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Broken Sword: Angel of Death

Broken Sword: Angel of Death

Broken Sword: Angel of Death

Don’t know what to do next? Try this helpful walkthough out!


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Remember, this is an adventure game so pick up any items you can, it will save you a lot of backtracking.

To access your inventory items, simply scroll your cursor to the top of the screen, left-click on the item you want to use and then left-click on the area where you want to use the item.

When you need to release an object, drop from a wall etc., usually a right-click will solve the problem.

Ive tried to not provide any spoilers (well, other than puzzle solutions), so there will usually be no descriptions of what has occurred during a cut-scene.


The Broken Sword series has taken us to a lot of exotic locales and this time is no different as our story begins in the colorful location of Brooklyn, New York and the bail bond offices of George Stobbard and his partner Virgil.

Of course, as this is George, it is only a matter of time until a fetching young lady enters his office with a tale of an ancient manuscript and it is also only a matter of time until some thugs burst through the front door, and they don’t look like they’re here for tea and crumpets

The Bail Bond Office

The thugs are trying to break down the door and that cheap lock wont hold forever. Across the room is an exit into the storeroom, but the door is tightly padlocked. Maybe something can be wedged into the door? Take Georges golf club from the umbrella stand next to the main door and then use the club on the padlock to lever the door open.

Once Anna Maria and George are safely in the storeroom, push the cabinet over to block the door. It looks as though the only way out of the room is up, so climb onto the cabinet and then hoist George through the hole in the ceiling.

After Anna Maria joins George, the elevator across the room begins to descend so some quick action is needed. Use that golf club again, this time as a wedge under the elevator to stop its descent. Now to find a way out of the room!

To the right of the elevator, there is a metal grille in the wall. Click on Anna Maria to help you pull the grille from the wall and then pull the air conditioning unit from inside the wall. Lets save some time here so we don’t have to backtrack, so pull the air conditioning unit across the room until you can push it underneath the elevator. Now take back Georges golf club and then exit the room through the hole in the wall.

The rooftop looks like a dead-end: the thugs are waiting below and upwards is not an option. The only possible escape route is a gantry, but it doesn’t reach far enough across the alley for you to jump to the next building. But, if you climb to the top of the gantry, there is a chain attached at its edge that can be pushed off. Once the chain drops free, climb back down the gantry and then use that handy-dandy golf club again, this time on the chain and George will do his best Tarzan impersonation and swing over to the next roof.

Go through the rooftop door and search the landing. There is a doorway on the far right of the room, but it cant be reached. Use the pipe on the left side of the room and wiggle across to the other side of the landing. At this section of landing, cross to the far left and then jump across the missing boards to the left. Now hug the far wall and shimmy to the left until you reach a section of wall that will collapse with a little help from Georges shoulder.

Through the door to the left of the hole you created, remove the string holding the door open and then close and bolt the door. Now kick the door until it falls forward from its frame creating a makeshift bridge for Anna Maria.

Go down one level and follow the landing around the perimeter until you reach a break in the floor where you can drop down. Continue to the right until reaching some live wires that are blocking the exit. Return to where you dropped down, climb back up and follow the landing until you reach the breaker switch that broke when it was hit by the broken pipe. Have Anna Maria hold down the switch (Anna Maria will not hold down the switch unless you have first attempted to cross the live wires) until George can cross safely over the wires and exit the level.

Hotel Alfonso

George and Anna Maria take a taxi to the hotel where she is staying. There is a thug in the lobby looking for Anna Maria and to make matters worse shes lost her purse with the keycard to her hotel room. Anna Maria will need to wait outside while you go to her room and let her in through a window.

Speak to Alfonso, the obnoxious hotel manager/receptionist until he gives you a flyer for the hotel. Cross the lobby and speak to that gentleman in the chair. His name is Thelwell Minster and he is waiting for a phone call and no, he wont lend you his keycard! This calls for some creative thinking. Go through the door to the right of the vending machines into the bathroom. Use your PDA to call the hotels phone number on the flyer and when Alfonso answers, ask to speak to Thelwell Minister. When Thelwell leaves to take his phone call, sneak out of the bathroom and slip his keycard from his book (you sneaky devil). Use the keycard to open the security doors and go up the stairs until your phone rings.

Anna Maria is trapped on the fire escape and needs for you to hurry to her room and let her in through the bathroom window. Turn down the left corridor hmm, it sounds as though there is someone trapped in the first room to the left – room 23 is at the end of hall but is being guarded by an Elvis thug. Take note of the area, there is a window that can be opened, a fire sprinkler on the ceiling and some half-dead flowers in a vase on a table. Lets use the keycard to go downstairs to the lobby and think this over, but before going downstairs stop at the fumigation sign and pick up one of the dead beetles from the floor (one never knows when a dead bug may come in handy).

Speak to Alfonso and ask him about the gold-plated lighter, the fumigation and the grandfather clock. Did that light bulb go off in your head yet? Put the beetle on the grandfather clock and then give Alfonso the bad news that there is a beetle on his clock. While he is examining the clock, slide open the glass partition and borrow his fathers lighter. Now return to Anna Maria’s room.

Stand by the closed window at the end of the hall and when Elvis turns his back to you to preen, open the window and then hurry to the vase. While Elvis is closing the window, use the lighter to ignite the flowers and activate the fire sprinkler. The now wet Elvis will freak out and run from the hall to escape the sprinklers.

Go into Anna Maria’s ransacked room and into the bathroom. There’s an ancient fan in the window. Turn off the fan and then attach your string to the blades. Turn the fan back on and the string will jam the blades, causing the fan to shudder and spark until it falls out the window allowing Anna Maria to crawl through the window.

Anna Maria is distraught to discover that the manuscript has been stolen from her room. To the right of the bed, there is a pen with a black cat logo on the floor. Take the pen and then leave the room. The Elvis thug is now hanging out by the elevator at the end of the corridor and it would be impossible to sneak Anna Maria past him.

Remember that door on the left of the corridor that sounded as though there were someone in the room? Slide your pen and flyer underneath the door and a moment later the flyer will be pushed back with a code number written on it. Use the code to open the door. Tied up inside is a mightily mad receptonist (uh, excuse me but how did she write on the paper and then slide it back under the door while tied up?). When Elvis hears her voice, he will take off in a flash allowing George and Anna Maria to return to the bail bonds office.

The Bail Bonds Office Again

Georges offices have been turned upside down and his partner is not too happy about the situation.

Search around for anything that might identify the thugs who stole the manuscript until you find a pack of Italian cigarettes on Georges desk. As there is nothing else that can be done here, attempt to leave the bail bond office and a map will appear that will allow you to choose where to go next. Right now, your only option is to return to the hotel.

Speak to the friendly policeman in the lobby and then show him the pack of cigarettes to discover that they are black-market cigarettes sold by the criminal-associated Martino family. Continue speaking to him until he informs you that the Martinos run a shady meat-packing factory down at the docks. Leave the hotel and click on the dock icon on the map.

Martino’s Meat Packing Co.

(Take note of the Godfather-like music)

Ignore the salami store in front of you for the moment. Instead, follow the ramp to the far left to enter the meat packing factory only to have your way blocked by a thug who insists you must have an apron to enter the plant.

Now go to the salami store and speak with Chico. He wont part with his apron behind the counter, but make him an offer he cant refuse and trade him the pack of Italian cigarettes for one of his special salamis. Leave the store and hide behind the garbage cans outside the store until he sneaks out for a smoke and then run back into the store and take his bloody apron. Now that you’re all gussied-up with a bloody apron, it is no problem to enter the meat packing factory. But, before going into the factory, go inside the back of the truck parked at the loading dock and check out the big pile of ice.

Just for fun, press the button next to the meat carrousel and watch the butchered hogs go for a ride. To the left of the meat carrousel is the door to the smoke room, but it is currently locked. Go into the room to the right and take the fire-proof blanket from the wall. Now, keep walking through the empty warehouse until you reach the last room. Before going out the back entrance, go through the blue door to the right. Oh no! This room is full of crates, lots and lots of crates! But don’t worry, you wont have to push, pull or stack a single crate. Instead, open the first aid kit on the wall to discover that it is actually a keycard reader. Now exit this room and go out the back entrance.

Muffled voices can be heard from a window high above, if only we had some way to get closer to that window. Luckily, there is a forklift beneath the window and if you search the bone-crusher machine right inside the entrance, you’ll find the keys for the forklift. But even if you raise the forklift and climb up, you’re still not within hearing range of the window. Here’s a thought: push that green garbage bin at the end of the walkway onto the forklift. Now raise the forklift and then climb up the forklift and finally onto the garbage bin. Now you can listen at the window. It seems the stolen manuscript is in this room and someone named Tony is hanging around. We need to find some way to encourage the thugs to leave the room. Maybe we can smoke them out.

Return to the now open smoke room to the left of the meat carrousel. Use the blanket to slide open the door to the left and then use it again to pick up one of the smoldering logs. Return to the top of the forklift and place the log on the windowsill. Well, that was a good idea, but we still need to find some way to increase the smoke. Go to the truck at the loading dock remember the one with the ice and save your game as a timed sequence approaches. Take some ice and then return as quickly as possible to the top of the forklift where you will need to place the ice on top of the smoldering log forcing the thugs from the room (if the ice melts, repeat the process).

The thugs leave through the blue door where you found the keycard scanner. There must be a keycard somewhere that will let you open the secret door to the room with the manuscript. Remembering that remark you overheard about Tony, return to the meat carrousel and activate it to find Tony. Take the keycard from his pocket he wont be needing it anymore – and then use it to go upstairs.

The manuscript is locked in the cabinet but the cabinet is locked tighter than a safe and wont open despite your best efforts. It would take something really strong to break open this cabinet. If you look out the window, you’ll notice that the bone cruncher machine is below the window. Maybe if you could push the cabinet out the window into the bone crusher, you could then use the machine to break it open. One small problem though, the cabinet wheels are stuck and it wont move without some sort of lubrication.

Search the desk drawer to find a silk hankie. Examine the silk hankie to find a photo and then return to the smoke room and use the hankie to collect some fat drippings. Now use the handkerchief to lubricate the wheels of the cabinet and push it into the bone cruncher. Turn on the bone cruncher and take the MP3 player and manuscript to be returned to the bail bonds office

The Bail Bonds Office Again

Examine every picture on the manuscript and read every Latin inscription (the most important are the top line in Latin, the fortress, and the idol of Baphomet in the fortress). George will need to do some research on the computer to fully understand the manuscript, but hes been blackballed out of the site he needs to visit. Virgil is a talented hacker and could get George into the website, but hes still upset over the office being ransacked. So play kissy, kissy with the whiney baby and give him the MP3 player you found and in return, hell give you a coded flashcard for your pda.

Follow the instructions provided by Virgil to hack into Lobineau’s private Yale server (it would take too long to provide the instructions here; take notes as Virgil speaks and then practice until you get the hang of it. If you find it too difficult, then use the screenshot below as your guide).


Now that you’ve hacked into the server, click on all of the words highlighted in red. After you have read all of the notes of importance, click on the fortress, the idol and the first line of Latin on the manuscript and a light bulb will go off in Georges head as he makes the connection between all of these clues and claims that its time to go to Istanbul in search of treasure.

Istanbul Pasha Palace Hotel

Ask the receptionist if she knows of the old citadel by the river and she will refer you to Mevlut, the waiter. Cross over to the dining room and speak to Mevlut about the citadel to activate Topkapi Palace on your map.

Istanbul Topkapi Palace

Well, that’s rude, the guard wont let you pass unless you provide the proper identification. Doesn’t he know that you traveled all of the way from the United States? Speak to the guard until he reveals the name of your old friend Eamon OMara – the only journalist yet to sign in – and then return to the hotel.

Eamon’s unused press pass is still on the receptionists counter. Ask Anna Maria to take the press pass while you distract the receptionist. The receptionist is not easily engaged in conversation but if you first look at the photograph on her desk, you can then talk to her about her favorite hobby, golf, and while you are demonstrating your retractable putter, Anna Maria can take the press pass. Get the pass from Anna Maria and then examine it in your inventory to separate it from the map.

Now that you have the pass, there is one small problem. The picture on the pass does not look like you! No problem though. Return to the dining room and take the knife from the table on the right side of the room. Use the knife to cut George’s picture from his id card and then place George’s picture over Eamon’s and voila – a fake ID (kids, don’t try this at home)!!! Return to Topkapi Palace.

Show your ID to the guard and pass through the archway. Looks like you’ll go no further though as the political conference is heavily guarded. Take note of the guard on the left marching back and forth and ask Anna Maria if she will distract him and allow you to sneak by. While she likes the idea, she also thinks that the plan needs some refinement so return to the hotel for some brainstorming.

Examine the picture to the right of the receptionists area, it is a detailed reproduction of Topkapi Palace. Click on the Lovers Vestibule on the right side of the map and then ask the waiter what he knows about this area. After he relates the history of how harem visitors would use the vestibule to sneak out of the palace, return to the palace grounds and again ask Anna Maria to distract the guard. Now that you have a plan to sneak her in, she will be more agreeable and distract the guard using her feminine wiles. Sneak past the guard to the scaffolding.

First, climb the scaffolding to the far left. While there is an area where you can climb over the wall, it is impossible to do so as the guards are following a pattern that would not allow you to go undetected. Now climb the scaffolding to the right, it looks as though one of the guards has left his cell phone on the wall. Quickly, sneak his phone so you can check his phone number. Replace the phone on the wall and then cross back over to the left scaffolding. Use your PDA to phone the guard. Once he returns from the prank call, notice that his walking pattern has changed and, with a little observation on your part, you can now sneak past the guards.

In the next area, the guard will not be a problem as long as you use the buttresses to the right to hide behind when he approaches. At the last buttress, pull yourself up through the large window and walk silently to the next area.

This could be a little tricky as there is not only a guard, but also a guard dog. Examine the windowsill in front of you, the plaster is loose and if you use your knife to dig out a stone to throw to distract the guard, you will instead accidentally knock some stones to the terrace below which the guard and dog will leave to investigate.

While he is gone, take his teacup from the windowsill and drink it dry. Hurry, for if he returns you are caught! Return to your hiding place and when the guard returns he will decide he needs to brew some more tea. Once he leaves, the guard dog will still be guarding the terrace, so you still cannot exit through the left archway unless you want a chomp mark in your behind. If you have been really observant, you will have noticed a chain hanging from the balcony. Use the knife in your inventory on the salami and then attach the salami slice to the chain. It will swing back and forth, just out of reach of the guard dog who will be so mesmerized by the swinging meat that he will not notice as you slip through the left archway.

The Palace Museum

Follow the wall until you reach the entrance to the museum. The doors are locked tight, but you can use your PDA to hack the security system and put the lasers inside in a test pattern for an hour. Once your PDA screen looks like the one below, you will be able to open the museum door:


Even though the lasers in this room are in test pattern and are flicking on and off, they still cannot be seen and thus cannot be safely crossed. There must be some way to make the lasers visible. To the right of door there is a vent in the wall blowing air into the room. Open the vent and insert the flyer from your inventory. After the vent closes, use your lighter on the flyer and the vent will blow the smoke across the room revealing the location of the lasers. Now, time the lasers pattern and cross George safely across the room.

Once past the lasers there is a bolted door you must open so Anna Maria can enter the room. There are four levers that control the door. The levers need to be set in the following order from left to right: down-down-up-down. Once Anna Maria is in the room cross through the door to the right into the courtyard.

The Courtyard

There is a fountain in the center of the courtyard that must be the way into the old citadel. But, there are two problems: a guard is sitting by the fountain and the fountain is full of water. Have George sneak around the right perimeter of the courtyard until he reaches the pump switch for the fountain. Shut off the pump switch and when the guard gets up to check the switch sneak over to the fountain. Darn, the water started to flow again! We need to find someway to permanently stop the fountain. Sneak to the pump switch again but this time use your knife on the switch to short it out (and give George a good jolt in the process!). This time when the guard leaves, he will stop to speak to the other guard opening the opportunity for George and Anna Maria to push the center of the fountain away from the entrance to the sewer.

The Sewers

If you follow the walkway to the far left, there are some discolored stones in the sewer wall. By now you will also have noticed the pipes, valves and levers on the wall. What you must do is increase the water pressure in the behind the wall until it crumbles the discolored stones. This can be pretty tricky so pay attention! Any lever on the wall that is facing downwards, must be turned to face left. When you do this, you will hear George say, I hear the water flowing to the left. Any place where there are two levers, the top lever must be turned downwards and the bottom lever to the left. This is forcing all of the water to be directed to the left instead of downwards into the sewer. Now, close both of the round valves towards the end of the pipes. Finally, now that the water pressure has built to its highest level, open the valve on the far left and the discolored stones will burst from the wall. Climb through this new opening into the catacombs.

The Catacombs

Every obstacle in the catacombs can be overcome by studying the manuscript for clues and, when necessary, reading the notes in your PDA for Georges Latin translations. That’s the hard way, the easy way to get through the catacombs is to just follow my instructions below.

At the first door, ask Anna Maria to press the plate to the right of the door. As she presses the plate, have George stand on the etching of the knight in the center of the room and the door will open.

Follow the corridor to the next room and click on the statue of the knight. To solve this puzzle, put the stones in the following order from left to right – moon, cross, star, moon.

Now click on the new statue that has been unveiled and rotate the wheels as follows: leave the first wheel icon position upwards, position the second wheel icon to point down, position the icon on the third wheel to point left, position the fourth wheel icon to point down. Click on the new statue.

This one is a little more difficult. Set the first roller to three yellow lilies on blue back ground, set the second roller to two red lions on yellow background, set the third roller to two blue lions on white background, set the final roller to one white lily on a yellow background.

Two alcoves will be revealed. Ask Anna Maria to stand in one of them and when she does, George will stand in the other and the floor will descend to the map room.

The Map Room

In the center of the room is a golden cherub. Try to take it, go ahead. Ha, you died didn’t you! Surely you didn’t think it would be that simple. George will need to follow the route of Jaques de Molays travels to find the treasure. On the floor is a giant map of the world.

In the following order, right-click on Acre, London, Paris and Cyprus. Now you can safely take the cherub. To open the door to exit the room, turn the plinth (there is a small arrow on top of the plinth) that the cherub was on left to point towards Constantinople, click down, turn left to Rome, click down, then left to Alexandria, click down.

Good times, good times. George has the cherub and now Anna Maria (hope you used protection George, a good adventure gamer always practices safe sex). It doesn’t get any better than this.

Jailbird George

Poor George, just when things were starting to look up he finds himself imprisoned on death row awaiting execution. Whatever you do George, don’t bend over to pick up that bar of soap!

Take note that the right cell wall has some loose mortar (sure does seem to be a lot of loose mortar in this game!). You cant dig at it with your bare hands, but watch the rat scurrying around the cell and watch as it disappears through a hole in the left cell wall. Now, this is not something I would ever do in real life, but stick you hand into that hole. Damn! You just got bit by a rat (see, that is why I would never do that in real life). Now that the rat is gone, stick your hand through the hole again to find a metal bracket. Use the bracket to loosen the mortar and then use your hands causing a huge chunk of the wall to fall to the floor and alert the guard.

Ah visitors. Its Father Nicholas and Sister Mary Elephant, and they bring presents from the children of the parish to help you pass the time until your execution. Strange, did that nun whisper to meet her on the roof in an hour? Regardless, you now have a squeaky toy, a mechanical mouse and a bag of marbles in your inventory. God bless the little children of the world.


In your inventory, open the bag of marbles to add two more items to your inventory; a marble string and a piece of cloth. Drop the marbles into the drain so that they will roll underneath the cell door and then climb through the hole in the wall into the next cell. Rattle the door in the cell to attract the guards attention and after he slips on the marbles and cracks his head against the floor, return to the first cell and click on the guard to take his keys.

Open the cell door with the keys and then gag the guard with the cloth and tie him up with the marble string. Go up the stairs to the left to escape and, oops, there’s another guard dog and he wont let you pass. There’s a can of corned beef on the table that must have been for the guards lunch, but it cant be reached without Fido feasting on a chunk of your arm for his lunch. Here’s an idea, use the squeaky toy to distract the dog and provide you with an opening to take the corned beef.

Great, you have the corned beef, but the can needs a key to be opened. Click on the mechanical mouse and its wind-up key will be added to your inventory. Use the key to open the can, put the corned beef into the dog bowl and while the dog is dining sneak up the stairs to the right to find yourself back at the museum entrance.

The Rooftop

You need to go up the stairs to the rooftop, but there are too many guards in the courtyard to pass by unnoticed. Return downstairs to the museum entrance and place the mechanical mouse under the museum door. The security system is working again, so hurry back up the stairs and once the mouse activates the alarms, use the commotion to climb the vines on the wall at the top of the stairs to reach the rooftop.

There is yet one last guard to sneak past on the rooftop. To the left is a loose stone, put the squeaky toy on the stone and when the guard comes over to check on the source of the noise, sneak past him to where you see the nun. Click on her to leap over the small chasm and then speak to her to discover that.well, I don’t want to ruin the surprise! Enjoy the ride to the next chapter.

Pasha Palace Hotel Again

Back at the palace hotel, George and the nun need to return to Anna Maria’s room to search for clues as to her location, but the hallways will be guarded as George is now an escaped prisoner. Have the nun speak to the receptionist and once the subject of Eamon arises, pursue the subject until the receptionist gives you the key to his room. Climb the stairs.

Anna Maria’s Room

George needs to find a way to return, unnoticed, to Anna Maria’s room. Climb out the window and work your way downwards and to the left. When you spot the guard through the window, drop down to hand onto the ledge by your fingertips and scuttle to the left until you can pull yourself upwards and go through the window into Anna Maria’s room. Take the rosary beads from the floor and then search the waste basket in the bathroom to find a discarded credit receipt. Once George finds himself back in the lobby after the cut-scene, examine the receipt in your inventory and then use the PDA to hack into the credit company and discover Anna Maria’s home address. It looks as though were on our way to Rome.

To be continued…

Randy Sluganski

Randy Sluganski

Randy Sluganski was a true adventure gamer and his passion for these games made him just as important as the developers and publishers of these games. Randy passed away after battling lung cancer for over 10 years. Randy can never be replaced but we would like to light a torch in his memory for what he did for us with his love of adventure gaming.We dedicate this site to the Memory of Randy Sluganski and his love for adventure games.

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