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Chicken Run

Chicken Run

Chicken Run

Twitch and Spaz go to the movies to review two movies that have been made into video games. This particular review is addressing the second movie Chicken Run.


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Twitch: Our second game is based on that summer blockbuster movie, Chicken Run.

Spaz: Not only were no chickens harmed in the making of this game, but we understand it stars the original chickens from the movie and Mel Gibson’s voice!

Twitch: It does not! Stop that. If you saw the movie Chicken Run and thought it would make a great game, you were right, but this isn’t it. Too hard for children and too boring for adults, Chicken Run falls into that netherworld of wasted potential.

Spaz: The graphics and voices are marvelous, but the game limits where you can go and what you can do. To make matters worse, as you sneak around the barnyard attempting to avoid the hounds, you have to keep an eye on a small radar screen displayed in the corner, and the reaction time between spotting danger on the radar screen and actually being attacked is so minuscule as to raise your frustration level to extra crispy.

Twitch: The game more or less follows the plot of the movie as you sneak around collecting various items that can help escape from the Tweedy’s farm. This leads to a lot of to-and-froing and repetition that quickly become boring. Mini arcade-style games are spaced throughout, but unless you find collecting eggs rolling down chutes as fast as you can enjoyable, then you’re sure to not find any of this egg-citing.

Spaz: Probably the best thing about this game is that when you are finished, you can deep-fry the main characters in eleven herbs and spices. Just try to ignore Ginger’s cackling as you drop her into the hot oil.

Twitch: Dude, that’s too gross. Hey, pass me one of those drumsticks.

Final Grade: C-

Minimum System Requirements:
Pentium 200 MHz or equivalent
4 MB 3D graphics card
100 MB of free hard drive space
4x CD-ROM drive
Sound card (any SB or DX compatible sound card)
Microsoft Windows 95/98
DirectX 7


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