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I Expect You to Die from Schell Games Comes Alive on Oculus Touch

I Expect You to Die from Schell Games Comes Alive on Oculus Touch

I Expect You to Die from Schell Games Comes Alive on Oculus Touch

This Escape-The-Room VR puzzle game has players attempting to get through over-the-top, deadly situations without…er…dying.


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Do you think you have what it takes to become (and stay alive as) an elite secret agent? Well, here’s your chance to find out, in glorious VR.

Schell Games has announced that its award-winning, super-spy VR game I Expect You To Die is now available for Oculus Touch.

The game will immerse you in deadly situations from which you must escape using your wits (problem-solving skills won’t hurt, either). Your objective will be to dispatch a certain evil Doctor Zor without being killed in the process by the various traps and tricks you’ll encounter.

For instance, you’ll be locked in Dr. Zor’s car, and trapped on window-washing scaffolding high above the ground. You’ll find yourself far beneath the sea, locked in a submarine. And let’s not forget the booby-trapped hunting lodge.

But don’t worry, I Expect You to Die isn’t all serious (you may have picked that up from the title). The game has plenty of humor, and you even get to smoke virtual cigars.

Actor Anthony Daniels of Star Wars repute lends his voice to the game, as does Naomi Kyle, actor, producer and current on-air host for IGN Entertainment.

Jesse Schell, CEO, Schell Games: I Expect You To Die was designed from the ground up for VR to deliver an immersive secret agent meets escape-the-room experience that is intense, challenging, fun and leaves you determined to go back and try again and again. With Oculus Touch, players are grabbing and manipulating objects first-hand as they think through problems and try to complete each step without making a fatal error. It’s like you put on the headset and find yourself inside your favorite British spy movie.

The game was originally released as a demo on Oculus Rift developer kits in 2015. It quickly became a favorite and has received multiple industry awards.

In addition to Oculus Touch, the game can also be played on the Oculus Rift using an Xbox One controller or a mouse. The game will retail on the Oculus Store for $24.99 USD.

I Expect You To Die will be available later this month in North America for PlayStation®VR using either a DUALSHOCK®4 wireless controller or the PlayStation®Move motion controllers.

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