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Yoomurjak’s Ring Save-through

Yoomurjak's Ring Save-through

Yoomurjak’s Ring Save-through

There are several very good reasons why a save-game compendium is important or even occasionally essential for Quest/Adventure games in general, and in "Yoomurjack’s Ring" in particular.


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The player may be well into the game and there is a computer crash or power outage which wipes out all the game’s saves and the player hates the thought of having to replay right through from the very beginning again in order to continue from the point of interruption.

****  It may be that there is a bug or insurmountable technical quirk in the game &/or the player’s computer which makes it absolutely impossible to continue.

****  The player might want to replay just some previous aspect of the game or even a whole Day (i.e. chapter) without having to go over the whole game again. He or she might want to play over a section only of particular interest in the game.

****  There may be a dead-end embedded in the game which only rears its ugly head extremely rarely due to a most unusual set of circumstances in the operation of the game &/or the particular computer..

****  And there are probably other reasons in addition.

This is not a replacement for a walkthrough but a complement to one, and so I have called it a “SAVETHRU”!

There are some specific reasons why it may be of use to some players of “Yoomurjack’s Ring” on occasion, as follows:-

     {A}  There are some very minor small bugs, quirks or other anomalies as described above!.

     {B}  Although there are frequently indications of where to proceed next, nevertheless there are situations where there is no hint as to where is the next essential location. There are some 24 different locations and very many contain several sub-locations.  Hence it can take a VERY long time and be extremely annoying & frustrating to be held up for ages and ages trying different locations until you find the essential ‘right’ one!

     {C}  The main cause of problems may be the fact that ALL speech (and many textual matters) are exclusively in the Hungarian language.  There are a large number of dialogs throughout the game and many are very long. With great respect, since only about 10 million people talk or understand that language out of a world population of several billions, full English subtitles have been added. Unfortunately, from the game it appears that Hungarian is an extremely fast spoken language and hence these often lengthy subtitles, which I can only guess are fully verbatim, flash by extremely quickly – additionally they are all in fairly small typeface. Hence anybody who is not a really faultless speed reader in fluent English or who has any vision shortcomings is likely to miss a lot of the background narrative of the game including vital hints to continued progress!

     Despite all the above seeming criticism, it must be stressed that “Yoomurjack’s Ring” is a very good game.  It is primarily a 1st person game with a lot of excellent FMV cut-scenes, some being very long & extended. It has a 360 degree panoramic interface which is entirely mouse driven and which works very smoothly & efficiently. There are a huge number of highly interesting scenes of Hungary and some of its history, and many other interesting situations and real life characters, with some ‘time travel’ thrown into the plot!


      [1]    This Savethru consists of a save after every single (possible) significant step throughout the whole game – actions, dialogs some being very long, cut-scenes also several being extremely lengthy, etc.

      [2]    There are 5 Days in “Yoomurjak’s Ring” and although this may seem a rather small number of ‘chapters’, it is actually a long game, and particularly the last Day.

However, the actual game itself contains only 8 save-slots. Hence, the saves are grouped into 31 folders, each one containing 8 saves, with the exception of 3 which contain a few saves less. Hence the total number of saves is 240. These cover every aspect of the game right through from the beginning to the very end.

     [3]    “Yoomurjak’s Ring” is primarily  a linear game. However, there is a certain amount of flexibility within each Day. But on the whole you cannot perform certain essential tasks in order to proceed without having completed a previous ‘trigger’ action, sometimes seemingly unconnected! Due to this, the Savethru is strictly chronological.

     [4]    Each of the 5 Days is a     ‘watertight’ entity – i.e. you cannot proceed to any Day without having  completed the previous one. Nor is there any necessity to return to a previous one after working on a later one.
       Due the different orders of possible routes throughout the game, no two players are likely to follow an absolutely identical itinerary throughout the whole game.Many actions can be performed, and places visited, in different orders.

       Naturally, this savethru has only followed one individual course out of the very large number of permutations & combinations possible – and it is not necessarily the best or most efficient!

     [5]   In my particular case (using MS Windows XP), the default address for each of the groups of 8 saves on my hard disk was the sub-sub-sub-sub-folder C:\ Program Files\Yoomurjak\Data\Save\level_00 .  I would imagine that it is identical for most & maybe all other players – if not, it should not be too difficult to locate it!In that case, please adjust the following descriptions accordingly.

     [6]   The 240 saves, in 31 folders, are all arranged consecutively & chronologically in the Savethru byDays, i.e. Day 1 thro’ Day 5.

There are many folders for each Day except Day 1 which contains 1 folder only. Hence they are organized into Day 2A, Day 2B, Day 2C, Day 2D, etc. and of course Day 3A, Day 3B, Day 3C, Day 3D, and so on.

     [7]   If you are stuck or wish to replay a previous section of the game, choose the files from the appropriate Day from the Savethru and insert them into the level_00 folder (See above) on your hard disk replacing any files that were there previously

There is frequently a certain amount of trial & error involved, but since the operations go extremely rapidly & smoothly this is a negligible problem or hassle!

An example for fuller

Clarification follows here:

******    Move all the files from the folder level_00 on your hard disk into some temporary folder which you can create and call say TempSaves. If at the end of the whole process, you wish to return to exactly the situation you were in before you started, simply replace the files in your hard disk fromthe foldersTempSaves into level_00.

******    Suppose just for example that you are stuck  or wish to replay some part of the game reasonably near to the beginning of Day 4.

******    Copy from the Savethru the 8 files from Day 4C and paste them into your hard disk folderlevel_00 they will most likely overwrite some or all 8 previous saves there!

******    Go to your game itself and see whether you have targeted your ‘correct’ desired savegame amongst the 8 new ones from the Savethru –  you may be able to decide just by looking at the thumbnails of the new saves or you may have to actually access 1 or more saves in the game itself!

******    If  your abovementioned choice is ‘wrong’ then you have to try again!

If for example you see that all the 8 saves you now have in your game, all apply to parts of the game before the point you want,  then you should try Day 4D.

On the other hand if you do not recognize any of these 8 saves as being parts of the game you have not yet played or beyond what you want, then try Day 4B ……..

…….. and so on!

Len Green

Len Green

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