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The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey

The Longest Journey

Direct & to the point, presumes you know to exhaust all dialogs/conversations before proceeding


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Go to the right, take dead branch from tree.
After talking to tree, get feather from nest to the left.
Go right and combine the branch and feather with the little stream.
Talk to the tree again.

Chapter 1–Penumbra

Take the diary and the photograph from the nightstand.
Look at the diary to find your time sheet.
Open closet; take mechanical monkey from the box.
Examine monkey and take the loose eye.
Open and then look out the window.
Use string so that it falls in the water.
Exit bedroom.
Take a leaf from the plant at the right of screen.
Go downstairs and take and read the pink note and the push pin on the bulletin board.
Give the note to your landlady, Fiona.
Take the matches on the table.
Exit the house and go left to the machine.
Use your ring to connect the broken wires.
Rotate the blue switches on the right until they are horizontal.
Turn ventilator cap and then turn the wheel. Take the pincers from the hose.
Go right, then through public square until you reach the art academy.
Take the rubber glove from the trash can. Go up the stairs.
Take the palette and brush. Start painting.
Go to the coffee shop (your job). Take candy from the jar.
Go left to end of bar. Look at poster next to jukebox.
Take ticket from poster. Examine ticket.
Talk to Stan, your boss, sitting on the other side of the jukebox.
Give him your time sheet. Give him your debit card.
After you quit your job you will be given a choice of working overtime. Your decision will affect the end of chapter 1, but not the game.
Take a loaf of bread from the table.
Go back to your bedroom and throw the bread out the window.
Pull the chain to get the string back.
Return to the coffee shop area and retrieve the inflatable duck from the sewer area.
Examine the duck and remove the band-aid.
Go left to subway. Purchase a pass for the week. Catch subway to art gallery (click on the subway map).
Speak with Cortéz. Exit art gallery.
If you agreed to work overtime, return to the coffee shop. If you did not agree to work overtime, then return to your boarding house and speak with Mickey and Fiona until they invite you to watch a movie with them.

Chapter 2–Through the Looking Glass

Go downstairs. Talk to Fiona. Go back upstairs and knock on Zack’s door.
Go to the subway, examine where you see sparks on the track.
Blow up the inflatable duck. Use pincers and then string on the duck.
Use this creation to retrieve the key from the subway tracks.
Ride subway to the movie theater.
Push the trash can. Put the candy in the green substance you uncovered.
Give the detective the bad candy.
Go left to get detective’s hat in the middle of the street.
Go back to theater and use the key to open the fuse box.
Put the band-aid on the glove and then use the glove to repair the broken wire.
Follow the janitor down the side alley.
Place the monkey on the lower trash pile to the left of the side door. Put the hat at the top of the pile.
Use the matches on the garbage can to the right of the same door.
Enter the theater and talk to Cortéz.
Enter the portal.
Talk to the priest numerous times until you understand his language.
Exit the church door and examine the city.
Go back to the church and speak with the priest again. Talk some more until you discover that Westhouse is also known as the Rolling Man.
Talk to the map seller and offer to be his errand-boy.
Give the map to the boat captain. Ask him to sign your delivery receipt.
Go left of the city gate and purchase a flute.
Return to captain. Ask him to sign the delivery receipt again.
Talk to the old sailor with the chest at the small dock. Make sure to ask him to tell you a maritime story.
Return to the map dealer and give him the signed delivery list.
Go to Westhouse’s cabin and give him the map. Have him sign the delivery receipt.
Use the push pin on the pocket watch.
Go to the bar and speak with Charlie the bartender. Go to the back and decide whether or not to go on your date with Zack.

Chapter 3–Friends and Enemies

Take the subway to Hope Street.
Go to the cathedral. Speak with Father Raoul.
Go to building 87 and speak with Warren Hughes.
Take the subway to Metro West.
Examine roadblock control panel and street sign.
Examine roadblock again, after April enters numbers climb into the garbage can.
Take and examine the work form from the toolbox to the left of the police receptionist.
Speak with the union workers in the orange suits.
Give the work form to them.
Ask the receptionist for union work form 09042.
Give the form to the workers.
Ask the receptionist for form 09042a. Give it to the workers.
Look at the telephone number of the left phone. Go to the phone on the right and dial the left phone.
Tell both of the union workers that they have a phone call.
Fix the broken wires on the wall.
The receptionist won’t let you through the door, so look at the shelves behind her and ask her for the form on the highest shelf.
Run through the open door while her back is turned.
Purchase a soda from the vending machine by using your cash card.
Enter the locker room on the left.
Read the names on the lockers until you find Maria Hernandez.
Speak to cop in the toilet to the left.
Open his locker and take his stomach medicine. Examine the mirror and take the broken shard. Read the note behind the shard.
Give Minelli his medicine.
When he drops his glass eye, turn the light switch off and replace his glass eye with the monkey’s eye.
Use the glass eye with the scanner to the right of the vending machine.
Use computer and search for Warren Hughes file.
Read his sister’s colonization number before you delete and print out Warren’s file.
Print out the information on his sister.
Search for Altec’ s church. Examine the name Jacob McAllen and then search for him.
Go to the next page and write down the symbols in the lower right corner.
Log out. Examine the control panel on the document finder at the bottom of the screen.
Enter the symbols for Jacob McAllen.
Examine the file and find data cube.
Take the papers in the printer.
Go back to Warren and give him the documents.
Go to the dock and then up the stairs to the right until you find garage door.
Knock on the door three times.
Go down into the pit and talk to Flipper.
Outside the garage put the soda inside the paint-mixer.
Go back to the police station and give the cop guarding the crash your can of soda.
Use the mirror on the laser beam.
Use the screwdriver on the anti-gravity unit.
Go back to the garage and give Flipper the anti-gravity unit.
Go to the cathedral and speak with to Cortéz.
Return to your bedroom.

Chapter 4–Monsters

Go inside the Inn. Speak with the women.
Once you enter kitchen doorway a strange creature appears by the fireplace. Talk to him.
Enter the kitchen again and when April says she is tired, go sit in the comfy chair.
After you awaken, do some chores so you can get some gambling money.
Go to the map dealer and give him the signed delivery receipt.
Play the cup game.
Use the screwdriver on the cups until the one hiding the coin moves. Pick that cup.
Offer him your screwdriver in exchange for one of his prizes.
April says she need some time to decide on her prize.
Talk to Tobias until he mentions books.
Go to the tree house and speak with Abnaxus until he tells you of “a god who fell from the sky.”
Go speak with Westhouse about the flying people.
Go to the Enclave (go down the steps to the right) and ask a book you don’ t know the name of, but it is about a flying people.
Read the book.
Go to the old sailor at the small dock and ask about Alais.
Go to the captain and ask him about sailing to Alais.
Go back to the old sailor and agree to get his bird.
Go to the cup stand and exchange the screwdriver for the bird.
Give the bird to the old sailor.
Tell the Captain that the old sailor wants to cash in on his favor.
Go to the forest. Your bird friend will soon join you.
Go right until you see a mole-man looking for his missing brother.
Call the bird.
Examine the broken bridge.
Go left and offer to help the old lady home.
Use the broom on the closet.
Take the small skull on the table and throw it through the window.
Pick up Banda-uta and push him through the window.
Step on the broken plank when the old women attacks.
Go to the mole-man’s village.
Speak with the elder and then go in the spirit cave to sleep.

Chapter 5–There and Back Again

Speak with the Elder. Go right to swamp.
Cross the bridge, then pick some flowers.
Speak to the petrified man.
Rub the flowers on the petrified man.
Try to pick berries from the mud at the right.
Call bird. Click bird on berries.
Mix the flowers and berries then use the moisturizer on the petrified man.
Give a coin to the beggar statue on the right.
Blow out the candles.
Give another coin to the statue.
Take the salt and pepper.
Go up the stairs and turn the hourglass.
Double-click to run to the new area before it reverts back.
Knock on the door to the left of the mirror.
Turn the hourglass and run through the other door.
Use the pepper on the face on the door.
Try all of the different challenges with Roper Klacks. Then give him the calculator.
In the laboratory, read the formula book.
Take the white, yellow, green, and blue vials.
In the cauldron, mix the white, green, and blue bottles in exact order for invisibility potion.
Return to mirror in the labyrinth. Use invisibility potion on April. Take torn page from in front of mirror.
In laboratory, put ripped page back in book.
In cauldron, mix yellow, white, and blue vials.
In cauldron, mix green, yellow, and blue vials.
Drink the “light as a feather” potion. Then get the red vial on the crossbeam.
In cauldron, mix red, red, and blue vials.
In cauldron, mix white, red, and blue vials.
Use the magic binding potion and explosion potion on the soul crystal.
Open window. Call bird. Give him the wind potion.
Give wind potion to Captain Nebevé.
Go to the Inn. Give Tun Luiec her map. Hire her as navigator.
Go to Temple and talk to Tobias.
Return to the White Dragon.

Chapter 6–The Chaos Storm

Take an apple from the barrel.
Go below ship. Eat candy and then put sticky candy on bag of flour.
Take the worm. Take the axe.
Put worm in the apple.
Go to the bridge. Give the wormy apple Captain Nebevé.
Relieve Tun at the wheel.
Use the talisman on the compass.
Tell Tun Luiec that the ship is off-course.
Remove the talisman from the compass.
Go below ship and break the chest with the axe.

Chapter 7–A Deep Blue Mirror

Call bird.
Examine and then touch sea creature.
Examine the drawings on the wall.
Take a polyp from the wall and rub it on April.
Exit the bubble. Take the black pearl from the shell to the left.
Swim to the underwater city.
Examine and then take the “green stuff” on the wall.
Take the crystal.
Return to the bubble. Use the push pin on April. Use April’s blood with the “green stuff/” Use the pearl with the “green stuff” and then swallow the pearl.
Go back to the underwater city and speak with the Mer-Queen. Show her the crystal.
Go to the left of the bubble and remove the seaweed. Take the crystal.
Examine the seaweed again. Open the hidden cave door.
Take the two crystals on the floor.
Examine the stone altar.
Place the brown crystal you found in the seaweed in the top left hole. The wave symbol on the crystal must face out from the altar.
Place the green crystal you found in the cave in the bottom left hole. The fish symbol must face out from the altar.
Place the yellow crystal you found in the cave in the top right hole. The harpoon symbol must face out from the altar.
Place the gray crystal you got from the Mer-Queen in the bottom right hole. The one-eyed temple symbol must face out from the altar.
Now revolve the rings in the altar so that the fire ring is top left. The pottery ring is bottom left. The bird ring is top right and the maerum ring is bottom right.
Swim to the city and speak with the Mer-Queen.
Take the harpoon.
Go right of the bubble to the ship wreck.
Kill the snapjaw. Take a tooth from the carcass.
Enter the shipwreck and get your talisman.
Show the Mer-Queen the tooth and the talisman.
Go back to the cave. Put the talisman against the symbol on the wall to the left.
Take the stone inside the niche. Show stone to the Mer-Queen.

Chapter 8–Reunification

Take the rope on beach.
Call bird. Click on bird, then click bird on the jungle.
Go to volcano. Speak with the stickmen.
Go left of the beach to the ruins. Use rope on sapling. Go down hole.
Examine rubble. Take key. Exit hole. Take rope.
Enter mouth of big statue. Use key to change symbols. Look at telescope to match symbols to phones.
The phones (statues) must be arranged so that April’s voice wakes up the giant. There are three phones: jungle, ruins and cliff. At each phone use the key to turn the mouth and ears of the statues to the correct symbol. The phones must be arranged in the following order: Jungle statue: bottom symbol–jungle; top symbol–cliff. Cliff statue: bottom symbol–jungle; top symbol–ruins. Ruins statue: bottom symbol–cliff; top symbol–giant.
Speak into the phone in the jungle. Wake up Q’aman the giant.
Ask Q’aman to help the crab in the village.
Go up the cliff and ask Q’aman how the fishing is.
Give him the candy wrapper.
Go speak with the stickmen. Follow them up the tree.
Return to the cliff. Take the fish bones and the fishing string.
Give the fishing string to the stickmen.
Use the fishbone with the rope. Use with the crossbow. Pull crossbow lever.
Go right to edge of cliff. Use wind potion on the updraft.
Use light-as-a-feather potion on April.
Enter the city and follow path until you find castle guard. Speak with the guard.
Go listen to fables. Answers are supplied by the guard on cliff (Mount Bakta’ana), Neema (broken pots), Sa’ena (Spirts of Stellars) and the old Alaterer (Octawa).
Return to castle guard and answer the four questions.
Examine the sand. Touch the small orifice. Enter the large orifice that opens.
Touch the old dragon’s circular protrusion. Take the jewel.
Speak with the cloaked figure. Get map.

Chapter 9–Shadows

Speak with Father Raoul.
Go to your apartment.
Go to second floor. Speak with Zack.
Look out the window. Jump in the river.
Use invisible potion to go past guard.
Go to the coffee shop.
Go through the mystery door on the left.
Speak with the storyteller.

Chapter 10–Rebirth

Go to the tree house and speak with Abnaxus.
Speak with Westhouse.
Go to enclave and speak with Minstrum Yerin.
Go to the top of the enclave. Use magic binding potion on the talisman.
Put each stone in your inventory into a corresponding hole.
Examine the dragonhead. Call bird. Tell him to clean dragonhead.
Go below. Attempt to reach stone in water. Try to turn wheel.
Ask Minstrum Yerin abut the wheel.
Turn the wheel. Take the stone.
Exit the city.

Chapter 11–Kin

Take the palette. Go to canvas and paint.
Go to Flipper’s garage for ID card.
Give Flipper the starmap.
Take subway to Metro circle. Go left through elevator.
Take pizza box from trash.
Go left to clothes store. Examine sign and enter.
Go to the shuttle.
Speak to the officer. Exit right to the street.
Give the pizza box to the receptionist.
Take papers on McAllen’s desk.
Use the computer on the right. Run through the open gate.
Go towards the bottom of the screen and walk out onto ledge.
Go back inside. Use computer. Take stone and jewels.
Visit Flipper again.
Take subway to Metro Circle again.
Go through elevator then enter tunnel.
Speak with receptionist and tell her you want to be a colonist.

Chapter 12–Dreamland

Try to go into the ladies’ room. Then enter the men’s room.
Use your cash card on the machine to purchase some pills.
Push the trashcan on the left.
Use your coin to unscrew the grill. Enter tunnel.
Examine screen on the left and click on duct exit 1.
Examine the video camera. Touch cable above the camera. Enter the tunnel again.
Examine screen and click on duct exit 2.
Put pills in guard’s coffee. Exit.
Return to duct exit 2. Examine jacket on chair and take mag key.
Examine computer.
Examine system map on the left. Order the jail guard off-duty (if there is already a guard off-duty, click on the rest area and have him report back to his post. Then send the guard you want off-duty to rest area).
Go to the prison cell area. Open the lock at cell 5. Use mag key on lock.
Return with Adrian to the control room.
Use system map to order the guard at the airlock off-duty. Go to airlock.
Tell Adrian to stay put. Press the red blinking button. Examine the pod until you find its control panel on the far right of the pod.
Return to the control room and send the guard at the cargo area off-duty.
Go to the cargo area. Use the computer. Locate oxygen filters using code from computer.
Return to control room and send airlock guard off-duty.
Return to airlock. Put oxygen filter on pod. Press yellow button.

Chapter 13–The Longest Journey

Examine wrecked capsule. Enter desert.
Examine Adrian’s pod. Go north.
Use talisman on Chaosphere.
Try to go left Once there, go north.
Give your father the gold ring.
Call bird. Click on bird, then click on tower and then gap.
Have bird get water from tower. Then click bird on the gap.
Cross the Bridge of Mist.
Examine the hole. Put your stone in the hole and then touch the hand.
Use the talisman on Gordon.


Watch and enjoy.

Randy Sluganski

Randy Sluganski

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