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Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey

If you need help you won’t have to journey far — it’s right here


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Prologue: Tainted

As our new journey begins, our old friend Brian Westhouse sits in a monastery scribbling in his journal. A knock at the door breaks his concentration as a monk appears and lets him know it is time. Follow the monk through the hallway to a room where other monks are praying around a dais. Once you are told that the ritual preparations are complete, climb the platform and step into the center of the circle to be transported to another world. As Brian materializes, a stranger becomes upset at his appearance, but then flees as the sky darkens and reaches out to absorb Brian.

Chapter 1: One

Meet Zoë Castillo and her father – sitting morosely at the foot of his daughter’s bed. Zoë, it seems, is in a coma and, as we listen in, she will begin to explain the events that led to this moment beginning two weeks earlier.

As Zoë is watching her television from bed, a strange, static filled message ‘Save April Ryan’ interrupts her show. Zoe writes it off as a viral ad but before she can think about it further her thoughts are interrupted by her ringing phone. Get off the bed and answer the mobile phone that is on the chair. It’s her trainer from the gymnasium, warning Zoe that she is about to be late. Before leaving the room, speak with Wonkers, Zoe’s purple gorilla robot, and then open the closet and get dressed.

Go downstairs where Zoe’s father is enjoying his morning coffee and talk to him to learn that he is leaving for a business trip to Bombay (he is acting somewhat suspicious though). Leave the house (hmmm, why doesn’t Zoe give her father a goodbye kiss?) and follow the path to the right – make sure to stop and speak to everyone – until you reach Olivia. Follow Olivia into her shop – another one of those eerie messages will appear – and she will offer to install a cloaking device that will prevent The Syndicate from tracing her mobile phone. Olivia will soon receive a business call which is a clue for Zoë to leave the shop and continue on to the gym.

Continue to and through the fountain plaza to a taxi stand. To the right of the taxi stand is the door to the gym. Approach Jama – Zoë’s martial arts instructor – and you will soon find yourself practicing your martial arts moves. This is actually just the game’s way of teaching the combat moves, but it is unbelievably lame. You can continue to fight Jama as many times as you like, but seriously, once is all you need.

As Zoë leaves the gym, her ex-boyfriend, Reza, will call on her mobile. Meet him at the Moca Loco in the fountain plaza. Speak to Reza until he asks Zoë to do him a favor and pick up a package from Helena Chang of the Jiva Corporation in the Seshadri building. Zoë is hesitant at first, but Reza agrees to let Helena know that Zoë will be coming in his place. Go back to the taxi stand and hop in the taxi for a ride downtown.

Go into the building and enter the elevator. After the elevator door opens, inform the woman behind the desk that you have an appointment. Regardless of what you do here, you’ll soon find yourself in a fight which you should easily win. Use the computer to activate an alarm and open the main door. Go through this door and you’ll that Helena Change has been locked in a room and the man responsible will run past Zoë.

Your attempts to open the door and free the woman are futile, but notice that she is pointing upwards so climb up to the top of the door from the left side, open the panel and activate the manual release. Climb back down and open the door to free Helena. Follow her as she runs to the jammed elevator. Press the call button when it turns green and then get in the elevator with her. After explaining who you are, Helena will give you the package intended for Reza (who we learn also goes by the name Jericho). Speak to her some more about the package and her reaction to Zoë’s surname and then take a taxi back to the marketplace.

Now, let’s take that package to Reza’s apartment. Go to the fountain and up the stairs between the sushi and fruit stands you’ll find a red door that is the entrance to Reza’s apartment building. Check the mailboxes to see that Reza lives in apartment #8 so go up the stairs and to the right.

That’s strange, Reza’s door is open. Enter the apartment – there is a dead woman on the floor with a flower-like device in her mouth. And if that’s not bad enough, someone has tipped off the police and the apartment is about to be raided. Your best bet here is just to hang around because even if you do escape, Zoë will still be captured in short time.

Zoë will then be interrogated as to what she knows about the contents of the package and Reza. You will be provided options to be cooperative or uncooperative, but regardless of what you choose, it all has the same effect and leads to the end of the chapter.

Chapter 2: Lost

Zoë is back in her apartment attempting to phone Reza. After she leaves a message, go to her bedroom where Wonkers will give her a message that Reza pre-programmed to play if he was gone for more than 24 hours. There is a notebook hidden in Reza’s apartment that will provide more information as to why Reza has disappeared. Go to Olivia’s for a quick chat and so she can upgrade Zoe’s mobile and then head to Reza’s apartment.

The apartment door is electronically sealed, but it can be hacked by using your modified mobile. Activate your mobile and you’ll be presented with a puzzle. Simply click on the matching symbols that appear at the bottom of the screen and the seal will be broken. Be careful as there is a time limit, but you do have infinite redos.

Once the seal is broken, go into Reza’s apartment and Lucia – Reza’s Watilla – will call Zoe’s name right before being zapped by a spiderbot. Sneak across the room – be careful to not step on the broken glass – and into the bathroom. Open the shower door and then activate the music panel next to the sink. The spider will be attracted to the source of the noise and enter the shower. Close the shower door to give the spider a shocking cleansing (you can also defeat the spider by sneaking behind it to see its logo, returning to Olivia for the software needed to hack the spider and then returning to the apartment and then using the mobile to hack the spider, but this is much more time consuming).

After the spider has been disabled, remove the Watilla parts from Lucia and take them to Olivia. She can give you a new power source, but you will still need a new brain. Return to Zoë’s apartment, ask Wonkers to go into sleep mode and then remove his brain. Return to Reza’s and insert both the power supply and brain into Lucia. After Zoe repeats the password, Lucia will open the floor safe. Remove the notebook from the safe and then watch helplessly as Zoe is attacked by female twins. After she recovers, take the notebook, remove Lucia’s brain and return to Olivia’s where she can utilize her decryption skills. Only a few words are immediately decipherable but one thing is clear – Zoe must travel to Newport so return to Zoe’s apartment, collect her backpack (if you want to thoughtful, reinsert Wonker’s brain) and then leave her apartment for the train ride to Newport.

Watch the cut-scene as we finally reunite with April Ryan who is now leading a group of rebels. Prepare for a lame-ass fight to end this chapter!

Chapter 3: 201

Zoë stands on the edge of Venice, now a very uninviting looking city. Go through the alley, turn right and then right again to find The Fringe. Press the intercom button and convince Charlie to allow you to enter. The Fringe is no longer the artsy-fartsy student hangout we remember, but is now an exclusive nightclub. After chatting with the hostess, approach Charlie at the far end of the room. Cover all of the conversation topics to learn some interesting tidbits, but mostly to find out about the Victory Hotel, an apartment complex where Reza could be holed-up.

Return to the clock and follow the path until you reach a Chinaman standing next to a stairway. Speak to him and then go up the stairs and cross the bridge. Follow the path to the right until you can turn to the left and follow the road to the Victory Hotel. You can’t enter the hotel through the front door, so climb down the scaffolding to the left of the front door and cross the canal until you reach a ladder. To the left of the ladder is a garbage bin. Unlock it wheels and push it to the left under the boarded up window. Climb onto the bin, it looks as though we’ll need something to remove the boards from the window. Return to the ladder and climb it to find a padlocked gate. Your mobile doesn’t seem to work on the padlock, but the Chinaman said he would be able to provide help for any situation so let’s find him again.

The Chinaman has a lock-pick, but he wants something for his phone in exchange so phone Olivia and she will transfer the invisibility cloak to your mobile which you can then transfer to the Chinaman’s phone. Once he gives you the lock-pick, return to the padlocked gate.

The lock-pick activates a puzzle that, upon first glance, is very confusing. There are four chambers each containing six symbols. The trick here is too rotate the chambers until the two symbols match at the top of each chamber and the two symbols match at the bottom of each chamber. You can also transfer a symbol from one chamber to another by placing it between the two chambers and then rotating the chamber you want the symbol to move to. Be patient, there is no time limit and once you’ve completed a chamber the other two become easier.

Once the padlock has been opened, Zoë will see a guard dog and comment that it has no problem sleeping through the noise of the oncoming trains. So take this as a not-so-subtle hint and whenever you hear the trains, sneak past the dog until reaching the shed where you will open the door and take the axe off the wall. Then sneak back down the ladder and to the dumpster you pushed under the window. Climb onto the dumpster from the right side, use the axe to chop through the boarded-up window and then climb through the newly made opening. To your right is a hall that must lead into the interior of the hotel, but it is too dark to investigate. Looks like its time for the old “make your own torch puzzle”, but this one is at least inventive. First, pick up the axe handle off the floor near the window. Now, take a rag from the end of the work table to the left. In your inventory, combine the rag and axe handle to make a torch. Have Zoe sniff each of the cans on the bench until she finds the one that smells like petrol and then soak the torch in that can. Now cross to the heater near the door, turn on its igniter, put your torch to the flame and – viola – a burning torch!

Follow the hallway (ooh, this is so Laura Croftish!) until Zoë gasps in shock at a trail of blood on the floor. Continue through a security door where you will find and add Reza’s lighter to your inventory. Oh, oh – there’s that spooky video again asking you find April and a clue about a room 201. These monitors are the security system for the building so let’s use Zoë’s mobile to hack into them and unlock the door at the top of the stairwell in the previous room.

Follow the smell of cooking pizza up the stairs and through the door. You have no choice but to speak to the guard in the next room, but you do need to make a decision: should you take the non-violent approach and ask him about job vacancies or should you lie about a job interview and then beat the snot out of him? As far as I could tell, your choices in matters like this have no effect on the endgame, so what then is the purpose of even providing these options?

Anyhow, the truth is that if you give in to your dark side and beat him to a pulp, you will then have all the time you need to explore the building. If you ask him about vacancies, you can then sneak around the building for awhile, but he will eventually come after you anyhow, so why not just get it over with now? Either way, you will need to follow this path through the building:

Go up the stairs and to the right (the door straight ahead is locked) where you will find a woman with a strange sleep apnea device on a mattress. Leave this room and continue down the hall to room 201 – dang, it’s locked. Continue down the hall to the next open doorway on the left where you will find a bathroom. Ignore the woman drugged out on Amathin wandering the halls, she won’t bother you. Take the window handle from the window and then go into the room outside the bathroom, to the left of the stairs.

Use the window handle on the window in this room. After climbing through the window (if you didn’t beat down the guard previously, he will now be chasing you), climb the ladder to the next story and go through the window.

Exit this room to the right – you may want to sneak around here so as not to draw the attention of the wandering man. If he does spot you, beat the crap out of his as quick as possible before he calls for help. Go in the bathroom to the left and add the filthy towel to your inventory. Follow the hall and take the sheet from the first room on the left and then proceed to the end of the hall where there is a window that can be opened. Tie the sheet to the towel to create a makeshift rope and then tie the rope to the radiator to climb out the window to the ledge below.

Follow the catwalk to the left to room 201 and go inside. Look familiar? It should if you played The Longest Journey for its April Ryan’s room. Open the closet to the left. Take the videograph of April, Charlie and Emma. Marcus the supervisor will enter. It doesn’t matter which conversation option you choose, but just for fun, choose ‘upset’. After you reach an arrangement with Marcus, he will let you out the front door from where you need to return to the Fringe.

Show Charlie the videograph and keep pushing him for more information until he spills his guts. Emma will soon join the conversation and shed even more light on the back-story between The Longest Journey and Dreamfall.

After more lengthy explanations about April and Arcadia, Charlie will give Zoë access to an upstairs VIP room to make a phone call so go upstairs to the last room on the left. Use your mobile to call Reza. After leaving a message on his voice mail, Marcus will appear with two of his friends – the twins who attacked Zoë in Reza’s apartment! Watch helplessly as Zoë is overpowered.

Chapter 4: Winter

Zoë finds herself smack dab in the vision she’s been having. Walk towards the mysterious house until the spooky girl appears imploring you to find April. Zoë then falls into a pit as the ice around her breaks apart.

Zoë will find herself in an underground empire patrolled by trolls. There are various ways to handle this situation, you can either try to sneak past the trolls, throw the pebbles you find on the ground to distract the trolls or simply beat the snot out of the first troll and then sneak past the second troll. So make your choice and then continue to your right until you find and take a glowing egg on top of a stick. Continue to the right until you find a large, immobile water wheel. Climb the steps to the right of the wheel and go to the platform with the small wheel. Place the glowing egg on top of the platform and then turn the wheel (listen to the tune it plays). Once the water wheel begins to turn, take the egg and return to the bottom of the water wheel. Have Zoë grab onto the wheel and she will ride to the top. One of the scaffolding planks at the top will break, but fear not for Lara, er Zoë, will leap across the opening where she will find a very long ladder to climb.

Follow the path to a wall adorned with three glowing notes. These must be pressed to match the tone heard when you activated the water wheel. From left to right press them in this order: 1,2,1,3 and a portal will appear. Step through the portal to find yourself in a strange basement-like area. The exit from the room is locked, but doesn’t look very solid so get those kung fu feet going and kick it open!

Continue through the basement and up the stairway into the Journey Man Inn. Speak to Benrime Salmin, the innkeeper and once she realizes that you must be a Shifter, like April Ryan, she will advise you to speak to Blind Bob so he can lead you to Minstrum Magda, the only person who knows how you can return home to Casablanca. Exit through the front door of the inn for your first view of Arcadia.

Sitting conveniently right outside the door of the Inn is Blind Bob who is not really blind, but that’s another story. Ah yes, he can provide the information you seek, but first you must supply him with a bottle of mulled wine made with Mrs. Mullin’s Mixed Spices (damn these picky winos, what ever happened to the good old days when they were satisfied with some cheap ripple). Return to the inn and Benrime will provide the recipe – simply boil some red wine and mix in some spices, but as luck would have it, her spice order has yet to be delivered, so it’s off to the spice merchant’s stand.

Continue past where you spoke to Blind Bob and follow the road until you reach a ramp to your right. At the bottom of the ramp, to the left, is the spice cart. Speak to the spice merchant only to learn that he has not received his shipment either. Agree to pick-up his spice order from Ary Kinryn in Burrow Crook right below the Journey Man Inn. Return to the inn and follow the path past the inn to where Ary Kinryn stands alongside his wagon. Listen to his complaints and then get the spices from him. Return to the inn and Benrime will tell you to add the spices to the boiling wine. Add the spices to the cauldron and then fill the wine jug you’ll find behind you with the mulled wine. Return outside and give the wine to Blind Bob. He’ll refer you to Crazy Clara.

Return to the marketplace, go past the spice merchant and through the tunnel to the left. Follow the road until you reach a bridge where Crazy Clara sits. Ask her about her ‘baby’ and then offer to find it for her. Now, remember that huge, circling beast in the marketplace? Well, in the alley between the two houses where the beast is circling, there is a cage, but the guard won’t allow you to enter the alley so we need to find someway to sneak past the guard. Stand by the alley and watch the beast as it circles. There is a moment when it obstructs the guard’s view long enough to allow you to sneak into the alley. Now open the cage and Clara’s ‘baby’ will take off.

Return to the bridge and Clara will now tell Zoe, in a roundabout manner, that Magda runs the soup kitchen next to the spice merchant. Return to the marketplace and speak to Magda about everything. Once the conversation ends, Zoe will be approached by Brynn, who heard you mention April’s name earlier at the inn. Follow him and he’ll lead you to an alley where you will be restrained and carried away. You big dummy, why did you follow him!?

Zoe awakens only to be face-to-face with the legendary April Ryan. After a lengthy conversation, Na’ane will attempt to hypnotize Zoe into getting into touch with her Shifter powers, but Zoe will suddenly disappear, leaving behind only her clothes (holy Claude Rains!).

Okay, time for another lame fighting sequence. You are now playing as the apostle Kian. After defeating three opponents, speak to Garmon, he with the red hair and white shirt and then follow Child Ena to the council of the Six. The Six request that Kian travel East to Marcuria and seek and ‘convert’ the rebel leader known as Scorpion. Return to Garmon and listen as he espouses his religious beliefs

Chapter 5: Alchera

Zoë mysteriously wakes up back at the Fringe. Speak with Charlie, insist that you really were in Arcadia, until you find yourself outside the Fringe. Answer your mobile and pack your chopsticks, for Zoe is on her way to Japan to search for Reza.

We now play as April who is in a room above the Journeyman speaking with Chawan. Finally, after speaking to everyone in the building, exit the inn and walk towards the marketplace, but this time instead of going down the ramp to the right, continue straight ahead to the scaffolding. Go behind the scaffolding, sneak behind the guard, conk him in the head and then climb the scaffolding.

You’ll find yourself on a balcony looking into the Emissary’s office. Approach the partially open door and use your focus field to overhear the conversation in the room, well at least part of it. April will then climb down the scaffolding on her own to follow the mysterious, whispering person. Follow him into the Journeyman Inn. He’s nowhere to be seen so April will ask Benrime about his whereabouts but she claims to have not seen him. Aha, the basement door is open so sneak downstairs to see the mysterious figure disappear through a portal.

Back to Zoe in Wati City. Olivia calls, but her conversation is interrupted by static. Go up the stairs that lead to the museum cable car, but there’s no free ride here. You’ll need a ticket for admission to the cable car but the little girl on the bench by the cable car will inform you that the ticket office is closed and the optional ticket machine is broken. There must be something we can do to get a ticket. Speak to the inpatient gentleman by the cable car and when the conversation ends, he will tear up his ticket in and throw it in the trash can. Retrieve the torn ticket from the trash – you’ll need to search twice. Now we need something to tape the torn pieces together so go back down the stairs to the vending machine. How fortunate, the vending machine sells gum with Wati stickers. Use your mobile to make a purchase and then combine the sticker with the torn ticket pieces. There is also an alternate way to obtain a ticket. If you hang around the ticket booth long enough, the girlfriend of the gentleman who tore up his ticket will appear looking for him. Speak nicely to her, encourage her to explain the situation to her boyfriend and she will in return give you her museum ticket. Now use the ticket on the museum reader by the cable car and off you go to the WatiCorp museum.

Before entering the museum, Olivia will call and tell you to look for a Damien Cavanaugh. Once inside the museum, examine the exhibits and then press the biometric scanner next to the staff only door. Then, after the guard scolds you, touch the exhibit where the little boy is standing. After the guard scolds you again, give your chewing gum to the little boy and ask him to distract the guard. He will then activate the BunnyBot which will allow you time to use your mobile to hack into the biometric scanner.

Once in the room, open the locker directly ahead and take the worker’s uniform (which Zoë will change into). Go to the grate in the front of the room and wait for the worker bot to open it and then crawl inside and follow until you reach a lobby. Follow the hallway to the elevator where a woman is waiting for the elevator. Tell her you are a new employee and you can ride the elevator with her to the top floor (make sure to watch the hilarious elevator ‘conversation’).

Once you get off the elevator, the security bot will stop you from entering the hallway. Simply wait until it turns the corner and then follow it, hiding when necessary, until you find a pair of glass doors that lead into an office where Damien Cavanaugh is working at a console. Prepare yourself for a lengthy, but important, conversation. Damien will then lead Zoë to a stairwell where she must travel down to level -58.

Follow the stairs down to -58 and then, once the lights on the door turn green, open the door. Evade the spiderbot and follow the hall to the right until you find the PS-A1 pane on the right wall. Open the panel and then use your mobile to upload Damien’s software patch to unlock the doors. Now go back down the hall to the double door with the blue logos. Take the capsule from the stand to the right and put the worm in it.

Return to the hall and go to the med lab which has the green logos on the door. Step into the biometric scanner to scan your DNA and then put the capsule with the worm into the smaller scanner on the other side of the room. Now you need to locate the key to the core room. Go back to the hall and find the security room with the orange logos. You cannot enter as there is a laser grid protecting the door so find the cybermetics room with the red logos on the door. Inside are some inactive spider bots. Use your mobile to active one and you will now be able to control it via remote control.

Now, search for the patrolling spider-bot and have your spider-bot whoop its butt. Upload the security clearance data from the spider-bot and then return to the security room. Maneuver your spider-bot across the floor to deactivate the laser grid and then enter the room as Zoe and search the lab coat for a data key. Now, find the Core room and upload the worm into Dreamcorp.

The Core room is to the left of the security room. Use the data key to enter. Once inside, activate and then enter the decontamination chamber. Once through the decontamination chamber, you need to go down the stairs on the opposite side of the huge glass container. Be careful not only of the female scientist walking along the catwalk, but also of the male scientist who come up the stairs. You can study both of their patterns through the glass and pick the best moment to go down the stairs without being seen. At the bottom go forward and insert the worm into the small chamber. Watch as it infects the core.

After April reaches the bottom of the water wheel (yes, it’s the same wheel that Zoe climbed) go down the stairs and follow the path so that April can see the mysterious man she has been following row away in a boat. Continue to the left and you’ll see a troll hum a tune that opens a stone door. Quickly slip through the open door before it closes. If you don’t make, hide by the steps until another troll appears to open the door. Don’t let them spot you or they will scamper away.

Once through the door, take note that there is yet another door that the trolls are entering. Duck behind the altar and when the next troll enters, use the focus field to learn the combination for the door (3-1-2). Once April presses the correct combination, go down the stone stairs to a statue holding a disc. Rotate the disc until the hourglass figure is at the top and then continue down the stairs. Be careful entering the next room as it is patrolled. Wait until the troll passes by and then run up the stairs to the left to find another statue. Rotate the disc again, this time placing the square symbol at the top.

Go back down the stairs, straight across the large room down another pair of stairs to another statue. Rotate this disc until the crosshairs are at the top. Go left from this statue to a dead end. The wall here is not very solid so give it a push three times until it collapses and April falls through.

Follow the path until reaching a fork, go right to find one last statue. Turn this disc so that the arrow is at the top. A large gate will raise allowing entrance to a sarcophagus. Climb back up the stairs behind you and follow the path to the right to reach the sarcophagus. Push open the sarcophagus lid to find and take a glowing egg (but what is that ticking sound?). Leave the sarcophagus room and go directly ahead until reaching a statue that April thinks looks scary. Go left from here and then go straight ahead until you reach a pillar. Make a left at the pillar and there is a gate where you can place the glowing egg to open the gate.

Go forward and up the stairs until you are on a balcony overlooking the area. It looks as though there are now a few beasts seeking you. Go down the staircase to the left and attract the beast attention so it will follow you. Don’t let it get to close or you will have to fight and its not easy to defeat. Once it is following, run back up the stairs and down the stairs on the opposite side. Now go up the stairs directly ahead, the ones that look a bit crumbly, and they will collapse but April will hang on so you can continue up the stairs. Now you are out of the reach of this beast.

Continue up the stairs and at the balcony, climb down through the opening to a ledge and then down once again to find yourself behind another beast. Sneak into the room behind it and then exit, stage left. April finds herself in the middle of what seems like the voices from a million dreams. Could this be something caused by Zoë?

The Core is about to go into lockdown! You have sixty seconds for Zoë to escape. Run up the the stairs and out the decontamination chamber. Once in the hallway, turn left and run forward until you se a video of Halo-like guards searching for you. Continue to the left, hiding in alcoves when necessary, until you reach the elevators. Once in the elevator, it will stop at a floor with more guards who will begin to fire just as the elevator door closes again. That strange video reappears, but this time you can speak to it and it responds.

Chapter 6: Morpheus

Go through the doors to enter a garden area. Directly ahead is a Jabba the Hut type creature – who we will learn later is Watticorps founder Alan Peats – who is in serous need of a bra. Speak to him – he’s kind of creepy – and you’ll learn quite a bit. Eventually, the lovely twins will show up and you’ll need to fight or run and this is a good situation to run so go to the left and down the stairs until you reach a small building on your right. Exit through this door.

Use the broomstick to temporarily block the door and then run to your right. Climb onto the metal air conditioning unit and then leap to the hovercraft, barely escaping the clutches of the twins, which will allow you to drop to the dumpster below. Zoë will then phone Damien, but for us, it’s back to April.

After speaking with Na’ane, go downstairs and ask Benrime for advice. Fortunately, one of the few persons who can help April – Brain Westhouse – will appear at the Journeyman Inn and he and April will catch up on old times. Once you’ve finished speaking to Brian, don’t be so quick to leave the Inn, stick around and eavesdrop on his conversations with Benrime to pick up some interesting information.

Exit the inn. It seems that the path to the magic ghetto is now clear so follow the path to the right. Don’t be rude, stop and speak to everyone you can, even the evil, but now rehabilitated, wizard Roper Klacks whom April trapped in a calculator in TLJ. Not only has he reformed, but he is also now a published author and anxious to repay his debt by helping April in any way he can. Ask if he can help you find the Dark People’s Library and Roper will inform you that a Shadowship is about to set sail from the docks so follow the path to the far right to reach the docks.

Speak to everyone in the dock area and the approach the shadowy figure at the far end of the dock. He is a Shadowguide, but will not allow you passage on you’re his ship. He does mention though that the Dark People are always searching for new books for their library and didn’t Roper mention that there was only one known copy still in print of his book? Hmmm… Return to Roper’s booth and sweet talk him into handing over his book and then give it to the Shadowguide in exchange for passage on the Shadowship.

Cut to Damien and Zoe who have made it to his apartment and we listen in as they are deep in conversation.

Cut again to apostle Kian who stands in front of the Marcurian tower. Walk up the stairs to the tower and then sit back and watch.

Chapter 7: Destiny

The majority of this chapter requires you to do nothing more than occasionally walk and then watch a video, walk and watch another video. Rather than describe in detail what happens in this chapter – which would spoil a lot of the fun for you – we’ll just skim the highlights.

April reunites with Crow and the White Dragon opens a shift to the Guardian’s Realm so April can speak to Gordon.

Zoë and Damien get it on. Damien hooks-up Zoë to the Dreamer and she again returns to her vision.

Chapter 8: Convergence

Have Kian dispatch of the two rebels (not too difficult considering that a one-armed blind monkey could win these fights) and then threaten the cowering magical. An Azadi guard will approach and inform Kian that a rebel witch (Zoë) has been caught and is being held prisoner in Friar’s Keep.

Walk Kian to the marketplace which will trigger another video, this time of April and her fellow rebels discussing freeing Zoë and this in turn will trigger another video of Kian interrogating Zoë. Exit the Keep and have Kian walk down the winding path until he meets April. Go through all of the dialogue choices – is Kian hitting on April? – until you again have control of April.

Approach the Keep and then, just for fun, use the intercom to attempt and gain entrance. Okay, that obviously didn’t work, so go through the opening in the wall to the right where Crow will appear and ask him to find Zoe’s cell. Guess what? That’s right, time to watch another video. By the way, don’t you find it a little strange that Zoë is amazed that Crow can talk especially as she has already met an enormous monster, uncovered a huge conspiracy that involves stealing people’s dreams, encountered trolls…..

Have Zoë knock on the door to get the attention of the guard. Promise to sing him a song if he leaves the hatch open. Click on the door again so that Zoë peeks through the hatch to see that there is a bolt locking the door. Report this to Crow and he will repeat this info to April. Return to Roper Klacks in the ghetto and talk to him to acquire a vial of acid (Iron B Gone) and a smoke bomb (Knock U Out). Return to the Keep and give both items to Crow to fly to Zoë.

Dissolve the door bolt with the acid. Open the door and then sneak behind the guard. It is much easier if you sneak up on him by going counter clockwise around the walkway. Use the focus field to zone in on him and then chuck the smoke bomb towards him (it is though somewhat ridiculous how close you need to get to him before you can toss the smoke bomb. I guess Zoe is supposed to throw like a girl). After he is unconscious, search his body for the prison keys and then unlock the gate to the left (if you need a good laugh, have April look into the cell where the guard was speaking to the other prisoner). Sneak down the stairway where you will overhear another guard complaining that hasn’t yet had lunch. Return to your cell and bring Crow up-to-date.

After Crow reports to April, go to the Journeyman Inn, ask Benrime for a sandwich and then return to the front door of the Keep. Speak into the intercom and tell the guard you have a delivery. After April offers to take it upstairs, walk up the stairs and then follow the cage to your right until finding a gate. Open the gate and then find, to the right of the boiler, a dumbwaiter. Use the lever to open the dumbwaiter and put the sandwich inside. Now use the lever again to send the sandwich up to the guard.

Now, as Zoë, leave the cell and return to the hungry guard’s post. Wait until he falls asleep and then sneak past him down the stairs. Use the prison keys to unlock any gates until you reach the bottom where April awaits. Go back towards the entrance, but instead of going down the stairs, go through the kitchen door to the left. In the kitchen, go left to the storage area and then push the crate against the wall. Take the rope off the crate behind the door and then climb onto the crate you pushed, have Zoë use the rope on the big, metal hook and both Zoë and April will escape from Friar’s Keep. Watch as Zoe and April part ways and Crow chooses sides.

Crow will suggest that they find Brian Westhouse who was last seen at the South Gate Marketplace so head in that direction. As Zoe passes the Journeyman Inn we will switch to Kian who is searching the Inn. Go to the second floor – you will, of course, have to fight and kill a few rebels along the way – and then go to the last room on the right to find Na’ane. She will agree to take Kian to the Scorpion.

As Zoë again, continue to the marketplace and Brian will call out your name. Zoë will soon find herself on an airship with Crow and Brian headed towards the Dark People’s City. On the airship, pump Brian for information and then go through the door behind Zoë to take a nap.

Chapter 9: All That We See or Seem…

Follow the Shadowguide to the library where Zoë will meet with the White Dragon. Zoe will simply disappear to end the chapter.

Chapter 10: Crossroads

As Zoë, follow the path until April is spotted, control will then switch to April. As April go up the ladder, cross the bridge and then follow the staircase behind the house towards the ramp where you will meet and speak with Kara. Then follow the ramp behind Kara and go down the ramp to the left to speak with Na’ane.

Now, follow the left path to the dock and watch a mysterious encounter. As Zoe, go speak with Na’ane and then follow the path taken by April. Watch as Kian and April meet. Eventually, as April, you will be provided with dialogue choices, but they all lead to the same dismal event.

Finally, watch as Brynn and Chawan take Zoë to a small shack where they will take the proper steps to put her to sleep and have her disappear as the battle outside reaches a peak.

Chapter 11: Faith

Zoë will awaken back at Damien’s empty apartment. Listen to the message from Damien as he tells you that the worm has been discovered and you must immediately leave the apartment. Go to the bathroom for a clothing change and then leave the apartment. Zoë will find herself on a jet headed to Saint Petersburg, Russia.

At the building, go right and through the open gate. Examine the far right side of the parked car to find a small panel. Open it with the lock-pick and then complete the lock-pick puzzle. Now use your mobile to put the car into reverse so that it moves below the fire escape. Climb onto the car and then hoist yourself up to the fire escape.

Climb the ladder up to the roof. It looks as though the only way into the building is through the skylights, but there is a security robot patrolling the area. Simply wait until the security robot is at the far end of the roof, run towards the opposite end and climb up that ladder. Push the large letter ‘K’ until it topples over the roof and through the skylight below. Climb back down the ladder and leap into the broken skylight (notice that the security robot is not even exploring the scene of the crash).

Follow the catwalks to the assembly line. Open the panel on the left wall and press the switch to activate the power in the room. Take note of the floor grate to the right of the panel. Go to the control panel that overlooks the assembly line and use the right switch to up and to the left and the left switch to lower the winch to grate in the floor. Go to where you lowered the winch and latch the hook onto the grate. Return to the control room and activate the left switch to raise the grate. Return and climb down the now open ventilation shaft.

Open the desk drawer and take the key. Use the key to open the left locker and find an access card. Swipe the card in the reader on the other side of the room to open the door and enter a viewing room. Search the dollhouse in the ‘bedroom’ to find a datacube that can then be used on the console in the viewing room. After watching the movie, use the access card on the glass doors and go back upstairs to the assembly line. Use the access card one more time on the door to the left of the control room and then on the front gate. Return to Casablanca.

Chapter 12: Reversal

Return home and then basically just watch the remainder of the chapter as Helena Chang makes a surprise appearance and, after explaining the missing parts of the story, uses the Dreamer to put Zoë in la-la land.

Chapter 13: The Longest Journey

It’s now time for Zoë to enter the house from her dream for the final time.

Conclusion: Dreamfall

 The game will continue from where it began, with Zoë and her father. Watch and enjoy.

Randy Sluganski

Randy Sluganski

Randy Sluganski was a true adventure gamer and his passion for these games made him just as important as the developers and publishers of these games. Randy passed away after battling lung cancer for over 10 years. Randy can never be replaced but we would like to light a torch in his memory for what he did for us with his love of adventure gaming.We dedicate this site to the Memory of Randy Sluganski and his love for adventure games.

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