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Still Life 2

Still Life 2

Still Life 2


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Prologue – Los Angeles (2005)

Play as Victoria Mc Pherson


Victoria Mc Pherson got a call from Claire, the coroner, about the East Coast Serial Killer case. The latest victim, Mia, has survived. This is a copycat murder from the one on 1956 by Mark Ackerman. Claire promise to text the FBI database password.


What can Victoria do to mark the Mask Killer Identity?

·         Browse through all records on the bed (there are 4 of them) by using your smart phone

o   Newspaper Article dated March 19, 1956 about the arrest of Harold Perrin

o   Press clipping dated March 22, 1956 about the fire at the asylum that killed Mark Ackerman. There is a note of a strange nurse that survived

o   Brochure on Ackerman Exhibit that shows a picture of a nurse called Beatrice

o   L.A. murder file on the 1956 murder that stated Harold Perrin was influenced by the eccentric painter called Mark Ackerman who died in a fire 3 days later. It mentions about the confession by Herbert Ackerman that was given to a journalist called Emile Zarkovic in 2003


How can Victoria connect to the FBI database?

·         Claire will text you the password as soon as Vic has browsed through all 4 files on the bed

·         Get the transformer with cord on the desk to the left of the bed

·         Plug it in the wall outlet next to the desk where the laptop is

·         Use the laptop and enter the password if you want to use the database


How to find out the details about the strange nurse?

·         Do internet search on

o    Labyrinth Foundation: Find out that Beatrice Allen, a nurse, found it. She got donation from Herbert Ackerman who is the father of Mark Ackerman

o   Herbert Ackerman: The father of Mark Ackerman. Very influential person on the era

o   Emile Zarkovic: Dead already. So there is no possible way that the journalist with that name still alive on 2003

o   Mark Ackerman

o   Beatrice Allen: Learn about her son

·         Do FBI database search on

o   Enter the password that Claire gave you. It is 96Ha)7Mn

o   Beatrice Allen (No Record)

o   Harold Perrin

o   Mark Ackerman (Deleted strange..)

o   Henry Allen: Son of Beatrice Allen. Got married to Maria Valdez has a son called Richard (Vics Boyfriend)





In the Killers Den

Play as Paloma Hernandez


Jackman (Maine)

Ellen Dunnigans autopsy marks the same signature of the East Coast Masked Serial Killer. Paloma Hernandez, the reporter, asks Victoria for a meeting in Bishop Motel. She knows about the identity of the serial killer. But unfortunately she got trapped by the killer. 


How to disable the electronic collar so I can reach the exit door without getting fried? 

·         You need to fry that censor pole

·         Get the rusty antenna on tv

·         Use the tv antenna to switch on the power by clicking the wall switch to the left of the door

·         Get the nail file from the drawer on the right side of the bed

·         Look at the bottom panel on the pole at the corner and analyze the screws (4 of them)

·         Use the nail file to unscrew the 4 screws to open the panel

·         Unplug the TV cable

·         Hook up the cable on the opened panel to fry the censor


How can I get out from the room? The door is locked.

·         Through the window

·         Get the poker from the side of the stove

·         Use it to pry open the bar


The window is too high. How can I jump down?

·         Pick up the mattress. If your inventory is full, store some items in the wardrobe

·         Throw out the mattress from the bed through the window

·         Jump to the mattress through the window


How can I get out from the compound? All exits are wired by electric currents

·         Get your cell phone from inside the truck

·         Use it to call for help


How can I get the cell phone?

·         Try to open car door. It is locked

·         Break the front window of the car using the poker


How can I get back to the room above again to get the poker? It is too high

·         Get the folding ladder from the side of the house

·         Use it to reach the top window


Palomas cell phone is dead. How can I charge it? 

·         Pick up the Dictaphone with charger inside the box at the back of the truck

·         Separate the Dictaphone from the charger

·         Combine the charger with the cell phone

·         Go back to the room above the house through the folding ladder

·         Use the charger on the outlet near the door to charge Palomas cell phone

How can I unlock the box at the back of the truck?

·         Get the key from under the front seat of the truck

·         Use it to unlock the box


How can I tell the detail location of the area to Victoria Mc Pherson?

·         You have 4 options but these are the 3 correct ones:

o   Look at the Saint Georges, Quebec, gas station receipt inside the box at the back of the truck

o   Look at the Houlton Hardware Store flyer inside the stove

o   Read the word B.A.R from the railroad tie on the ground where you find the ladder

·         The options are: gas station receipt, hardware store and railroad tie B.A.R


Investigation at the Motel

Play as Victoria Mc Pherson


Victoria Mc Pherson came too late. Paloma Hernandez has been captured by the killer. Now she needs to act quickly to gather all possible clues to lead to the killers den. 


How can I gather clues? 

·         First thing first. You need to get the tools to do it

·         Ask special agent Garris for the CSIA kit


 What are the clues to Hernandezs where about?

·         The camcorder beside the TV. Use the DVD from the locked suitcase on it. It reveals the interview of James Hawker

·         Shoe print on the floor at the right side of the bed. Use 3D scanner to get it

·         Finger print on the tv remote on the floor to the left side of the bed. Use fingerprint powder to reveal the fingerprints. Use 3D scanner to get it

·         Answering machine. Use the Dictaphone to record the voice

·         The locked suitcase inside the closet. Ask agent Garris for a lock pick.  He will give you a nice pick gun with tension wrench. Use it to unlock the suitcase. Get the dvd inside it

·         Stain in the shower. Use revealer spray to reveal the blood stain. Use swab to get it

·         Strange smell on the ventilation system in the bathroom. Use electronic nose to get the smell

·         Look at the bullet holes on the door and on the back wall of the bathroom

·         The clothing fiber at the closet door. Use tweezer to get it

·         Ask about James Hawker to agent Garris

·         The broken laptop on the floor in front of TV. Use computer key to retrieve data from it


How can I analyze all the clues?

·         Open the CSIA kit

·         Shoe print: Click on database analysis. Size 10 The Killers

·         Fingerprint: Database analysis. Palomas

·         Recorded voice: Computer analysis. Altered male voice The Killers

·         Blood traces: Chemical analysis. Type O. Database analysis. Palomas

·         Substance trace: Chemical analysis. Narcotic gas. Thats how the killer captured Paloma

·         Black fiber: Chemical analysis. Chlorine

·         Computer file: Computer analysis. Palomas data. Read it


Deadly Test

Play as Paloma Hernandez


Paloma wakes up in a strange cell with collar on her neck. She needs to find a way out soon or she will be history. 


What should I do first? 

·         Her cell phone rings

·         Go near the shard on the floor. Bend down and pick up the cell phone

·         The killer calls Paloma and tells her that she was injected with poison already


Where is the antidote?

·         Inside the medicine box on the wall

·         Push the bed until it is underneath the box.  Climb the bed. Open the medicine box

·         Get the green bottle and the test tubes

·         Separate the test tubes

·         Mix the green bottle with the yellow marked tube to get black solution

·         Drink it by placing the tube to Palomas ID card


How can I escape the room? The glass shards prevent me from reaching the door

·         Place your items inside the small cabinet on the wall if you need more rooms

·         Pick up the mattress

·         Use it on the top of the glass shards near the door

·         Climb on it to reach the door

·         Darn the door is locked


How can I unlock the door?

·         Get the hexagonal key inside the box on the shelf beside the door. Use the key to unlock the locker in front of the left wall. Get the dry fire extinguisher.

·         There are 2 ways to unlock the door:

o   Use the dry fire extinguisher to break the door and enter the torture chamber

o   Using the hidden key (Thanks Marita!). Pull back the bed. Get the metallic tube. Push back the bed toward the medicine cabinet. Use the tub to pry open the grate. There is a severed hand holding a key. Use the extinguisher to get rid of the rats. Get the key and use it to unlock the door


How can I remove the collar?

·         Read the clue on the panel near the bed. It read 2324. Thats the number to unlock the collar

·         Get the iron thread inside the wall panel in the torture chamber

·         Look at the mirror above the sink in the cell

·         Use the iron thread at the buttons bellow the digits on the collar to lit 2324



How can I open the wall panel beside the door? It has electric protection

·         Go back to the cell

·         Look at the circuit panel on the wall above the glass shard floor

·         Use the dry fire extinguisher to short circuit it

·         Go back to the torture chamber and open the wall panel safely


I cant see anything inside the wall panel. Its too dark

·         Close the door of the torture chamber

·         Push the green button on the wall

·         This will light up the wall panel


How can I escape the torture chamber?

·         You need to use the electric chair

·         Turn it on using the lever inside the wall panel

·         Sit on the chair and pull the lever until you face the door that say Paloma 129

·         Open the arm panel

·         Use this picture below to guide you entering the number 129. Basically (from bottom to top right to left): 20 (turn right once), 50+50 (turn right twice), 5+5 (turn right twice) and then -1 (move up once). The total is 20+50+50+5+5-1 = 129

·         Enter the open door



How can I unlock the door at the back wall of the morgue?

·         The clue is on the left wall. You need to solve the word puzzle to unlock the door

·         There are 2 letters on the wall: P and E. That is the main clue, but you need to reveal the other hidden words as well to solve this riddle

·         Get the revealer powder and scalpel (surgical instrument) on the operation table

·         Get out the room

·         Open the small cabinet at the intersection of the staircase

·         Get the empty sprayer

·         Fill it up with water at the sink inside your cell

·         Mix the powder inside it

·         Pick up the memory card inside the box beside the door. You should be able to listen to the recorded message in your voice recorder by clicking the document button (in the German version there is a bug that prevent you to read the document in your voice recorder)

·         Use the sprayer to spray the wall that has P and E word. It will show the other letters that form the enigma word that said PRESS HERE

·         Go to the number key pad near the door close to the body tray cabinet

·         Pay attention of the date of the recorded message or interview

o   Interview 01/13 : The discovery of a new victim

o   Interview 02/29 : The interview with James Hawker

o   Interview 12/22 : The interview with Victoria McPherson

·         Use the dates on the number key pad. This will open the body tray. Each tray will mention a specific letter:

o   P (McPherson name is written on the name tag with letter P is being underlined)

o   E (Hernandez name is written on the name tag with the first letter E is being underlined)

o   H (Hawker name is written on the name tag with letter H is being underlined)

·         Push this letter (P, E and H in any order) on the wall. That action will unlock the door at the back wall

·         Darn there is a brick wall behind the door. Paloma is trapped in this cursed morgue



How can I find the exit? There is a brick wall blocking the only way out of this morgue

·         Look the pig picture

·         Use the dry fire extinguisher to open it. Step inside. It is too dark

·         Get the small bulb from the wall panel in the torture chamber room

·         Use the bulb on the empty socket inside the food elevator

·         Use the scalpel (surgical instrument) to open the panel

·         Use the iron thread on the bottom fuse then use the scalpel (surgical instrument) to short circuit it

·         Paloma will appear in the food elevator near the kitchen

·         Step outside through the back door. That is the only way out from this house


Kabooooom. Paloma steps over a stun grenade wired device



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