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The Walking Dead – Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead

The Walking Dead - Episode 3 - Long Road Ahead

The Walking Dead – Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead

The Walking Dead – Episode 3 – Long Road Ahead


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When we left the story at the end of The Walking Dead Episode 2, Lee Evert and his ‘adopted’ daughter Clem were setting up a shelter at the Motor Inn with an assorted group of friends.  They had tried to make friends with a farming family and it ended badly.  The episode ended with a hint that the bandits in the area may become trouble for our Motor Inn Survivors.  

Who is Stealing Supplies?

Episode 3 picks up with Lee and his friend Kenny in Macon scavenging for supplies.  They run into some trouble, fight some walkers, and head back to the Motor Inn.  Lilly, the leader, believes that someone is stealing supplies.  It is up to Lee to do some investigation into this and that is when the meat of the game begins.

Gameplay in this game has not changed from previous games.  You’ll walk around and explore the area.  Talk to people as the game progresses.  The interface is clunky on a PC; but I’ve gotten used to it by this episode.  Sometimes, during combat, you’ll see a UI control with four Us.  I believe this is the first time in my playing experience of this series where there was more than one option in the U; and it took me quite a few deaths before I discovered how to select the 2nd option.  It was frustrating.  I’m still under the belief that the UI would work better on a console controller than on a PC.

Hit the Road

Kenny has been itching to leave the Motor Inn in search of something better.  He has been working towards getting an RV up and running.  Lilly thinks it is best to stay where they are.  Unfortunately, the situation at the Motor inn changes and the crew is forced to hit the road in the RV.  They decide to travel to Atlanta to look for a boat.  Along the way, the group moves from the RV to a train.  They lose some members and bring on some new members.

Part of the appeal of the game series is that the plot will change based on choices you make.  In Part 1 you had a chance to save one of two characters.  The character you didn’t choose would die, therefore affecting the cast for Episode 2 and Episode 3 because they had to deal with different characters.  Episode 3 wraps up this variable in game play.  Sometimes I think there are a lot of intricacies throughout the game play just because I’m not making enough of the choices in different ways.  I keep two games going, each with different choices and am not sure my experience would be enriched with a third option.  The plot is still moving towards the same end point.  

Final Thoughts

As I play through this game series, I’m amazed by how much of the “damage” seems to come from humans as compared to walkers.  This game ends with a big surprise reveal which I will not spoil for you.  It knocked one of my friends off his feet in terms of amazement. I’m sure it will make up the primary focus of the next game.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this series ends.  

Grade: B

Jeffry Houser

Jeffry Houser

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