignite the dustbin. Library on fire !! Watch the scene, and you'll pick up the
document and walk out.
Ask Jonas about Virgil. Buy the chocolate. Enter your house. Examine the formula
on the lab table. Taste and smell it. Now analyze the formula. Use scissor with
the document. Put piece in the beaker. Put Ferric Sulphate and distilled water
in the beaker. It result in cyanide. Put iron nitrate in the beaker. That's it,
it is a solution that had been used in photography. Go back to Ministry of Defense
and ask Whitney about it. Alas, he won't let you in. Back again to your house.
Goals : Meet Bledshoe and find out about the ring

A message from Farthington will arrive. Read it. Remember the ring. Now, it's
time to analyze it. Put ferricsulphate in the beaker. Use matches with the burner.
Put ring in the beaker. Use tweezers to pick the ring up from the beaker. Use rag
to clean the ring. Use the magnifying glass to examine the ring. A name will pops
up : Burlington Jewellery.

Talk with Bledshoe. Learn the fact from him.

Talk to the guard and the seller. Show him the ring. Look in the ring case. Examine
it. Ask him about the ring. Compare the ring. Try to read the register. Not work.
Must find another way. Examine the knickknack. Buy a gold toothpick. Examine the
closed door behind the seller. Try to open it. Discuss the situation with Watson.
Order him to handle the guard. Ask the seller to pick you up some jeweler in
his safe. When he's inside, close the door. Now examine the register and peruse
it. One name will pops up : Lady Cordelia. What's the connection between the
kidnapper and the Lady ???
Talk to Lawton about the ring. He'll avoid you and go away. So, there's something
about the ring after all.
Goals : Find out about Vincent and discover the shocking truth about Lawton
Now it's time to make Lady Cordelia to speak. Enter the bedroom. Remember about
the music sheet that Lady Cordelia said was wrong ? It's time to check it out.
The sheet is about Paganin's collection. Play the wax cylinder no. 3 : it's Paganin.
Crank the gramophone. Then quickly practice with your violin. Holmes will notice
the error in the sheet.
Talk to Lady Cordelia about the error. Play the violin to show her the error.
Then ask about Lord Lawton's strange behavior. Inspect the engagement portrait.
Now pops up from nowhere, I don't know why it wasn't there before, an important
name : Hargrove Studios.

Look at the appointment book. Examine it. Notice the red ink on it that shows
a lot of cancelled appointment. Look the Hargrove's card in your inventory. It's
says about the studios opening date. Look portrait on the wall. Discuss the case
with Watson. Look at the backdrop. Move it. Nothing there. Talk to Hargrove about
his work. Hmm.. he slip out about bromide, that's interesting. Aha, he says
about cyanide also. This is a match with the ingredients that has been found on
the formula paper. Draw the curtain. Hey, that's pornographic stuff in there.

Look at the camera. Move it. Examine the rug. Hmm... there's a hollow here. Open
the rug. Hmm.. a safe cabinet. Try to open it. Locked !!! Look at the chemicals
on the table. Look at the picture. Examine it. Look at the dressing screen. Examine
it. That's definitely illegal stuff. Now, talk to Hargrove and force him to tell
you the truth. Ask him about the cabinet's secret code. He told you a shocking
truth about Lawton's involvement on pornographic pictures with Alexandria, queen
of Wales. No wonder he'll do anything to cover it. And the Vincent guys, his true
name is Scarret. Lady Cordelia is trying to protect Lawton's also. Use the card
to open the cabinet. Look at the folder. Peruse it. Than confisticate it. A half
phone number will appear. Use folder with phone to check the number. Got it,
Mystery Export/Import. Show the folder to Watson. Talk to him about the girl in
the folder. Talk about it with Hargrove. Then show him the formula. Ask him about
that. Now he'll break down and tell you the whole truth about Scarret. Call using
the phone to check if Scarret is available on the place. Yes, he's there. Talk
to Watson, then go out.
Torn the calendar on post. Look at the door. Try to open it. Hmm... locked. Then
listen to it. Someone is there. Examine the lock. Hey, there's a key inside. Try
to probe it. Too small. Slide the newspaper or the calendar under the door. Use
the needle to push the key in lock. Retrieve the newspaper/calendar. Use the key
to unlock the lock.

Look at the cabinet. Open it. Nothing. Look at the bookcase. Look at the desk.
Look at the unsecured desk. Look at the small box beside the aquarium. Open it.
Hmm.. fish food. Dump it on the fish. Look at the cat under the chair. It looks
hungry. Look at the ledger on the desk. Pick up the ledger. Try to open the
secured drawer. Locked !! Ask the man about the key. Talk to the man. Look at
the trident in the aquarium. Strange, it looks like a key. Look at the aquarium.
Taste it. Try to get the trident. Wow, this carnivore fish are hungry. Ask the
man about the fish. Try to break the aquarium with your hands. Wrong move Holmes.
Talk to Watson about it. Shoot the aquarium with the gun. Get the trident. Unlock
the secured drawer with the trident. Pick up German note, new fivers, and the
negative. Now talk to the manager. He'll tell you all about Vincent, or he just
name him Scarret. Use the telephone to test it. Then talk to Watson until he is
understand the case.

Goals : Meet Vincent in the opium den

Talk to Rumsey and ask him to give you some disguise. Talk again to Rumsey about
it then go out.

Talk to the barman. Show him the matches. He asks you for a password. Hmm.. that
parrot is interesting. It should be the ear in the room. Talk to it. That's it :
GOING EAST. That's the password. Tell it to the barman. Enter the curtain. Look
at Scarret. Watch the shooting scene. Bang !! Bang !!! Scarret is dead. Watch
the scene that shows Holmes receiving the royal reward : Knight of the Distinguish
Service Order.

Yup, the case is closed with a simple note : the queen wants the case not to be
told to the public. Then Holmes will burn the negative. And unfortunately,
Mysteray is escaped.
Thanx to my friends for their support : Sherrie and Alan Errington



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