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Secret Files 3 Savethrough

Secret Files 3 Savethrough

Secret Files 3 Savethrough


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202 Savegames ~ Secret Files 3

Download the Secret Files 3 savethrough here.

There are 197 saves running consecutively from the very beginning to the very end. After this, there are 5 extra files revealing steps in the rather formidable slider puzzle fairly near to the end of the game.

The Windows XP default address for all 202 saves is as follows (yours may be different): My Documents\Secret Files 3\Savegames

If you wish to save your own games before using a savegame, then alter the name of the folder e.g. Savegames Old or whatever. Don’t forget return the original name when you have finished.

Insert all the 202 files into the new abovementioned default folder.


Len Green

Len Green

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