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The Walking Dead – Episode 4 – Around Every Corner

The Walking Dead - Episode 4 - Around Every Corner

The Walking Dead – Episode 4 – Around Every Corner


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When we left the story at the end of The Walking Dead Episode 3, Lee Evert and his crew were on the train, en route to Savannah.  They plan to find a boat, find Clementine’s parents, and move out to sea.  Episode 4 picks up with the crew walking down the street of Savannah toward the riverfront.

Who Rang that Bell?
Savannah is seemingly deserted and has experienced the same Walker problem that Macon has.  Unfortunately, a local church bell starts ringing, which stirs up the Walkers, and our crew is caught in the middle.  After a scuffle they find shelter in a nearby house.  Omid has a leg wound and needs rest.  Ken and Lee go out alone to scout the waterfront looking for a boat. 

Their scouting effort brings them face to face with a wall of the dead, which closes off a community named Crawford.  They also meet the coolest character of the series so far, Molly.  Molly is a scavenger in Savannah and has been using the church bells to lure Walkers to one place while she explores, looking for food.  She jumps around on rooftops like Spider Man.  The introduction of Molly is not a friendly meeting, and there is a confrontation between Molly and Lee and Ken.  The confrontation is deflected when Clem shows up.  

Walkers are not too far behind and Lee is separated from the rest of the group as they flee.  In the sewers Lee meets up with Vernon, a Doctor, who has taken up residence of a bomb shelter with his own group of cancer (and Walker) survivors.  Vernon agrees to help Lee get back to the house and also to take a look at Omid.  

Raid the Compound
Back at the house, it seems that Clem has discovered a boat in the shed by the house.  Unfortunately, the boat needs a battery and some gas.  The crew decides that the Crawford compound is the only place in the city to find it.  They decide to sneak in via the sewers, steal what they need, and sneak out the same way.  

Unfortunately, Walkers have overrun the compound.  The crew holes up in a school, and goes out in groups searching for the boat supplies plus some medicine.  Lee ends up helping each party along the way.  This adventure ends with another zombie fight on the way out and back to the house.  

Unfortunately, when you wake up the next morning, Clementine is gone.  Remember back in Episode 1, when Clementine had a walkie-talkie that she used to communicate with her parents?  In Episode 3 we found it was working and someone had been communicating with Clem.  The talkie makes a few appearances in this game and the game leads us to believe that it has something to do with Clementine’s vanishing act.

Almost at the End
There isn’t much to say about this game that hasn’t been said about the previous episodes in the series.  Even this review has just given you some high points of the plot.  The puzzles in this game are still easy and primarily consist of avoiding, or killing, the Walkers.  The conversation makes you think quickly and choose a path.  As we draw near the end of the series, all the choices we’ve made in the conversations and by helping people start to come to head.  When you go off to search for Clementine, you can have any number of survivors at your back and their willingness to support Lee depends on how he has treated them throughout.

Aside from Clementine’s disappearance and the secrets of the Walkie-Talkie; there is also another big surprise waiting for you at the end of this episode.  I will decline from spoiling in this review; but I can’t wait for the final episode.  I expect a wild ride in Episode 5: No Time Left.  

Final Grade: B

Jeffry Houser

Jeffry Houser

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