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Hi! My names Alex Pawlenty and this is my third FAQ/Walkthrough. Ive been playing games for quite some time now and I just recently got into writing guides on the games that I really like.

To me, Syberia has to be one of the most fun games Ive played in quite some time, maybe even ever. From the beginning to the end I had a great time and thought that it was truly a classic adventure game to be cherished and remembered. I hope that if youre reading this that you think the same thing. 馃檪

By the way, I tend to crack a few lame jokes here and there.. Just thought Id let you know that before hand.. 馃槈

Game Development

In case you didnt know, Syberia is the creation of famous French artist Benoit Sokal and the game development studio Microids. The game was in development for about 2 years, with Sokal looking over almost everything that happened. If you watch the biography of Benoit that the game has in the extras section youll find out a lot of different things about Microids and, of course, Benoit Sokal himself. Its actually very interesting. You should watch it.

Benoit Sokal worked on one previous game with Microids called Amerzone. He worked with Microids for four years on that game and I really wish I could play it. Alas, I dont have a PC, so I cant. It was released for Playstation but only in Europe. Damn.

Background of the Story

You are Kate Walker, an ambitious young lawyer from New York. On what seems like a very simple case, you travel to the small village of Valadilene, France to seal the deal on the sale of a toy company there. A client of your law firm has shown interest in buying out the factory and all you have to do is get the signature of the owner, Anna Voralberg. However, when you arrive at Valadilene, things turn out to not be as simple as you or anyone else had once thought. It turns out Anna has recently passed away, and that there is actually another person you must now find to sign the papers. A person who was long thought to be dead. Sit back and hang on, youre in for one heck of a ride.


I, myself, after playing through the game twice have only come across a single bug. However, if youve come across any others, please feel free to e-mail them to me and Ill put them up (with full credit to you of course).

Bug #1

Name: The Komkolzgrad Robot Bug

Location: Inside Komkolzgrad statue

Description: If you maneuver the lever that moves the two large statues too quickly after viewing the cutscenes that show them moving, the game can lock up.

Bug #2

Name: The Pedestal Room Glitch (Thanks to John Doran for this one!) Location: Pedestal Room of Train before your first trip Description: Sometimes if you forget to put something in the pedestal room, Kate will apparently not want to leave the train.  A possible solution to this is to repeatedly try to run out, but this might not work. Hope you have multiple saves…

Bug #3

Name: The Hans Voralberg Confusion Bug (Thanks to PPP PP at Location: When you see Hans Voralberg. Description: If you press the Up Button when you see Hans Voralberg, Kate will just move somewhere and the game will crash.

General Tips and Information


A = Action.

B = Cancel. Also used to skip dialogue.

Y = Open or close your inventory.

X = Make Kate run.

Black and White Buttons = Turn the pages of a document.

R and L = Zoom in and out of a document.

Start and Back = Open the general menu while pausing the game.


Half Circle w/ X: An impossible action.

Half Circle: Action Possible

Glowing Circle: Possible to move to that place.

Dialogue Bubble: To talk.

Magnifying Glass: Zoom in.

Hand: Grab something.

Other Tips and Info

        When you first start, make sure you turn on subtitles. Some of the phone conversations can be hard to hear sometimes so it always helps to be able to read what someone is saying.

        Since you cant die in this game, it really isnt as necessary to save as often as in other games. However, its always better to be safe than sorry, just in case something happens.

        To my knowledge, there arent any glitches in this game that would ruin your game. I could be wrong, however, and if you ever happen to come by any, please email me ( so I can add them.

        Be sure you dont forget about the extras, especially the interview with Benoit Sokal.

        The game can be played in beautiful 1080i.


Valadilene, France 

Kate arrives in Valadilene just in time for a funeral precession. Hmm… Any guesses as to who died? Hint: Look at the automaton. What type of factory was I buying again? Oh yeah, a toy/automaton factory. Crap. Its Anna..

You arrive in the Valadilene Inn just in the nick of time after an exhausting trip from New York. Take the Valadilene Brochure off the wall to the right of the staircase. Remember to use R and L to zoom in and out if youre having trouble reading any of the text.

After youve taken the brochure off the wall, talk to Momo, the child playing at the desk at the back of the room. Theres a reason hes not showing you what hes drawing but youll figure that out later.

If you try to lift up your suitcase, Kate will realize just how winded she is.

But where is the innkeeper? Youll notice a bell on the table. Look at it.  Easiest. Puzzle. EVAR! All you need to do is take the key sitting next to it and use it on the bell. After a few dings, the kind old gent will come out of hiding and greet you warmly.

Go ahead and introduce yourself and talk to him about whatever you want.  Ask the kind innkeeper to bring your suitcase up to your room for you by talking to him about help, and he will, gladly. Seems that the inn has been pretty empty for quite some time now. Its too bad, since the town was once a bustling economic boomtown. When youre upstairs dont bother trying to take anything out of your suitcase(or for that matter, for the rest of the game).  Instead, take the fax that was left for you on the table next to the bed.

After reading that, call up your boss on Kates spiffy brand-less generic cell-phone. Hell tell you that hes sent you a fax, so go downstairs to get it.

Talk to the innkeeper. Ask him about either mission or help(cant remember at the moment) and hell hand it to you. Go ahead and read it if you like.  At one point the inn keeper should get really pissed off at Momo for trying to talk to Kate so much (I think he has the hots for her) so hell order him to leave. Yikes! Looks like Momo wasnt exactly drawing anything. He was actually carving things into the desk! Very useful things… Pick the two gears up off the table and the two off of the ground. Thank you Momo.

Once youre finished, exit the inn and go to the left a few screens. Youll meet a very useless baker who wont let you in because the mayor has declared that this be a day of mourning for Anna Voralberg. Go to the left once more and pick up the newspaper sitting on the bench. Go ahead and read it to get some more information on the late Anna. The house to the right of the bench is actually the notarys house, so go ahead and walk up there.

Hmm.. There seems to be half of an automaton here. Its another very simple puzzle. Simply place the letter of introduction into the automatons hand, pull the lever on its chest, and pull the lever on the right of it. Very easy.  Youll see the notary checking out your letter and the door will open automatically. Go ahead and enter.

Once inside, youll notice that there seems to be some sort of mechanism on the desk. Dont worry about that for the time being, youll be using it later. Enter the door farther into the building to meet the notary.  Sit in the chair and you two will talk a bit. After a while, the notary will give you a letter that Anna Voralberg wrote and retire to his bedroom. It seems his health could be better and his doctor has told him that he shouldnt be working too much.

Okay then. Now that you have that all over and done with, exit his office and inspect the coat rack near the door. You should find a telescopic key. After taking it, leave the building and return to main street Valadilene.

After heading a screen or two to the right, you should get a call from Dan.  After explaining to him that you might not be able to go to the Goldbergs this time, head to the cemetery. It is to the right of the Valadilene Inn across the bridge. By now, it should be open. There will be a few different things to do here.

First off, your boss Mr. Marson will call you. Doesnt sound too happy, eh?  Hitch a right at the church entrance. Its locked so dont even bother walking up to the doors.

Go all the way down the path to the door at the back of the church. This appears to be the priests living quarters. See that small cross hanging on the wall to the right of his dresser? Click on it to discover a key. Pretty clever hiding place, eh?

After stealing the priest’s key, prepare to steal even more stuff (tsk tsk.).  Go over to the priests dresser and open it by using the key you just found on the small lock in the top-right corner of the first drawer. Take out the purple punch card. The others arent needed. When you get to the third drawer, turn the handle thats on the side of the dresser. This SHOULD make the drawer extend out just a little bit more, but its enough to give you access to the Voralberg Key and the priests letter. Once you have that, leave.

The first door on the right side of the church is actually an elevator.  Figure out which cog goes where on it and youll be able to take a ride to the top level, a sort of storage area. You should see an automaton sitting by the window. Click on him and insert the purple punch card. Interesting.

Go back to the main entrance of the church and go to the left. Theres a turn that goes to a large grave that has no real importance, so simply go straight to the Voralberg mausoleum. Click on the automatons hat. You should see a sort of + engraving inside of the hat. Use the Voralberg key on it and the mausoleum will open up. Enter the mausoleum.

Go down to the area with the actual bodies. The only coffin in the wall that can be pulled out is Hans, and of course, there is no body(too bad, I know).  However, you will find the Valadilene voice cylinder and a newspaper clipping , so even though you didnt get to see any dead bodies, it was still worth it.

There. Now youre done with the cemetery. Your next destination is the main plaza of Valadilene where youll encounter quite a large portion of the town thats been simply sealed off, which is kind of weird.

You remember the place where Dan called you up about spending dinner with the Goldbergs? Well go there again and on the right side of the screen is a VERY hard to see door. Just walk up and down the wall until Kate just kind of walks into it. Use the telescopic key you got in the notarys house on the door and it should be unlocked. Youll also need to wind up the lower automaton. Enter it to find a very beautiful fountain area with five different paths(Ill be referring to this place as the plaza throughout the guide).

Start out by taking the path thats to the immediate right. You should see an extremely beautiful large house. Its locked however, so dont bother trying to open the front door. Head around the house and youll see a ladder machine. Hmm.. Maybe Kate could somehow get into the attic by using this? Alas, it needs a key.

Head over to the hedge maze. I know, I just said one of the most feared words in the adventure genre and Ill say it again. Hedge maze. Luckily for all of us, you actually DONT have to traverse a confusing maze to get the key.  Take the path left of the woman weeding. Then, go into the alcove to the right of the LOCKED gate. The key will be sitting in a.. sink? In a hedge maze?  Couple of weirdos must live here!

With the key in hand, go over to the ladder-machine and extend it all the way up. Kate will go up the ladder (guess she doesnt have a fear of heights. Thats good!) and enter the attic. Here you will find Annas Diary, depicting much of her childhood/teenage years. Youll also find an ink bottle. Head to the right where youll find a small corner that looks like it was used by someone quite a bit. Turn on the light and check out the engraving of a mammoth on the wall. Go back to where you first entered and Momo will appear(also not afraid of heights). Before answering any questions, hell demand that you draw him a picture of a mammoth. Hell give you a piece of paper and a pencil to do this with. Instead of taking the time to actually draw a mammoth, simply use the paper and pencil on the engraving of the mammoth on the wall, which will make a very convincing trace.

Hand over the picture to Momo and hell agree to take you to the cave where Hans fell down and got a rather devastating boo-boo(did I just say boo-boo?).

Instead of following Momo automatically, youll have to follow Momo yourself.

Youll need to chase him all the way to the small gate at the left-end of town.  Then youll have to follow him through there some more until you get to a small crossroads where he decides to take a rest.

Head up the path to the left of Momo. You should see a dam, but its too hard for Kate to open. Since Momo likes to brag about being an extremely macho 10-year-old, go ask for his help. Looks like he wasnt simply talking out his ass, eh? Since Momo had to go break the lever, youll have to find a replacement. Now go over to the broken lever and watch Kate the Magician magically place a lever larger than her coat disappear inside of it! Wow!  Lets give this woman a hand! Golf clap Anyway, go back to where you saw that rotting boat. Seems theres an ore that could possibly be used to open that dam in place of the broken lever..

Go ahead and try to get the ore. Damn Kate. Why cant you just step in? You could even try to stand in the boat! I couldnt believe you could be such a sissy! Use the broken lever to bring it a little closer, but its STILL too far for our prissy little Kate to get. So go get Momo to get it out of the water for you and then proceed to open the dam.

Now the path to the cave is no longer flooded, so head out over there.  Inside the cave youll find a mammoth doll. Youll also see quite a few impressive stalactites and stalagmites(dont ask me which are which). Pick the doll up and head back to the plaza. At the crossroads youll get your first call from Kates best friend Olivia. They chat for a bit about this and that and then Kate decides shes too busy to keep on talking.  Head back to the plaza.

In the plaza, take the upper-left path. There should be a lever on one of the middle-beams. Press it and a machine will take a piece of cargo into the factory. Go back to the plaza and take the left-most path.  Enter the factory.

So this is the Voralberg Toy Factory, huh? Pretty impressive. Take a left but dont go up the stairs. Go left again and you should get a phone call from Kates crazy mom. Shell ramble on for a bit about some guy named Franck and finally youll just kind of hang up on her. Move forward a little until you get to a new screen. You should see that piece of cargo you brought in sitting there. Go up to the transporter automaton. Click on him and hell bring that piece of cargo over to the assembly lines.

Back out one screen. You should see a door on the north wall.

Eep! Someones hanging there! Oh wait. Its just an automaton.  Go behind the hanging automaton and pull the lever. This will release him and gently put him down. He will spring to life and try to make himself comfortable.

Talk to him to learn his name, Oscar. Oscar has a pretty large role in this game, so you should get used to seeing him around. He says that hes actually been programmed to operate a train..

Aside from the fact hes a robot, do you notice anything strange about him? Hes missing his feet. Ask him about production and hell tell you to make him some feet. Hell give you his card, which you need to use to get the feet production underway.

Go back to where you first came in. Take a right but make sure youre to the left of the assembly lines. Go straight until you reach a door. Enter the door to find the water wheel controls. Pull both levers. The lever on the right releases an.. automaton hamster? The Voralbergs sure are funny..

Leave the room and head back to the screen where you first came in again.  Go up the stairs and enter Annas office, which is the first and only door youll see up there.

Inside her office you should see a cabinet. Zoom in on it and click on the 10th book counting down from the left. This will cause a mechanism to start up revealing the Hans-Anna Mechanical Toy. It will play a very short song(I like to think of it as a primitive MP3 myself). When its done, put the Valadilene Voice Cylinder into it. Youll be treated to a small clip of Hans and Annas past, revealing one of the life-changing experiences they shared.

When the voice cylinder reaches its end, you should see the top of the toy pop up. Pick up the toy off of its pedestal and zoom back out.

Now youll need to snoop through Annas desk. The first thing youll probably notice is the letter sitting in the center. Sadly, its unfinished. She didnt die while writing that letter.. did she? Hmm…

When youre done with that check out the blueprint  sitting to the left of that unfinished letter. Im pretty sure thats the genius masterwork that Anna was talking about in the letter. Finally, look at the stack of papers sitting at the top-left of the desk. Poor Anna sure was having a hard time with the factory. She probably wouldnt have been in any if she would have just dabbled in other products besides automatons..

Exit the office and go up the next set of stairs to the right. Youll find a control panel that will be used to make Oscars new feet. Lets go from left to right. First, click on the color panel three times. If you mix this up, simply put the color back to the one that matches the color of the panel itself and click it another three times. Second, insert Oscars card into the middle. Third, pull the bottom-right switch. If you pull the right one, then the number 3 should light up on the left of the board. Now, pull the switch to the right of the card slot to make the feet. If you did all this correctly, you should see a bird-like automaton going out of its way to get some special wood, then youll see an assembly line making the actual feet. If you do it incorrectly, youll simply see the assembly line make the feet.

Go back down and go get the shoes. Return to the room where Oscar is patiently waiting and give him his feet. Hell be very grateful, but hell have to leave immediately to fulfill his duty. He needs to conduct a train.

Next go to the train station. To get to the train go to the plaza and go down the top-right path. On the right side of the train theres a janitor whistling but you cant talk to him. There is also a strange winding machine near the front of the train on the right side. First turn the wheel then pull the lever to wind up the train. Youll need to turn the wheel a second time so the wire isnt blocking your path.

After winding it up, enter the train. Oscar should be here. Talk to him about mission and hell tell you that youre his only passenger and that you need both a ticket and an authorized train release. Hell leave after telling you this. Follow him out and exit on the left side. That small wood-colored room is actually a ticket office and guess who the ticket vendor is?

Ask Oscar about your mission and hell give you a very dated looking ticket and a train release permit that still needs to be authorized. The notary should be able to handle this, right?

Head all the way back to his house. If you try to enter his room Kate will remind you that hes still resting and that she shouldnt disturb him.  Remember earlier when I told you that youd be using the device on his desk later on? Well now IS later on. Click on it.

Put the ink that you got with Annas Diary inside the stamping machine.  Then, place the train release permit onto the padded section of the counter and press the red button. Viola! Authorized permit!

Head back to the train and enter it. Before you can though you get a call from Dan. Sounds kind of angry, eh? Instead of giving Oscar the release permit right away, go to the middle of the car. You should see a pedestal and two shelves. Place the Hans-Anna Mechanical Toy on the pedestal and both the Valadilene voice cylinder and the music cylinder on the left shelf.  Put the mammoth doll on the right counter.

When thats done, give the release permit and ticket to Oscar. Kate will threaten Oscar if theres still anything left to do to get going but Oscar will manage to tell her that everythings set.

Youll get to see a snazzy cutscene of the train taking off and going through many areas of Europe. The train stops in Barrockstadt, a University town. Oscar cant leave the train, because he says that the air here will cause him to rust up.


When you arrive at Barrockstadt Oscar will also tell you that he doesnt know why the train has stopped and he cant help you try to start it up again. Looks like youre on your own, Katie.

Get off the left side of the train. Walk to the right a few screens, past a very decrepit abandoned city. Kate will make note of the winding machine up here. Head back to the main part of the station. When you get back to the train Oscar will have something important to tell you. So, enter the train once more and talk to Oscar. Turns out the rectums.. err.. RECTORS of the University want to talk to you. How did Oscar find this out again?

This time get off the train on the right side. Make note of the birds in front of the ladder. Go up and cross the bridge. Go down the south set of stairs and go left. Talk to the stationmaster and pick up the hook. When youre done with that go over the second bridge. Go to the right until you find yourself outside the aviary. Go down the stairs and talk to the husband and wife sailors as Kate likes to call them. Theyll offer to move your train for $100, after some heavy negotiations.

Now go back to where you first got off the second bridge. Exit the aviary-station and have Kate go straight to the stairs of the University. Its pretty useless to talk to the kid as all he does is hit on Kate and make note of her rather large breasticles. Enter the university.

The first thing youre going to want to do is pay a visit to the Barrockstadt University library. After entering and going past the first screen take a left. When youre in the library go to the right and climb the ladder. Kate will find a book. However, the print is VERY hard to read. I kind of strained my eyes trying to read that text…

After taking that book go down to where there are some students studying at tables. At the bottom right corner table there will be another book with this same annoying impossible to read text. Try to read it if you like.  Looking at the pictures should suffice, however.

With these two books exit the library. Go to the left and enter the doors to find the very odd trio of rectors. Talk to them about everything. Turns out to get the $100 that you need youll have to fix the bandstand thats been broken for years(why the **** havent they just called a repairman?).  They also act mighty suspicious when you talk to them about sauvignon.

When you exit the university youll get a call from Marson. He sounds pretty pissed… If only he knew how complicated this all was!

Go back inside the aviary-station and talk to the stationmaster again about sauvignon. Hell begin to act just about as suspicious as the rectors and leave. However, he doesnt exactly go into hiding as its very easy to find and talk to him again. Simply go to the second bridge and hell be there. Interrogate him about the same subject and hell tell you to ask Professor Pons.

Okay.. Go back into the University and take a right at the extremely large mammoth skeleton. You should see Pons jotting down notes at a much smaller mammoth skeleton. Talk to him about all subjects. Turns out he actually knew Hans. Even more interesting is that he tells you to talk to the stationmaster about the sauvignon.. err…. Ooookay.

Go back to the station and talk to the stationmaster about sauvignon AGAIN.  Hell tell you that you should ask the rectors. All right (this is turning into a rather annoying game of cat and mouse). Go back into the University and ask the rectors about sauvignon.

Inadvertently, the rectors will let loose just about everything they were keeping secret about the sauvignon. That they have a secret garden in the station, that Pons lab has been used as a distillery, and they drink the wine made from the berries. With this information, head back to the station and talk to the stationmaster once more.

With this information in hand, the stationmaster wont have many more ways to hide what he knows. Hell agree to show you the secret garden.  After he leaves, go across both the bridges and go down the forest-y path. Am I the only one who didnt know what mums the word meant before playing this?

Follow the path down to the garden and pick up some sauvignon berries.  Dont go back to the ladder to use them just yet though. You need to do something else first.

Go back inside the train and pick up the mammoth doll. Go back to the university (the stationmaster will give you a free bottle of wine when you walk past him)and show the mammoth doll to Pons. Hell be pretty flabbergasted when he realizes that it exists. After hes done being in shock Kate will give him her cell phone number and hell take the doll into his lab. Follow him there.

In the cabinet there will be another voice cylinder. Move up a screen and go to the bottom of the screen. You should be able to zoom in on the end of the top-front lab table. There will be both a test tube holder and some yangola cola powder.

Now go back to the station and give the cuckoos the sauvignon berries.

Theyll slowly strut out of the way. When they have, climb the ladder.

At the top of the ladder is the automaton bird that the stationmaster was talking about earlier. Dont worry about not picking up the right egg, the cuckoos egg sticks out like a sore thumb. Use the test tube holder to get it out. When you have it, go back down the ladder and leave the station.

Enter the bandstand. Near the back of where you first enter is a small scale. Put the cuckoos egg on the empty side to even it out, opening the door. Climb down the ladder inside the bandstand and pull the lever.  A cutscene will play.

Go back and talk to the rectors. Theyll be most grateful for you fixing the bandstand(even though all you really did was turn it on again). Theyll hand over a bag of money(must be all in ones) for your hard work. Yeah!  Woohoo! Thats just enough for a killer party!.. Oh wait. We still need to use it to get the train out of the station. Aw crap … hey, take that lampshade off your head Oscar!

Go back to the husband and wife barge duo and throw them the 100 bucks (literally). Theres still a small matter that needs to be taken care of, however, and the person who can deal with it wont be around for 48 hours. Since we dont exactly have that much time to just sit and wait around, Kate will once again have to take matters into her own hands.

After giving you the money, theyll throw you a key. Return to the entrance of the train station and mommy will give you a call. Of course shes anxious for you to come home ASAP just like everyone else. When shes done, head straight. You should see a machine here. This is what you need to use to raise and lower the water level.

Click on the front part of it. There will be a keypad that has a piece of class over it. Use the lock key that the husband and wife threw you to open it up. To find out what codes need to be pressed you need to call the number posted on the side of the machine. The number is 27666742. If you dont feel like calling them, Ill list the codes for you here.

The first code you want to input is #42*. After this, go back and talk to the couple about locks. Theyll move their boat up near your train.  Go back and input the code #41*. The graphics will look a little freaky for a second(did anyone else have this on their game?) and the barge will successfully move out of the station.

You can tell during the cutscene where the barge stops, so walk over there and talk to the couple. Theyll throw you a chain to connect to your train. Use the hook that you got when you first arrived here on the chain and Kate will automatically put it on the train. Youll see a cutscene of the train going just far enough for the winding machine to work. Finally, out of the smelly aviary!

Go up to the train and youll receive a call from Professor Pons.  Turns out that hes done writing his impromptu lecture and he wants to see you there. Before we go though we might as well wind up the train!

To get on the side of the winding machine youll have to get on the train then off again on the opposite side. Use the winding machine the same way you used the one in Valadilene. Turn the wheel, pull the lever, turn the wheel. After winding the train up, youll get a call from Dan. Rawr.

While youre here, you might as well listen to/watch the Barrockstadt voice cylinder you got in Pons laboratory.  When youre done, Kate will automatically put it on the shelf with the others. Leave the train and trek back to the University.

Its pretty easy to get to the lecture hall. Just go straight towards the giant mammoth skeleton and you should see a set of stairs. Go up them and prepare to be underwhelmed when you see just how many students showed up to see this lecture. Strange that Pons doesnt seem disappointed.. As long as youre here, I guess.

After Pons long but interesting lecture, the few students who are here will leave and Pons will tell you that you can pick up your mammoth doll and some notes that he took for this lecture.

Go to Pons office and take him up on his offer. You dont need to talk to him again but he does say a few interesting things. Now you can finally leave this place. Dont worry about returning the books.  Kate didnt sign them out, so how is anyone going to find out she took them?

As soon as youre in the train return the mammoth doll to the counter.

Talk to Oscar about the mission! Yes! Finally outta here! Kinda.

Exit to the right. Whats that little small building? Oh no.. not a..  yes. Its another ticket office. Oscar says we need an exit visa to go beyond the wall. Talk to Oscar about all the subjects to hear some half-funny dialogue.

Take the path that goes behind the ticket office. Dont bother trying to sneak up on Oscar by going through the back door, Oscar already locked it in fear for his life. Enter the door at the end of the path. Head up the stairs. At the top of the wall, Olivia will call you up. Turns out Dan is pretty upset after that last conversation.  Hmm.. Gee Kate, I wonder why Dan has such a goody-too-shoes attitude of you? Lets think for a moment…

        remembers Kate opening a dam rather than walking through two feet of water

        remembers Kate being afraid to touch a slimy and wet ore*

        remembers Kate not being able to lift her small suitcase to her room* Eh, I got nothin’.

Head across the bridge. Enter the door. When I first went to this place I had a hard time seeing the Captain standing there.. His coat kind of makes him blend into the background…

Apparently Captain Malatesta thinks its too dangerous to go pass the gate because of a Cossack Archer thats been there for.. years? Look through the telescope and press the red button on the right a few times. Crazy.

Check out the Captains desk. Inspect the pair of glasses to discover why hes made this mistake for so long. See those wine glasses? Fill them up with some of the wine the station master gave you. Also, put some Yangola Cola Powder in one. After youve done this, zoom out and Kate will automatically propose a toast to the Captain. After he drinks it, Kate will convince him to look through the telescope again.  Guess what happened when he consumed the Yangola Cola Powder? Yep.

Eyesight = Better.

After being extremely ashamed, he has no problem at all giving you the exit visa. Once you have it, go back to the ticket office and give it to Oscar. Of course, he has to give you a ticket and you have to give it to him inside the train…thwacks Oscar on the head. With the ticket, Oscar finally has no more qualms about leaving.  Prepare for another beautiful cutscene!


Wow. Talk about polar opposites, eh? Going from the beautiful picturesque Barrockstadt to the dingy, creepy as hell Komkolzgrad.  Get off the train and head down towards the giant robot thingy. Climb up the ladder and inside on a shelf youll find three of Hanss things. Theres the Komkolzgrad Voice Cylinder, a design of the giant statue and a handle. Look at the design to see where the winding mechanism is.

The handle is immediately useful. Place it in the mechanism on the side of the bed. Push the handle up twice and press the red button to wind the train up. With the train wound, head back and talk to Oscar. Before you can though youll see a short crippled-looking man run away after apparently coming from the train. Kate yells out at him, but he deliberately doesnt hear anything she says.  You should get a call when going up to the train. When youre done talking, head into the train.

Inside the passenger area, youll find Oscar. It appears youve come at a bad time since hes… all tied up.

Dead silence.

Okay, so Ill never make it as a comedian. Shoot me. Before you untie Oscar pick up the shears sitting next to him. Why? Just because he needs to be taunted.

After laughing at him a bit, untie Oscar and listen to his explanation. No, the guy you saw running away took them? Didnt see THAT one coming.. 馃槢

You might as well listen to the new voice cylinder you got while youre here.  After listening to it, go back to the giant statue. Enter it and press the lever forward once. Exit the robot and after Kate hops to the other side use the shears on the extremely flimsy wall to cut open a door for yourself.

Inside the room, pick up the spark plug sitting on the shelf. With the spark plug in hand, leave this place and set the statues so you can go back down.

When youre back down, head all the way to the opposite side of Komkolzgrad. When youre there, press the button to call the elevator. Take the elevator down into a mine. When youre here, youll get a staticy call from Dan. I always wondered how well cell phones would work in a mine shaft…

See that small machine to the left? Thats actually a generator. Put the spark plug in it and push the small lever to get the juice flowin. With the lights on, Kate wont be afraid of getting lost. Go all the way down to the other end where youll find another elevator. Take this elevator up.

Now youre actually inside the building. There is a switch to the left of the large door that will open it for access to the outside area. Go ahead and push that now.

After youve pressed the button, head to the right and go up the steps. Inspect the automaton pianist at the organ. To the left of him will be a screwdriver. Go ahead and pick that up.

With the screwdriver in your inventory, exit the organ and go to the other side of the room. You should see a plate screwed onto a ladder. Inspect it and take out each screw with the screwdriver. When the plate falls off, climb up the ladder and enter the room to the left.

Here youll find the great hand bandit. Turns out his name is Serguei Borodine and he needs the hands for his automaton pianist. This pianist is going to play the gigantic organ that hes created to accompany the great opera singer Helena Romanski. Problem is, he doesnt know where she is and hes never really been able to make contact with her since she came to Komkolzgrad many years ago.

After hes brought the room down to the ground, go inside and inspect it. Take the scrapbook and the returned letters out of the drawer at the end of the room.  After taking them, call up your Mother.(Thanks to Ken K. for pointing out I missed this!

With them, go back and talk to Serguei about Mission.

You should now be able to take the monorail outside of Sergueis control room Go ahead and ride it to the space station area. Go forward and keep on trekkin’ until you come across a capsule. Enter it to find a washed up cosmonaut with a taste for vodka. He seems a little wasted right now so you probably wont be able to get very good information out of him, but some of the stuff he says is kinda funny. Behind him is a bottle of vodka you need to pick up.

After a while hell leave. Inside his medicine cabinet youll find a key and some papers on the cancellation of the space program.

With those things, go back outside. By the cosmonaut is a wheel that needs a good turning. After that, inspect the control panel. Put the key in the keyhole and Youre going to need to move the cosmonaut. Move the left arrow, then the up arrow. Now, to drench him, push the middle lever. Ask him about the airship to get the airship key(you might have to actually look at the airship/try to go in it to get the option to ask him about it). When youre done, head past him into a very creepy looking abandoned space project grounds.

Go to the left and enter the control room. Zoom in on the control panel and you should see a key, another Voralberg key. Use it in the keyhole and push the lever.  You then need to open the small compartment on the bottom right and connect the two wires. Take the blood testing apparatus out of the socket as well.

Run back down and tell the cosmonaut you need some of his blood. Hell gladly give it to you. Head back to the control room and insert the blood testing apparatus. Press the first two buttons to learn that the alcohol level of his blood is much too high. So, throwing any chances of getting a blood transmitted disease to the wind, Kate sticks her finger into the machine.  Since we all know Kate is clean and sober(except for that one cocaine binge in the late 80s, but thats a whole nother story) the blood test proves positive.

Press the second button again and the others. Now the cosmonaut will finally be able to fly away. If that spaceship works just as well as the train, I think we can all expect what someone will find a few hundred miles away in a small crater. You mean there arent any winding machines in DEEP SPACE?!  Sheesh.

After this, head back down and pick up the handle on the ground. Head back and you should find a cage-like thing with a bird sitting in it. Put the crank handle inside the blow horn. This will trigger a nice cutscene. After it, head back to the airship. Go inside and pull the handle. Toodles.


After Kate has made her grandois entrance, head to the inn(dont worry its easy to find). Talk to the inn keeper who has a problem tearing himself away from his game. He gives some shitty service, so I guess well have to do something drastic. Theres a cleaning closet in the room. Open the door and pick up the detergent. Head back outside and use the detergent in the fountain to make a fluffy wonderland. Go back inside and open the curtain.  Now ring the bell to get the asshats attention again and hell notice the suds outside. Hell rush out and start to mop them up, so take full advantage of his absence.

Head behind his desk and take the brochure. Press the button and head through the barred door. Take a left to enter the dining room. Walk down the dining room until you reach a door. Hmm.. I can tell you the code to go through here right now or you can go in search of the card with the code on it.  If you dont feel like getting the card, the code is 0968.

If you want to get the card, go down and to the left a few times until you come in what looks like a mail-room. The card will be on the floor.

After entering the code, enter the room. Put on the gas mask and go outside.  Run down the pier to the gazebo where youll meet up Helena. The inn keep will rush out and try to kick you out but Helena wants to keep you around for a bit longer, as she hasnt had any excitement in about 20 years.

Right outside the gazebo is a small post with Jamess bell hanging on it.

Take it. Run back down the dock and place the bell on the post down here.  Ring it and go back inside to the dining room. Youll meet up with James, Oscars…. brother? I guess so! Hell run out to get Helena.

When they come back in, interrogate that bitch. Especially about Hans.  I guess her voice has become pretty decrepit now… Look at the number on the brochure and call it up. Youll get the recipe for a Blue Helena, yay!

Check out the cabinet under the bar. Youll find some crystallized honey and the lemon. Of course, you cant exactly use crystallized honey in a drink, so head outside of the dining hall the opposite way you came in and go down to where you see two guys playing chess in a pool. Take a left and youll see a hot tub. Turn the wheel and place the honey in the tub to create liquid honey.

Youll also need a crystal dish(trust me). Take a left outside the dining room and go in the hallway. At the end of the hall will be a serving cart with one on it, so just go ahead and steal it, just like with everything else…

Go back to the dining room. Place the crystal dish on the end of the bar.  Now youll need to make the actual drink. Put the honey vodka and lemon in the upper slots that they fit in. First, press the far-left lever to actually turn the thing on. Then, press the second piano key. Pull the little lever on the right and press the third piano key. Now, add ice, lemon, and honey by pressing the buttons with the honeycomb, lemon, and ice respectively. With all of it in, press the button on the far right.  If she says its no good, then either talk to her again or put the crystal dish on the side of the bar if you forgot and talk to her again. When she sings this time, it should break the dish, reminding her that her voice is still good as gold. Go back to the airship to leave.

Return to Komkolzgrad

Can you imagine what that Serguei wants to do with poor old Helena? Yick!

Now I need a shower.

As soon as youve gotten over that, use the sheers on the lock. After Helena has taken her sweet ass time getting out (couldnt she speed it up? Her life is kind of on the line!) use the screwdriver to get Oscars hands back(you know.. I just thought of something. Kates had the screwdriver this whole time. Couldnt she of taken them out when she first got here?

After the next scene, take the elevator down to the mine shaft. Head all the way down to the opposite site and press the button on the elevator to make it come down. Yikes! Good thing it wasnt that powerful. Now that the grate over the ventilation duct is off, crawl through it.

In the box to the left is another bomb. Pick this one up. Head down to the large robot/statue(are you sick of me not being able to make up my mind on what it is yet? :P) and put the bomb on its leg. Leave. NOW.

Return to Aralbad 

Exit the train to the right. Use the winding machine just like you used the others to get everything back in working order. Talk it up with Oscar for a bit. The thing you need to talk to him about, though, is your mission.

The inn manager should come out saying that a package has been dropped off for you inside. Go inside and check out the small box on the left of the counter. Pick up the mammoth automaton sitting inside.

Go to the dining room. Chat a bit with Helena. Go outside when youre done and talk to… well, you should know by now. When youre done talking to him, Kate will finally make one last decision.

Q and A

This is a small questions and answers section for the game. If you have a question youd like to see added here, send me an e-mail.

Q: I cant.. move.. to the left.. outside the Valadilene Inn! HELP!!

A: This is a tiny problem on the Xbox version(Im not sure about the PS2 one). Right outside of the Valadilene Inn it seems like you cant move down the street to the left, but you can. Just move Kate up a bit and you should go to the left.

Q: Can I play the game in the same point and click way like on the PC?

A: No, sorry. I wanted this too, but it isnt available. 馃檨

Q: Will Syberia II be available for Xbox?

A: Right now, no one knows. Hopefully, it will.

Q: Can this game be played in 1080i?

A: Yes, it can. Even though it doesnt mention it on the back of the box, you can.

Q: Some of the cutscenes look messed up in 1080i…

A: You have to turn off the Widescreen so its back to 4:3 at the Xbox dashboard. The game will still be displayed in 1080i too. (Thanks to Ryan Elmore at for the answer!)

Q: Theres a black border around my screen at all times! WTF?!

A: Thats just the way it is for everyone. 馃檪

Q: I forgot to get the Hans-Anna mechanical toy and now Im stuck in the room where it goes! Help!

A: You SHOULD be able to make Kate get out of there by trying to run through either direction. It might take a few tries, but it works.

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Alex Pawlenty

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