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Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbringer

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbringer

Star Trek Deep Space Nine: Harbringer


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Repair the containment field on the left panel, do this by matching the broken part with the part on the left side. Then talk to Sisco. Find Dax at the control panel in the same room ( this is tricky, you can reach Dax from behind her. Move around until you see her from behind then turn left ). Talk back to Sisco and he order you to meet Karig the ambassador. Go to Upper Promenade via the elevator in front of Sisco.

Find Rasmus, the Bejorien delegation, and talk to her. Go to Lower Promenade and find the security office. Talk to Odo. Next to it, there is a door leading to Habitat Ring. Go there and find Karrig’s room. Try to open it. You can enter this room if you have the override code. So go back to Odo and ask for override code. Go back to Karrig’s room. Discover the dead body. Odo will appear next to you. Talk to Odo.


Talk to Sisco at the Ops. Talk to Dax. Ask her to analyze the dead body and the murder weapon. Talk to Odo again in his Security Room in the Lower Promenade. Find the Scythians chamber through the Habitat Ring. Talk to Yarrow, the guard. Ask her to contact the Scythians. Talk to them, you’ll find out about the citadel.


Go to Ops and talk to Dax. She’ll inform you about Karrig’s personal log. Decypher the panel on the left to enter his log. Use this order : Purple, Green, Yellow, Red and Blue. Read the standard log and the personal log. Talk to Dax and ask her to translate the clarity. Find Kira in the habitat ring, she is repairing the elevator.
Now go to storeroom at the far side of the habitat ring. Be careful, ’cause the Lychotian will attack you here. Shoot him twice. Odo will appear after you kill the Lycothian. Go to docking ring ( Scythians chamber ) and ask Yarrow about the Scythians arguing. Go to Ops and talk to Sisco. Talk to Dax. As you walk out to the elevator, Sisco will call you. Talk to him and gain the vital information about Lycothian and Jani Tharen.
Try the simulator at the holosuite in the bar on the lower promenade. Go to upper promenade and find out about Harbinger from Rasmus. Go to Quarks ( the bar ). Listen the conversation between Quark and Odo. Odo are accusing Quark about the murder. Go back to Scythians chamber and find out about the intruder. The intruder will kill Yarrow here. There are 5 other intruder on board. These are the most likely place you’ll see them :

  • In Karrig’s room
  • In front of the yellow door at lower promenade
  • Near Quarks
  • Habitat Ring
  • The tunnel to Docking Ring

Note : The 4th and the 5th Lycothians will move quickly to Docking ring to escape.


Find Quark and Rhoon in the holosuite. Enter and talk to Kyra. Your ship is ready. Try the simulator first and then take your ship to attack Citadel. Enter it by destroying the door using the phaser gun ( right click ).

After your ship been stuck in the runabout, fix the transport control panel. You must connect the blue, red and the white beam from the top to bottom. Look carefully at this picture :

Transport Control Panel


Clues :

  • Blue : Running it down until you meet the bad switch, go around left and finish it on the bottom
  • Red : Move switches to the one that has nothing on it, cross to the other side, finish it on the bottom
  • White : Do the same thing like the Red




Get the phaser from the back cabinet near door. Get out from the shuttle through the crack at the front seat. Now this is the most difficult part of the game. You will see 5 doors at the maze. The first of it is the one where you are entering the maze. You must enter the doors in the right order. While you are walking, the damn probes keep shooting at you. So, on the bottom line, I really hate this arcade sequence. It hurts my head. So I draw this map to help you. Sorry if my map is little different from the game ( but not much !!!! ) because I can not concentrate while that damn probes keep shooting at me, so I try my best OK. Remember save often. Let’s begin.
First thing to do is find the Power Control room. Look at the map below. It’s on the middle of the maze on the picture 6 of the maze. You can reach there via the turbo lift. Inside you will see a big control panel. And on two of them there’s a sign just like the probes. So turn that off. Then go back to the maze and head to generator (1) room. Activate the generator.

From here you can see the generator (2) room. Go there and activate the generator. Then go back to Power Control Room. Now all the panel in this room are working properly. Find the panel with Green, Pink, Blue, and Yellow arc in the middle. Press the panels in correct colors, for example : Pink with pink, etc. You’ll see different Arc show up in the panel in front of you. Then push the probes panel ( the Red ones ). The panel will be short out ( this will destroy the shield at the Central Control door on picture 6 ). 




Go back to the maze and head to Central control room. Watch out for that damned probes cause they’re active again when you short out the panel. Enter the room. Go to the right door ( the one with satellite dish on it ). Go to the big panel. Call Odo with the panel. Now go back to the maze and go to the runabout ( the first door where you come out ). Not again, that damned probes keep annoying me !!! 


On the far side of the run about, there’s a locked gate. Open the lock with this sequence :
Top : click on the big symbol ( second symbol from the left )
Bottom left : click on the second symbol from the left
Bottom right : click on the second symbol from the left

You arrive in the room with 3 doors. Go straight across. Enter the door. You’ll find a panel on your left side. If you push the button, a bridge will appear, but it’ll disappear when you release the button. Leave it by now. Back to the main room. On the left there’s a door with 3 control panel inside explaining about the probes. Head to the right door. When you walk in you’ll see Quark. What is he doing here ??? Ask him to push the button for the bridge. Cross it. Watch out for the probes. 


You arrive in a room with panel in the center of it. Find a stair and climb it to the third level. At the second level there’s a bridge to the central control room from the maze. Don’t cross it yet. Turn on the hologram. Ask him to build a ship. Give this classification for the ship : ATTACKED, LONG, FAST, YES TO BIOLOGICAL UNIT, SUPERIOR, ENHANCED. Then ask him to call the Master Control. He’ll ask you for the access code. Get it from Odo and Rhoon in the communication room at Central Control room ( use the bridge to reach there ).

The code is Invoke Master Control. He’ll ask you to reroute the communication. Go back to the communication room. Talk to Odo and click on the panel ( just the button on the middle, there are 5 button there ). Go back to Master Control and watch when he talks to Rhoon. You can Invoke Tactical just to gain the info, but beware to choose the right answer when he asks you ( promise him to destroy the master control ) or you’ll end up DEAD. 


Find Quark and ask him for his reflection device. Set the device to the reflection mode. Go back to Master Control. Activate the device when you reach the hologram. Activate the hologram. It’ll inform you that the ship is ready. Invoke Tactical. Give him the info that tactical control program has failed in its task. Ask him to purge the system. After that, go to the room where you find Quark. Look for a cylinder on the ground. Shoot it with your phaser. Go back to hologram room. The master control program is there and he’ll inform you that your ship, Hornet, is ready to fly. Watch the sequence. And for the final mission, destroy the Nemesis.
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