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Titanic: Honor and Glory in Unreal Engine 4

Titanic: Honor and Glory in Unreal Engine 4

Upcoming release Titanic: Honor and Glory in Unreal Engine 4, Video.


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Titanic: Honor and Glory – Interview with Tom Lynskey, Project Manager, April 14th, 2014

Indie developer Four Funnels Entertainment has made it its mission to create the definitive adventure game based on the Titanic. Titanic: Honor and Glory sets you as Owen Robert Morgan, a young American student who has been framed for a series of crime, and who must board the Titanic to clear his name.The game is expected to have at least 3 distinct phases – Southhampton, Titanic before iceberg, Titanic after iceberg, and even perhaps Titanic after it sinks

A few months ago, the team announced that they were making a switch from CryEngine 3 to Unreal Engine 4, and today, they released a video showcasing the Titanic in the new engine – 

Although the expected release date is way off in 2016, Four Funnels has already successfully raised $20,000 through an Indiegogo campaign to fund the second phase of their development plan. Another, and much larger round of fund raising is expected sometime in the near future. 

Contributions are still being accepted at their website –, but another round funding is planned to raise the estimated $100k needed to fully fund development.

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