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Atlantis: The Lost Empire – Search for the Journal

Atlantis: The Lost Empire - Search for the Journal

Atlantis: The Lost Empire – Search for the Journal

Having trouble in searching for the Scrolls of Aziz? Look no further than this walkthrough!


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Welcome to what could be the most disappointing game I have ever played. I have not seen the Disney animated movie so what I know of the story is based on the game itself. The story for this game is fascinating and similar to Drowned God in its use of conspiracy theories. I read the introduction to the game and was thoroughly absorbed. However, an intriguing premise does not a successful game make. Adventure games are known for their storyline above all other things. The potential held in this game was enormous, but what does the gameplay consist of? MINDLESS SHOOTING. How better to insult the mentality of a person who has been hooked by the storyline than to prevent that person from using their mind at all in the game. The hybrid known as action-adventure is a successful one, and I enjoyed Tomb Raider, Heretic 2, and Alice. However, this game seems to have forgotten the adventure part! The graphics are pleasant (using the Lithtech engine) and the sound is adequate. I must say I didn’t find the game boring (there are six short levels all quite different) but I had this overwhelming feeling of wondering, “what if?”. This game could have been called “Timeline Junior” but, if anything, this game made me like Timeline more-at least it had some interactivity! The game has three levels of difficulty. It suffers from the console disease that has raised its ugly head in Planet of the Apes, Frank Herbert’s Dune, and Shadow of Zorro recently: saving can only occur between levels. The levels are small, as I said before, so it wasn’t too big a hassle to repeat them a couple of times. Another problem was the game’s brevity: six short levels, each of which takes only about 5-10 minutes to complete. I probably wouldn’t have minded had the game actually made more use of its storyline. At the end of the game, you find the story continues in Atlantis: The Lost Empire-Trial by Fire. Yeah, I’ll be getting that one-NOT! Don’t waste your money on this one, unless you want to buy mine


The game centers around the Scrolls of Aziz, a shepherd who visited Atlantis. The scrolls, over the years, were moved from Atlantis to Greece to Rome to England to Iceland. A mysterious sect called the Keepers have kept the scrolls protected throughout this time, including their current resting place, Iceland. Over the years, the scrolls have touched numerous famous people: Amerigo Vespucci, Leonardo da Vinci, Borgia, Charles V of Spain, Philip II of Spain, Christopher Wren, Louis XVI of France, Marie Antoinette, Benjamin Franklin, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Lord Nelson, many of whom knew their significance and kept the information hidden.

Watch the crystal clear Disney animation to set the scene. I assume this is from the movie. Then, the graphics change from cartoon to 3D. It is 1901. You have been sent on an expedition to Iceland to retrieve what is now known as the Shepherd’s Journal. In this introductory, you do not have to do anything! Just float along as you receive your briefing. You can move the boat by using the arrows if you wish.

The Grotto

Follow the path out of the camp. Collect the tool (automatic) on the ground. Avoid the ice boulders Follow the path, collecting power ups as needed. Shoot all Keepers you meet along the way. Be careful at the second wooden bridge. You must jump while running across because it gives way. Provided you jump about half way, you will make it. Keep following the path until you reach the Whitmore Wing, a glider. A cutscene plays.

The Valley

Fly the glider, moving it up and down, fast and slow to avoid the firing from below and behind. Duck below cliff walls or got through passages as required. Note the lovely sky graphics. Eventually, you arrive at the Keep.

The Keep

Go straight ahead. Take out all the Keepers and move in a forward direction. Pick up power ups as required. All paths lead to the Journal Room.

The Journal Room

The most “adventure like” level. Approach the stonebook in the middle of the room. You are informed you need to collect the talismans of the four elements, one per room. Go in each room and collect the talisman there. When returning to the main room, be sure to eliminate the Keepers that have somehow entered the room. There were more each time I entered a new element room. Take each element to the stonebook. When you have acquired all four, the altar thing lowers you to a secret room. Go up to the journal. A cutscene plays, showing the adventure has just begun. GAME OVER.

Alexander Tait

Alexander Tait

Alexander Tait was born in Kobe, Japan, the son of Australian diplomats and has a degree in Speech Pathology. He works at an outpatient hospital in Newcastle, two hours north of Sydney, where he helps people with strokes and other neurological conditions recover their communication and swallowing.Alex lives with his wife, Juanita, sons Dakota Sioux and Kiowa, and dogs, Suleiman and India. He and his wife became involved with adventure gaming in 1998, with Juanita primarily playing the "quality" games. Alex enjoys seeking out and writing walkthroughs for the more obscure adventure games. He has, to date, infected his mother-in-law, mother, sister, and brother-in-law with the adventure game virus. AND HE'LL GET YOU TOO!

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