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Cold Case Summer

Cold Case Summer

Cold Case Summer

A walkthrough for the ninth game in the Carol Reed series


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Carol Reed Mystery #9


By Len Green 24th February 2013


There should be no need to use this walkthrough since there is a very sophisticated & detailed dynamic hint system built into the game itself! (It is fully described in the tutorial.)


It has been excellently and almost uniquely devised for a non-linear game so that the player can get help at EVERY stage of the game without revealing future gameplay.


But if you so desire – carry on!




{A}   This walkthrough describes ALL the actions which you must take in order to succeed, together with a relatively small number which are not essential to completing the game.


N.B.  The game contains some ‘red herrings’.


However, please don’t use this walkthrough unless you absolutely have to. Some aspects which are not absolutely imperative have been omitted. A lot of these are interesting and provide much of the background story to the game, and particularly to the fascinating (and artistic) character, scenery and history of Norrköping … a relatively small town in Sweden, and home to the Developer, Mikael Nyqvist.


{B}   “Warning”:-  The main purpose of this game is to examine items, interview people, view the interesting sights and scenery, and apart from solving the mystery, generally ‘act the tourist in Sweden!’, etc.

If you simply take this walkthrough in your hand (or consult all the built in hints) and follow exactly what to do and not to do, you can probably finish the game quite quickly.However that would completely defeat its whole purpose!


{C}   A very great part of the interest and beauty of the game is wandering around through the vast number of locations, views, residences, etc There are actually so many that I’m pretty certain that I missed a few !  :~)

          There is a lot of interesting history and material in Norrköping, a small but quite important city whose population is a little under 100,000 and whose original roots date back to the 14th century, or earlier!


{D}   This is a first-person game and much of the intricacy and pleasure lies in browsing around … and as mentioned above there is a lot of that. I personally frequently ‘got lost’ looking for some location or object (even occasionally inside a residence!), and sometimes after finding it, lost my way again on returning in order to continue the game.


{E}   “Cold Case Summer” does not contain many ‘stand-alone’ puzzles, and those included are generally not difficult.

However there IS one main puzzle for some players which runs right throughout the game. It is the necessity to ramble around (maze-like) without losing one’s way and getting frustrated due to this.

          Generally, the player is only told where to go, but not exactly how to get there, or sometimes even how to move around when actually there! Where this is really tricky, simple written descriptive hints are given to help in orientation. But there maybe some locations where this may not be sufficient for some players. In those cases this walkthrough contains exact instructions such as:-

                   Move right twice; then move forward once; then left three times; then move forward five times; and finally move right once again!


 {F}   Upon entering every new location, it is highly advisable to browse around as much as possible in order to explore the general layout. However, the walkthrough never tells you explicitly to do this!


{G}   You should most certainly NOT have to follow the same order of accessing locations as described in this walkthrough since the game is not linearThere are a very great number of permutations of routes, and it is most unlikely that two players will followexactly the same itinerary. In addition it is most likely that this walkthrough does not describe the best or even optimum route to play the game (and finish it completely)!

          Some locations of course will not appear on the map until you have completed certain tasks, and so a particular order is sometimes obligatory. Other than this, you are free to visit (&/or revisit) all locations on the map as and when you wish!


{H}   There is no need to describe ANY of the ‘mechanics’ &/or interface of the game. It is all contained in the manual which is to be found in the “BM” folder on your Hard Disc (after installing of course), and also as a shortcut in the same program group as the installed game.


{I}   There is no so-called ‘bad language’. It is all first person and mouse driven point & click. There are full (and excellent) subtitles for ALL speech.


{J}  As in most games, it is easy to make a wrong or redundant move! So it is advisable to save frequently.

There are 100 save-slots… in case anybody needs that many! Since each save is fairly small, saving and loading is reasonably fast, presenting little delay to progress.

N.B.  There are absolutely NO dead-ends or crashes in the game!


{K}  EVERY TIME you obtain a new item, it will appear in your inventory. You should observe each new inventory item immediately it appears in inventory by right clicking on it to get an excellent greatly enlarged picture of the item together with a very short caption outlining its description.

N.B.  It is imperative to view, and sometimes to manipulate, some of the inventory items in close-up to complete action upon them. In addition, some inventory items will combine with others there and attempts must be made to test this.


{L}  There are no instructions in the walkthrough to close certain drawers, cupboards, cabinets, etc when they are left open since the game ensures that you cannot continue if you do NOT, and often informs the player of such!


{M}  There are a number of puzzles in the game. Wherever there is an outright spoiler, I have inserted it in a much smaller print and a green color that is not TOO easy to read, as follows:-  Spoilers are inserted like this ………

I have done this deliberately since many players do not want to see spoilers unless and until absolutely essential.



The walkthrough starts here!


In the text, all objects which are acquired and entered into the inventory are written in bold, underlined, and red.

All objects which are used from the inventory are written inbold, underlined, italicized, and blue.


EXTREMELY USEFUL UTILITY: In every frame, by pressing on the space-bar, EVERY hot-spot is revealed!


 If you are not too acquainted with this type of Quest-Adventure game, play through the short tutorial which will familiarize you with the controls and interface.

**** Otherwise… skip it! ****


Carol’s home {1st visit}


*****  It’s morning and Carol jumps out of bed ready for a new day.

*****  Go to the living room..

***** Look at the tablet computer on the table in the living room.

***** Read the message from Stina on the tablet.

***** Exit to the map.

Stina’s store  {1st visit}

***** Talk to Stina and exhaust all dialogs.

***** Retrieve Carol’s mislaid telephone from Stina.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 3 Carol’s allotment {1st visit}

***** Walk to the pedestal in front of the allotment’s hut.

***** Lift up the brick on the pedestal.

***** Take the keys to the hut from under the brick on the pedestal.

***** Use the keys to unlock the padlock on the door of the hut.

***** Enter the hut and look around.

***** Whilst leaving the hut, a mysterious stranger phones Carol.

***** Talk to the complete stranger (on the phone) and exhaust all dialogs – he DEMANDS a meeting with Carol at the Graffiti Heap.

***** Exit to the map,

[4Graffiti Heap {1st visit}

***** Explore the area until you come across the stranger who is in hiding!

***** Talk to him – but he refuses to show himself and Carol won’t continue unless he reveals himself.

***** It’s getting late and Carol; needs to go home and get some well earned sleep.

***** Exit the Graffiti Heap.

Carol’s home {2nd visit}

***** Carol’s bathroom and toilet is undergoing essential extensive repairs. Hence the landlord has fitted up a temporary shower in the boiler room.

***** Carol doesn’t want to have a shower with water alone!

***** Find and look at the liquid soap on one of the pipes.

***** Grab the expensive soap.

***** Carol has a shower in the boiler room now that she has obtained some expensive soap – she then automatically enters her apartment ready for bed.

***** Go to the bedroom

***** Move the knitted doll – called “Len”!

{{{ N.B. The wife of this walkthrough writer, Sylvia Green, makes scores of these hand-knitted dolls (every one unique and different) and gives them away (free) to family, friends and even acquaintances!! }}}

***** Carol goes to bed and forgets about Mr. X.

***** She is woken up next morning by the persistent ringing of her telephone.

***** Access Carol’s phone and press the right hand (green) phone symbol.

***** It is the police – exhaust all dialog options.

Apparently the stranger she tried to talk to, yesterday Mr. X has been murdered. His name is/was Harri Michelsen. He was strangled and his body was found near the Wire Lookout.

***** Access Carol’s tablet computer on the dining room table.

***** Obtain a full page informative entry (article) about Harri Michelsen.

***** Click on the link and get a similar full page informative entry on Christer Petterson (nicknamed Crille).

***** Once Again, click on the link and get a similar full page informative entry (article) on the murdered Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme.

The last two entries (articles) are real life (or more appropriately ‘death’) characters and further details about them are on public record for anybody who is further interested! The first one is based upon a real person but partially fact and part fiction but with a fictitious name!

***** Exit to the map – two new locations have appeared (and are blinking since neither has yet been accessed).

[ 6 ] Amber’s apartment {1st visit}

***** Talk to Amber and exhaust all dialogs.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 7 Pamplestone {1st visit}

***** There are several things that can be done in the Pamplestone pumping station and the order is unimportant.

{i} Find and pick up a hammer.

{ii} Examine a couple of photos.

Turn them over and read the

message from Rita. Take those

pictures from Pamplestone.

{iii} Look at a wooden peg with

some wire wrapped around it.

Carol says that she might

need a piece of the wire.

***** Exit to the map – But Carol MUST return the hammer before she leaves.

[ 8 Carol’s allotment {2nd visit}

***** Find some asparagus peas and pick them for Stina.

***** Exit to the map

[9Stina’s store  {2md visit}.

***** Give Stina the asparagus peas that she wanted.

***** Talk to Stina and exhaust all dialogs.

***** Exit to the map.

10 An Aurora Monument  {1st visit}

***** Go to and read an elaborate notice board with some important background information inscribed on it including mention of the Aurora Temple.

***** Exit to the map.

11 The Aurora Temple  {1stt visit}

***** Take a good look at the ceiling paintings.

***** Observe the expensive camera zoom lens which apparently someone has forgotten and lost. It has a phone number stuck on it!

***** Get the camera lens with phone number.

***** Access Carol’s telephone in inventory and phone the abovementioned number.

***** You reach somebody called Rita. Talk to her and exhaust all dialogs – she provides Carol with the address of Harri’s apartment.

***** The camera lens with phone number is broken so Carol does not need it any more – neither does she need thepictures from Pamplestoneany further.

***** Exit to the map.

12 Harri’s apartment {1st visit}

***** Open the front door. Impossible – it’s locked!

***** Go round the back and find a pair of unlocked white shutters.

***** Enter the apartment through these shutters.

***** Look for a sort of sideboard with a table lamp on top.

***** Access the brochure describing the Pamplestone pumping station.

***** Glance at the piggy-bank in the kitchen.

***** Scan the list of chapter headings for some written work (Maybe Harri’s manuscript?)

***** Open a white drawer in the living room.

***** Receive a message from Jonas – he has bought a snazzy new car and offers to take Carol for a ride anywhere!

***** Look at some bookshelves containing books, and a small TV set, and other odds and ends.

***** Take the rolled up sheet of white paper – it is the Morse Code.

***** On a table with some musical apparatus is a letter that has had a picture cut out – nothing can be done with it at present!

***** Enter the bedroom through the door.

***** Note the placard showing many types of mushrooms – each one numbered. This may have some importance much later in the game!

***** Go to a magazine stand.

***** Find and read a ‘To do’list – It appears that Harri had shown a manuscript to Amber??

***** Exit to the map.

[ 13Amber’s apartment {2nd visit}

***** Talk to Amber and exhaust all dialogs.

***** Look at the picture of the exact place where Olof Palme was assassinated. Harri was going to use it as the frontispiece of his book.

***** Exit to the map.

***** Carol intends to go to the place where Olof Palme was murdered – But she needs a vehicle to get there.

***** Use Carol’s telephone and call Jonas.

***** Talk to Jonas and ask if she can borrow his OLD car.

***** They arrange to meet at the Pyramid Elm park.  

[ 14 ] The Pyramid Elm park {1st visit}

***** Meet Jonas at the park.

***** Talk to Jonas and exhaust all dialogs.

***** Jonas easily agrees to let Carol use his old car and gives her the car key.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 15 ] Steiner parking lot  {1st visit}

***** Unlock the car door with the car key.

***** Start the car using the car key on the steering column ignition lock – the engine coughs a bit and then dies.

***** Remove the car key.

***** Get out of the car.

***** Open the bonnet of the car.

***** Check the engine.

***** Carol needs to examine the spark plugs – but needs something to remove them.

***** Leave the bonnet and open the boot of the car.

***** Remove the spark plug wrench.

***** Leave the boot and open the bonnet again.

***** Use the spark plug wrench to remove a spark plug. It is filthy – it hasn’t been cleaned for ages!

***** Exit to the map.

[ 16 ] Wire Lookout {1st visit}

***** Look around and enjoy the view from the lookout – the river is where Harri’s body was washed up and found!

***** Scrutinize the steps nearby.

***** There is an object lying on one of the steps.

***** Get a close up view of that object and find that it is a steel brush.

***** Grab the steel brush.

***** Exit to the map.

***** Return to Jonas’ old car at the parking lot.

[ 17 ] Steiner parking lot  {2nd visit}

***** Remove the spark plug as described just previously.

***** Clean the dirty plug with the steel brush.

***** Close the bonnet and enter the car – you don’t need the key this time!

***** Again use the car key on the ignition.

***** This time, the engine starts up excellently.

***** Exit automatically to the map.

[ 18 ]The Olof Palme murder scene {1st visit}

***** On the ground just a very little way into the location are some flowers..

***** Obtain the floral wire which was wrapped around the flowers.

***** Exit to the map.

19 Carol’s home  {3rd visit}

***** On the kitchen table is a pair of scissors.

***** Take the scissors.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 20 Pamplestone {2nd visit}

***** Find some wire wrapped around a wooden peg.

***** Cut a small length off the copper wire with the scissors.

***** Exit to the map,

21 Harri’s apartment {2nd visit}

***** There is a door in Harri’s apartment which Carol could not open – she is now in a position to try again.

***** Use both the thin floral wire and the thicker copper wire on the stubborn door!

***** The closet door opens revealing some clothes hanging inside.

***** Read the note found in the pocket of a shirt – it is about a key in a furnace in the Pamplestone pumping station.

***** Leave the closet and go to the front door.

***** There is a letter in the letter-box.

***** Open the envelope and read the letter – it is a notification from a rental company warning Harri that he will have to pay weekly and in advance for renting a storage box in the Norrköping Central Station.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 22 ] Pamplestone  {3rd visit}

***** Get the hammer – as described in [ 7]above.

***** Go to the huge combustion furnace which has two fuel hatches.

***** Use the hammer to open the (closed) left hand hatch.

***** Take a look into the furnace – it is cold since it is not in present use.

***** Take the key (from Pamplestone) from inside the furnace

***** Close the hatch.

***** There is a locked door near to the entrance.

***** Use the key (from Pamplestone) to open the locked door,

***** Examine the electrical cabinet on the right.

***** Read the note reminding Carol to phone the maintenance company about her bathroom repair.

***** You are forced to return the hammer before exiting to the map!

[ 23 ] Norrköping Central Station {1st visit}

***** Examine the storage box – but there is nothing you can do there at present.

***** Exit to the map.

24 Carol’s home  {4th visit}

***** The whole plumbing system in Carol’s apartment broke down a week ago and a complete new installation and reparation job is under way – what a nuisance!!

***** Pick up a carpenter pencil.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 25 ] Pamplestone {4th visit}

***** Return to and look at the note in the electrical cabinet – see[ 22 ]above.

***** Apply the carpenter pencil to the note and an impressed note appears.

***** Read the note.

***** It’s quite difficult to read so look at it more closely. It is a reminder to put some flowers on Crille’s grave on a certain date (possibly the anniversary of his death??).

***** Exit the cabinet and then the location and you are on the map.

26 Harri’s apartment {3rd visit}

***** Open the closet – see[ 21 ] above.

***** Access the shelf (above the shirt which you went to there previously!).

***** Open the box on the shelf by solving the puzzle on it.

***** On the left there is the name ‘Crille’ written vertically downwards. On the right are some numbers. Press the appropriate numbers (in the correct order).

***** Apparently there is some previous connection between the name and the numbers!

***** If you can’t remember this connection, have a look at [ 25 ].

***** The numbers you have to press are:-   1; 3; 0; 4,

***** Turn the obituary of Christer Petterson (aka Crillle ) right way up and read it.

***** Continue examining the contents of the abovementioned box

***** Behind the obituary is an envelope ……….

***** ………. Open it!

***** Read the letter from the administrator of Christer Petterson’s ‘estate’ to Harri Michensen.

***** You then come across a two page draft description of ‘Meeting Christer – although there is no author on the draft I assume it is a part of Harri’s intended manuscript??

***** Then inspect the letter from Christer to Harri. It mentions the ‘Aviation Administration’ building.

***** Finally you see two keys in the box.

***** Take the hex key and the (ordinary) key (in either order!)

***** Close the box.

***** Exit the closet and then the location and you are on the map once more.

[ 27 ] The Aviation Administration (and bunker) {1st visit}

***** Carol remarks that she very much doubts that Christer lives in that building!!

***** Explore the whole area around the Aviation Administration and especially the mountain,

***** Read a placard describing the Air Force Bunker which is on the south side of the mountain.

***** Continue exploring and you will arrive at the padlocked entrance to the abovementioned bunker.

***** Open the padlock using the (ordinary ) key.

***** Enter the bunker.

***** Explore the bunker – but you can only advance a little way since it is extremely dark in there. You need a flashlight.

***** Exit the bunker and then the location. You are now on the map again.

28 Carol’s home  {5th visit}

***** Go to the computer room.

***** Take the (mini) flashlight.

***** Exit Carol’s computer room and then exit her home.

[ 29 ] Air Force bunker {1st visit}

***** Return to the place where it is pitch black.

***** Switch on your flashlight so that you can explore the whole very dark tunnel without any difficulties – Note the crude graffiti with the number 2007 beneath it; probably the date they were painted!

***** Search the bunker (you are limited at present) and find a map.

***** Locate the frame where you see a white block (seems to be made of stone??). Partly beneath it and partly exposed is a map (In case of difficulty, refer to A on the graphic below!).

***** Pick up the Air Force Map.

***** If you have difficulties with this, proceed as follows:-***** Immediately after lighting up (all the paths in) the bunker, proceed as follows:-

Go left once and you are facing a heavy steel door:- Open it by turning the control-wheel clockwise:- Go forward twice, and Carol says that she doesn’t want to proceed without some aid!:- Go left once:- Go forward once; and finally move left again once.

{{{ N.B. You do NOT NEED to use this ‘map’ during the whole game.

My wife happened to reasonably easily manage to traverse the whole rather complex bunker without ever accessing the Air Force Map, performing ALL the gameplay actions!

On the other hand , I myself kept referring to the map all the time I was in the bunker – now and later on. The large orange coloured spot pin pointed exactly where I was at every point in my travels and therefore greatly helped me to continue! }}}




***** Continue exploring the bunker.

***** Move to the right , then ‘upwards’, then right again, until you find a park bench with a white mattress on it.

If you get lost in this rather complex bunker it’s a good idea to consult the map. Furthermore, the GRAPHIC ABOVE can help a great deal – just keep referring to the large orange spot as you move and you can see exactly where you came from, and where you need to go .

A marks the location where you entered the bunker:- B is the place where you obtained the map:- and C is where you find the park bench.

***** ………. Lift up the corner of the mattress revealing a sheet of paper underneath it.

***** Examine the sheet of paper – it has a crude funny face drawn on it which refers to somebody called Kim.

***** On further examination of the sheet of paper you obtain Kim’s address.
***** In front of the perk bench is a white rectangular concrete block… View it in close-up.
***** Push the block aside and underneath it is a well worn sheet of paper.
***** Take that Timeworn note from bunker… It has five fairly small hexagons marked on it (You will need this later on in the gane)
***** Return to the entrance of the bunker, “A”
***** Exit to the map.

[ 30 ] Kim’s apartment {1st visit}

***** Talk to Kim and exhaust all dialogs. She happily gives Carol the address of her grandfather, Sigge,

Exit to the map.

[ 31 ] Sigge’s apartment {1st visit}

***** Look around the apartment.

***** Carol exclaims “It looks like there has been a burglar here” since papers and other items are scattered around all over the floor.

***** There are 5 hot spots amongst the objects scattered around on the floor. Only two of these are of any importance for continuation of the game ……….

***** ………. The most important one is a sheet of white paper.

***** Turn over the paper and note the four coloured stars on it – from left to right the colours are:- First-yellow; Second-blue; Third-green; and mauve.

***** The other item mentioned just above has some bearing on the narrative – it is a letter from, Harri to Sigge. In that letter, the Dead City is mentioned creating a new location.

***** Carry on around the apartment.

***** Find a chest of drawers.

***** The top drawer of the four is locked.

***** There are five stars on the drawer similar to those on the sheet of white paper mentioned just above – but these are not coloured.

***** Press on these five stars and four of them cause a different colour to light up but not on that star but on a different one. Note the positions of these four coloured lights and MENTALLY assign them numbers from 1 thro’ 5 from left to right.

Then press four of these five stars in the order of the four colours of the abovementioned white sheet of paper.

***** This may not be clear and possibly confusing. So just as an example at the beginning:-

On the white sheet of paper, the first colour is yellow. So where does the colout yellow appears on the drawer? It appears on the second star which you MUST note. (N.B. It actually appears whist you press the fifth i.e. last, star on the drawer – but this is actually irrelevant!!!

So the first star you must press in order to unlock the drawer is the second one from the left,

And so on. When you have pressed the correct four stars in the correct order, the drawer opens.

***** If you NEED a blatant spoiler r to open the drawer r:- Press the following stars in the following order:-2; 5; 3; 1.

***** Inside the drawer arte two important items :-

Read the letter from Alan, Sigge’s father , to his son. In it he mentions his revolver box.

Read also the printed article concerning the Dead City – you can also view two close up photographs of this abandoned old leper colony of Aciro.

There is also a salacious photo of a semi naked woman on the front cover of a magazine entitled‘Nympho librarian’ – but this is not helpful in advancing the game!!??!!

***** Close the drawer.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 32 ] The Dead City {1st visit}

***** Wander around and get to the (partially completed) building with the words “Pro Populo” inscribed above its entrance.

***** Look at an interesting coloured rock!

***** Search the building and find a tin of highly effective solvent seemingly used by the many graffiti artists around!

***** Carry on exploring the Dead City and you will be able to access there a ‘secondary map’.

***** Examine this ‘secondary map’ – and I would recommend saving this frame! On this secondary map are three locations only… these tare:- Hospital; Male Quarters; and Female Quarters. In addition to these three locations, in the top right hand corner is a link to return to the entrance of the Dead City and another link ‘Return to the large map’ in the bottom left corner.

***** From the secondary map choose the Female Quarters.

***** Advance to the building which has a number 9 written on it.
***** Look at another interesting and colourful rock.

***** Obtain a view from this same building and Carol exclaims cThat must be the Manager’s residence”

***** Exit the Female Quarters to the secondary map – note the added new location ‘Manager’s residence’ at the bottom right corner.

***** Exit to the (maim) map.

[ 33 ] Sigge’s apartment {2nd visit}

***** Sigge is at home so talk to him and exhaust all dialogs.

***** Sigge gives Carol a photo of Harri’s house , i.e, his summer house.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 34 ] Harri’s apartment {4th visit}

***** Go to the living room.

***** Observe the white cupboard.

***** Open one of the drawers in the cupboard.

***** Observe the sheet of paper in the drawer – it is a list of chapter headings for some document – it looks as though it might be an autobiography.??

***** Leave the cupboard and go to the computer room.

***** To the right of the computer mouse is a sheet of paper – look at it in close-up. It has some text on it and a large rectangle has been cut out.

***** Fit the photo of Harri’s houseinto the cut out space on the paper.

***** Exit to the map.

35 Harri’s summer house {1st visit}

***** Enter the front door- No luck! There is a numerical keypad and you need the code.

***** Exit to the map.

[36Graffiti Heap {2ndvisit}

***** Carol returns to the place where she met the unknown stranger (Harri) for the first and only time,

***** On the ground where the stranger stood is a piece of paper. Carol says “I wonder if Harri dropped this here”.

***** Pick up the note that Harri might have dropped ……….

***** ………. And scrutinize it.

I***** It contains four Morse code numbers:_ /// ..—///—..///—..///-….///.

***** Look at the full Morse code and decipher the number; It is:- 2; 8; 8; 6.

***** Exit to the map.

37 Harri’s summer house {2nd visit}

***** Enter the code number ( See[36] ) on the numerical keypad at the front door.

***** Enter the summer house and look around.

***** To the left of the black stove is some firewood and paper – Grab them.

***** Examine the black wood-burning stove. There is a panel near the bottom of the stove with a round knob on it.

***** Open the panel.

***** Put the firewood and paper into the stove. – No way!… Carol says “It’s already too warm in here”!

***** Leave the stove.

***** On the wall close by are a pair of colourful posters.

***** View the right-hand poster, which has the large word ‘HOGANAS’ (a town in Sweden) written on it – Carol says “I think that’s something used for coal mining”.

***** Now go to the bread-bin which is next to the sink in the kitchen.

***** Look at the bread-bin in close-up ……….

***** ………. And see inside.

***** Take the key from bread box.

***** Close the bin.

***** Exit the close-up of the bin.

***** Find the tall large wardrobe which has three separate doors – the center one forming a tall mirror.

***** Use the key from bread box to open the left-hand door of the wardrobe.

***** Grab the memory card for digital camera inside and to the right of the wardrobe– view it, and Carol exclaims “That’s a memory card for a camera”.

***** Take it.

***** Close the wardrobe door.

***** Use the same key from bread box to open the middle door of the wardrobe.

***** Search the shirt hanging inside.

***** Take the key from Harri’s shirt

. ***** Close that wardrobe door.

***** You can try to open the right-hand wardrobe door, but it won’t open at all!

***** There are shelves of books in the room.

***** Underneath the middle shelf notice a screwdriver lying on some cassette cases.

***** Pick up the screwdriver.

***** See a black suitcase next to the refrigerator.

***** Unzip the suitcase.

***** Access the camera inside the suitcase

***** Open the right edge of the camera …

***** ………. And pop in the memory card for digital camera.

***** Close the right side of the camera

***** Press the on/off button of the camera and view on its screen one of the photos that was on the memory card for digital camera.

***** Over the large button close to the bottom right-hand corner of the screen is a ‘rotation arrow’ cursor.

***** Click that button three times, one after the other, and you will see four different photographs in all..

***** Return the camera to the suitcase.

***** Close the suitcase by using its zip.

***** Leave the suitcase.

***** Move to the stairs and see the ‘Go upstairs’ notification.

***** Climb to the upper floor.

***** Next to a couch see a chair.

***** There is a white sheet of paper on the chair…

***** … So pick it up.

***** Look at it – it is a Primitive map from Harri’s summer house.

***** Return down the stairs.

***** Go to the front door.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 38 ] Air Force bunker {2nd visit}

***** Enter the bunker.

***** In one of the side corridors there is a room in which something is hidden under the floor . Go to this room – if you have difficulty in finding it you can look at the graphic above and its position is marked with the letter “D”.

***** Near the bottom left corner is a heavy metal rectangular cover. Move it aside exposing a rod.

***** Take the iron rod.

***** Close the sliding cover.

***** Carry on a short way along the same subsidiary corridor.

***** Enter a room which has a light blue-grey electrical cabinet fixed to the wall. – If it’s difficult to find, you can look at the graphic above and its position is marked with the letter “E”.

***** In your inventory, combine the Iron rod with the screwdriverand you obtain a screwdriver attached to iron rod.

***** Use the screwdriver attached to iron rodto open the cabinet.

***** Examine the paper attached to the inside of the right-hand cabinet door.

*****There are some symbols marked on the paper.

*****Save the Symbols from bunker.

*****Exit the electrical box.

*****Return to the main pathway and travel along it, away from the entrance “A” until you reach a light green colouredsteel door “F”

*****Open the door by turning the handle – Impossible! It is stuck (maybe rusted?) and won’t turn.

*****Inyour inventory, combine the steel brush with the Highly effectivesolvent to create a steel brush with solvent.

*****Use thesteel brush with solvent on the handle of the steel door to open it.

*****However this involves some manipulation,as follows:-

Examine the symbols. The five vertical lines are simply dividers creating four discrete actions in order from left to right. Each of the four symbols enclosed by apair of vertical lines indicate the actions which must be performed on the handle of the door. There is a ‘rotation arrow’ cursor on the handle which makes it rotate in a clockwise direction.

Imagine that the handle of the door is the hour hand of a clock. Then the previously mentioned symbols indicate the four positions that the handle must take in order, Each position MUST be followed by a click on the red spot below the handle. Thus the first position must be 9 o’clock: The second position 2 o’clock: The third position 7 o’clock: And the fourth and last position 3 o’clock.

*****The steel door opens and you are looking down on a pool of water.

*****Take one step only forward and Carol wades into thepool, “G”.

*****See a green coloured wooden stick frosting in the water.

*****Fish out the wooden stick.

*****Return to the place where Carol is just looking down on the pool of water (not yet IN it!).

*****Choose the left-hand path and go forwards.

*****View a ladder leading up to a green lid..

*****Carol climbs the ladder ……….

*****………. And sees a cavity in the wall.

*****Inside the cavity is a white metal box – Carol would liken to reach it but can’t since it is too far away

*****So use the wooden stick to access the box.

*****On the top of the boxare two small hex –sockets one above the other.Each one is surrounded by a circle just to ‘highlight’ it.

*****Open the metal box using the hex-key — No! It’s not as simple as that.

*****Remember the Timeworn note from bunkerin your inventory? It hastwo (partial) horizontal rows of hexagons, one row beneath the otherThe upper row has three hexagons and the lower row has two.

*****Scan both lines; ‘together’ from left to right and you see that the five hexagons are arranged as follows:-lower;upper;upper;lower;upper.

*****Apply the hex key to the two hexagonal-sockets on the top of the box. You have to do this five times only to either the upper or lower sockets according to the order outlined just above (which is on the ‘Timeworn note from bunker’!).

*****View the contents of the box -inside is a bundle tied with a red rubberband and marked “Roy”, whoever that is?!

*****Inspect the bundle. There are blister packs containing pills of some sort.

*****Carol makes her way towards the entrance of the bunker, “A”.

*****But just before she gets there, she is attacked by an unknown hooded assailant.

*****Neverthelessshe she manages to get to the entrance.

,*****Exit the bunker: Oh dear; she can’t – the door is stuck and jammed (maybe deliberately by her attacker?!).

*****Fortunately there is another entrance/exit. It is at the furthest left location imn the bunker, marked “I” on the map.

*****So go there.

*****But it’s locked.

*****Unlock the door using the Key from Crille’s box.

*****After all her experiences imn the bunker, Carol is tired and badly needs to get home and some sleep imn her own bed!

*****Exit that door to the bunker onto the map.

39 ]Carol’s home {6th visit}

*****Carol arrives at her front door.

*****She has mislaid her keys.

*****She rattles the door handle to see if by any chance she left it open or the keys inside or whatever – she did not!

*****A large man opens the door and tells her to knock like a decent person!

*****It is the plumber (Mr. Bigge.).

*****Talk to the plumber and exhaust all dialogs.

*****He leaves and Carol enters her apartment.

*****Walk into the computer room,

*****SHOCK! Her colourful knitted doll called “Len” has been strung up and ‘hanged’.

*****Examine the doll and turn it round ……….

*****……….On the back is pinned a nasty warning note in bad language.

*****Read the note…It contains a warning, also to Amber.

*****Carol is worried and decides to warn Amber.

*****Carol’s keys are also attached, so grab them!

*****Untie and take Len.

*****Remove the cord which was used to hang the doll.

*****Then exit the front door of the apartment and then the main door of the building. You are now on the map

[ 40 ]Amber’s apartment {3rd visit}

*****Talk to Amber and exhaust all dialogs.

*****Carol asks Amber about somebody called Roy,and Amber replies that he works in the Aviation Administration building ……….

*****………. So go there.

*****Exit to the map.

[ 41 ]The Aviation Administration  {2nd visit}

*****The building is open now – so enter.

*****There is a man at the reception desk.. Talk to him and exhaust all dialogs.

*****Ask if Roy is there and he tells Carol that Roy Stenson is working in the old paper archives ……….

*****………..So Carol goes there.

*****Talk to Roy and exhaust all dialog options. He talks mainly about the old times, and his friendships and contacts with Crille, Sigge and Harri when they were all much younger!

*****Exit to the map.

[ 42 ]Sigge’s apartment {3rd visit}

*****Talk to Sigge and exhaust all dialogs.

*****Sigge mentioned two interesting facts:- Firstly, that Harri once talked to him about ‘Substrata’ the name of a painting from Sigge’s childhood home -but he has no idea where it is now! And secondly, that Roy Stenson was staying in Sigge’s hostel since he had trouble with his landlord!

*****Carol decides to visit Roy again to find out more about his accommodations.

*****Exit to the map.

[ 43 ]The Aviation Administration  {3rd visit}

*****Carol enters Roy’s ‘office’ but he’s not there and so, being a sleuth, she decides to poke around there to see if she can unearth anything of interest.

*****Amongst the files etc. she finds Roy’s Pass card to Sigge’s hostel ……….

*****………. Carol grabs it since she has read a notice in his workplace informing that he will be away for the whole day at a UFO conference.
*****Turn over the pass card and there is an essential code for entering the hostel and Roy’s room number written on it.

*****Exit the office and the Admin building to the map.

[ 44]Sigge’s hostel  {1st visit}

*****Examine the number pad next to the front door

*****Enter the four digit code… In case you have forgotten it, look it up on the pass card in inventory – it is 3997.

*****Enter the hostel.

*****Go upstairs.

*****Walk to Roy’s room – number 26.

*****Use the pass card to open the door ……….

*****………. And enter.

*****Go into the bedroom.

*****On the bed is a suitcase – you can open it and look into the stuff inside, but there’s nothing of importance there and nothing you can do.

*****Between the two beds is a bedside table with one drawer in it ……….

*****……….Open the drawer.

*****Inside is part of a letter with a photograph of a most unusual location.

*****It has been chosen as a suitable location for a drop-off place fordelivering drugs – with information concerning a flag to pinpoint the exact spot.

*****There are also some pills which are thesame drugs as thosethat Carol saw previously inthe bunker ( See[38] ).

*****Close the drawer.

*****Leave the room.

*****Go downstairs and exit the front door to the map.

45 ]Harri’s summer house {3rd visit}

*****SEE37 ] – If there is ANYTHING there that you COULD HAVE DONE butHAVE NOT DONE, you can do it now!!

*****Enter the summer house.

*****Go to the right-hand (“HOGANAS”) poster in close-up.

*****Note the numbers on the poster.

*****Move the poster aside revealing a safe with a number pad on it.

*****Get a close-p of the number pad.

*****Enter the correct code of four numbers.If not obvious, the numbers are1; 9; 5; 1..

*****The safe opens.Inside is an envelope ……….

*****……….Open it.

*****In the envelopeis a blank sheet of paper (apart from three words on it… “Next drop-off”).

*****Close the safe etc.

*****Replace the poster.

*****Exit to the map.

46 ]Harri’s apartment {5th visit}

*****Open the front door.

*****Then open the door to Harri’s apartment.

*****Go to the brown bureau which is locked.

*****Scrutinize it in close-up.

*****Use the Key from Harri’s shirt to unlock the bureau.

*****Inside see a printed page describing, among other things, a revolver box which had apparently once contained a gun.

*****Also there is a green cigarette lighter in the bureau … Take it.

*****Exit the apartment and the house.You are now on the map.

47 ]Harri’s summer house {4th visit}

*****SEE37 ] – If there is ANYTHING there that you COUD HAVE DONE butHAVE NOT DONE, you can do it now!!

*****Go to the black stove.

*****Open the panel near the bottom of the stove.

*****Put the firewood and paper into the stove.

*****Light a fire in the stove using Sigge’s cigarette lighter.

*****Hold the blank sheet of paper near to the fire to warm it gentlyand watch as gradually an ‘invisible’ message materializes – it is the coordinates of a new unusual location called ‘Nimis’.

*****Carol exclaims “This is the classic baking soda method”.

*****Exit to the map.

48 ]Nimis {1st visit}

*****You have read the coordinates of Nimis (you’ve previously seen a photo of this unusual place!) and you’ve also previously seen the new location of Nimis marked on the map (and blinking – indicating that it has never been visited!).

*****So it is natural to go from the map to Nimis now!

*****But you cannot do this until you first replace Roy’s pass card.

*****So you MUST now return yet again to the Aviation Administration building.

[ 49 ]The Aviation Administration {4th visit}

*****Once again enter the Aviation Administration and return to Roy’s ‘office’

***** Return the pass card to the place where you ‘borrowed’ it. But this does not work – Carol says that she’d rather give the pass card back to Roy personally!

***** Find a mobile phone nearby ……….

***** Go to it and read the message on it – it deals with the helicopter landing area

***** There is the sound of a toilet flushing and Roy enters.

***** Carol gives him his pass card.

***** They carry out a tense conversation – exhaust all dialog options.

***** Roy orders Carol to get out – and she does so!

***** You are now on the map.

50 Nimis {2nd visit}

***** Notice the many unusual wooden tower-like constructions on Nimis.

***** Obtain a nice view from the top of the tower nearest the calm sea.

It might be a bit tricky to get to the right spot and if you have too much trouble you can take the following steps from the very first frame after accessing Nimis:- Forward nine times; Right; Forward; Left; Forward twice; Up; Forward.

***** Turn right ……….

***** ………. And you receive an urgent message from Amber on your mobile phone. She tells you to come at once since she has just received a letter from (the murdered) Harri!!??

***** So return to the entrance to Nimis.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 51 ] Amber’s apartment {4th visit}

***** Amber is there expecting Carol.

***** Talk to Amber and ask her if she really just deceived a letter from Harri.

***** She replies that it was like getting a letter from the grave!! But then she realized that he had got her address a bit wrong and this alone caused the delay!

***** Amber shows the letter to Carol – it contains important information and instructions.

***** Finish talking to Amber and exhaust all dialog options.

***** Exit to the map.

[52 Harri’s summer house {5th visit}

***** SEE [ 37 ] – If there is ANYTHING there that you COULD HAVE DONE but HAVE NOT DONE, you can do it now!!

***** Use the Key from bread box to open the right-hand door of the wardrobe. (Carol couldn’t do that previously – but now she knows that she must lift the door somewhat whilst unlocking it !).

***** Inside is a box with something round on it ………..

***** ………. So grab the (round) Lens filter.

***** Open the box and look inside it.

***** There is an obviously empty impression of a revolver (but not the gun itself).

***** Look also above, at the inside of the lid… There is a clocklike-face which can be adjusted by the hour, and to the right of it an enigmatic rectangular pattern containing rectangles some of which are coloured orange or green.

***** Look at the shelf above the box – there are some important documents there which Harri presumably composed before being murdered:-

(i) A notepad containing items Harri intended to do.

(ii) A page describing some ‘historical’ details. They include:- Sigge’s ailing father; A small fortune in diamonds; The Countess Aurora Roswall; A revolver box; The Dead City (an uncompleted leper colony); etc.

(iii)                 A list of matters Harri intended to consult

Carol about.

***** Close the door of the wardrobe and exit to the map.

53 Nimis {3rd visit}

***** There is a bright red and white coloured flag half hidden amongst the rocks. It was put there to use as a signal for indicating the best place to land a helicopter (smuggling drugs and booze!) ……….

***** Go to it.

If you have too much difficulty finding the flag you can take the following steps from the very first frame after accessing Nimis:- Forward nine times; Right; Forward twice; Right;.

***** Examine the flag in close up. There are two messages attached to it.

***** Read both messages and pay attention to Carol’s comments concerning each one.

***** Return to the entrance to Nimis and exit to the map.

[ 54 ] Amber’s apartment {5th visit}

***** Continue a discussion with Amber which you started a short while ago ( See [ 51 ] ).

***** Conclude all dialogs with Amber.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 55 ] The Old Town {1st visit}

***** Walk a fair bit forward until you see a narrow alleyway.

***** Proceed along the alley until you come across what used to be a casino and now deals in antiques amongst other things,

***** Knock on the door,.

***** Talk to Phil, (who makes some very suggestive unacceptable passes at Carol)!) and exhaust all dialogs.

***** Carol asks about Roy and about the ‘Substrata’ painting.

***** Phil gives her a Message to Roy – i.e. a crude flight plan to take to Roy..

***** Phil goes away and Carol enters and explores.

***** View in close-up a round table with a candle on it (supported by one leg only!) just to the right of a large trunk.

***** Just to the left of the candle is a price tag ……….

***** ………. Move it aside revealing a key.

***** Pick up the Key from antique shop.

***** Move to the left and use the Key from antique shop to open a locked door.

***** See the Substrata painting and remove it!!

***** Exit the antique shop and then the old town to the map

[56 Carol’s home {7th visit}

***** Enter and go to the bathroom to check progress on the renovations there.

***** The workman has left something there ……….

***** ………. Pick up the chisel.

***** Exit the bathroom and Carol’s apartment and building to the map.

[57Harri’s summer house {6th visit}

***** Enter the summer house.

***** Go to the clock-like face which is in the inside of the lid of the revolver box.

If you haven’t accessed this‘clock’ previously, See [52]! – You can do it now.

*~*~*~*~* It’s about time to solve another puzzle, and for that you need a code to apply to the clock-like face!

Take a very good look at the primitive map from Harri’s summer house… There are several extremely important clues on it! It refers to the female quarters in the Dead City. There are two rows of buildings there. Four of the buildings are coloured in the order from top to bottom:- Orange; Black; Green; and Blue. This indicates that there are FOUR digits in the required code. Furthermore, two of the buildings are not coloured but have numbers alongside them.

***** Leave the wardrobe and then the summer house to the map

[58The Dead City {2nd visit}

***** Access the secondary map ( See [32].

***** Choose the female quarters.

***** Turn left and note a building marked ‘1’.

***** Turn right, then forward, and then left, and note two buildings, one marked ‘3’ and the other ‘3b’.

***** Again turn right, then forward, and then left, and note two buildings, one marked ‘5’ and the other ‘7’.

***** Lastly turn right, then forward, and then left, and note a building marked ‘9’.

***** The above calls attention to the six numbers 1, 3, 3b, 5, 7., and 9. However the primitive map from Harri’s summer house has suggested ignoring the two building numbers ‘3b’ and ‘5’ – See [ 57 ], and hence it appears that the required code consists of the four numbers only, 1, 3, 7, and 9 – BUT in what order???

To determine that correct order we have to consult the colours from both the primitive map from Harri’s summer house and also the Substrata painting together with the abovementioned four digits, and all in their absolutely ‘correct’ orders.

Again, as just above, refer to the primitive map from Harri’s summer house. As mentioned there, the order of the colours there is Orange; Black; Green; and Blue. Now compare that order with the order of the colours from left to right on the Substrata painting – this is likely to be vague &/or unclear, and so here is a much fuller explanation:-

The first colour on the primitive map is orange ….. Orange is the third colour on the Substrata painting ….. Hence the first number of the random list above (1; 3; 7; 9.) i.e. “1” must be the third digit of the true code ,,,,, In other words, the code is x x 1 x.

The second colour on the primitive map is black ….. Black is the first colour on the Substrata painting ….. Hence the second number of the random list above (1; 3; 7; 9.) i.e. “3” must be the first digit of the true code ….. In other words, the code is 3 x 1 x.

The third colour on the primitive map is green ….. Green is the fourth colour on the Substrata painting ….. Hence the third number of the random list above (1; 3; 7; 9.) i.e. “7” must be the fourth digit of the true code ….. In other words, the code is 3 x 1 7.

The fourth and last colour on the primitive map is blue ….. Blueis the second colour on the Substrata painting ….. Hence the fourth number of the random list above (1; 3; 7; 9.) i.e. “9” must be the second digit of the true code ….. In other words, the code is:- 3; 9; 1; 7.

[59Harri’s summer house {7th visit}

***** Once again go to the clock-like face – If you haven’t really examined this‘clock’ previously, See [52]! – You can do it now It is actually the same as a simple dial combination lock on a (cheap) safe. There are two opposite rotation-arrow cursors in order to turn the ‘clock’ clockwise or anticlockwise to cause the numbers to decrement or increment. The position where each number of the code has to be set is at the very topmost point, i.e. the position where the 12 o’clock is situated on a real standard ( analogue) clock.

You have to set the four numbers of the code that you worked out in [58], in the correct order of course and in Latin numerals, and after each setting you MUST click the center button.

In the case of any serious problems, the settings are:- III (3)’ IX (9); I (1); VII (7).

Take the photo from revolver box that you receive when you have completed the above task correctly.

*****Exit the revolver box, the wardrobe, and the summer house to the map.

[60The Dead City {3rd visit}

***** On accessing the Dead City from the map youfind yourself automatically on the subsidiary map ( See[32] ).

***** Choose the hospital although this step is not necessary to complete the game!!

***** Carol tries to approach the hospital but decides never to go there since, as she says, “I have a feeling there might be snakes here”.

***** Return to the secondary map.

***** Choose the manager’s residence.

***** Go right up to the very top of the (uncompleted) building.

***** There is a sort of mosaic made up of rectangular slabs, one of which was marked in black on the photo from revolver box described in [59].

***** Dig out that Slab from manager’s residence. using the chisel you purloined from Carol’s unfinished bathroom.

***** Turn the slab over ……….

***** ………. And read the writing on it “+ Inside 4th stone —— 5th row, left wall”.

***** Exit the Dead City to the map.

61 Nimis {4th visit}

******* Very close to the entrance of Nimis is a sledgehammer ……….

***** ………. Pick it up.

***** Exit Nimis to the map.

[62The Dead City {4th visit}

***** On accessing the Dead City from the map youfind yourself automatically on the subsidiary map ( See[32] ).

***** Choose the male quarters.

***** Go towards the (uncompleted) church.

***** Carol remarks “It’s terribly sunny here today”.

***** Enter the church.

***** Turn left and see a dark patch near the centre.

***** Examine the dark patch in close-up.

***** Smash a hole in the middle of the dark patch using the sledgehammer.

***** Remove the white bag which was in the hole.

***** Open the white bag – it is full of dazzling Diamonds.

***** Take possession of the diamonds.

***** Exit the church.

***** Roy appears threatening Carol with a revolver ( Is it the one which originally resided in the revolver box as described in [ 52 ])

***** Roy and Carol exchange belligerent dialogs – exhaust them all!

***** Roy holds up a card which he wants Carol to decipher! He got it from Harri when he had his “accident” .

***** Take the Card that Roy took from Harri from Roy, ostensibly to decipher it for him – it has four illustrations of mushrooms on it and also four Morse code symbols on it.

***** Carol throws the Lens filter into Roy’s face temporarily blinding him.

***** She escapes to the right.

**** The scene automatically shifts to an attractive nighttime view with Carol phoning the Norrkoping police, giving them the name and details of Harri’s murderer… Since this is a whodunit I won’t reveal here who it was – although it is probably obvious !! (He was frightened that Harri would spill the beans and expose some illegal activities)!

***** In inventory use, your Morse code list to decipher the four alphanumerics ontheCard that Roy took from Harri from top to bottom. You obtain the code numbers:- 1; 9; 7; 0.

[ 63 ] Norrkoping Central Station {2nd visit}

***** If you haven’t done so previously ( See [ 23 ] ), examine the storage box in close-up.

***** There is a numerical keypad there……….

***** Enter the code you found at the end of the previous hint, i.e. [ 62 ].

The top right hand storage box lid opens revealing a green safe-box and a series of numbers:- 8; 6; 3; 9; 5. In order to open that green safe-box we must again deduce the correct code.

***** Exit theNorrkoping Central Station to the map.

[ 64 ] Harri’s apartment {6th visit}

***** You may have done the following previously and also noted the ‘results’. If so you do not have to repeat this hint!

***** Go to Harri’s bedroom.

***** Examine in close-up the poster illustrating nine types of mushroom which is attached to the back of the door.

***** There are four types of mushroom on the Card that Roy took from Harri. Identify those four species on the abovementioned close-up. and number them consecutively from “1” from left to right starting from the top left corner (and counting each of the three lines from left to right). The order is fifth; sixth; eighth; and ninth.

Hence the code must be the four numbers 5; 6; 8; 9.

***** Exit to the map.

[ 65 ] Norrkoping Central Station {3rd visit}

***** So click the numbers 5; 6; 8; 9 in that order on the aforementioned list in the storage-box.(8; 6; 3; 9; 5).

***** The box opens.

***** Look at the pouch inside the green safe-box.

***** Carol reads and recites the document within – it was written by Harri and deposited in his storage-box. It relates his account of the murder of Olof Palme!!

***** Against a background of lovely night time photographs, Harri’s very plausible description of the murder of Olof Palme is now described fully including the suggested name of the murderer and the events leading up to the crime!.

This is NOT fiction but one of the theories suggested in true life. Since the statute of limitations in Sweden has recently been abolished, this 27 year old case is still open and still remains a mystery albeit with different conjectures!

***** You are automatically transferred to Carol’s allotment and then the bathroom in her apartment.

[66]Carol’s home  {7th visit}

***** Carol’s bathroom has now been completely renovated and looks very nice.

***** Exit the bathroom.

***** Time now for the photographs and names of the dramatis Personae. The credits, and a dedication of the game to the late Randy Sluganski.




There will be another Carol Reed Mystery, number 10, not more than a year from now barring any unforeseen circumstances.



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