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9 The Last Resort

9 The Last Resort

9 The Last Resort

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Start a new game. At the entrance door, type the code “120763-090665”. Hold the “CTRL” key and click “OK”. Push “CTRL” and “0” and choose to not save the game. Open one of your old savegames; from this point, you can use the following Cheat Codes.


After you type a Cheat Code push the “ENTER” key to validate. You’ll be transported directly into another area of the game.


9: The Last Resort

Walkthrough by Leland and Arleigh

First open the envelope and read the will, the code for the door is at
the bottom. Be sure to include the dashes. Then push enter button. Open
the gate. Grab the Monocle and you will fall down the stairs don’t worry
that the Twins take the Monocle, you will get it back later. Listen to
Salty whenever he comes up, he will give you clues. Explore the Lobby. To
the right of the furnace is a ladder, go up and get the CD. Put CD in
empty holder to the left of the ladder, turn on fuel. Face furnace
(boiler) and turn red wheel to the right and fill boiler. Push red
button, when gauge reads 7 pull red knob down. Go to the steps on the
opposite side of the room and go down the left side. Pull the lever and
hold it for a second or two. Turn right twice and you will see the water
wheel turning. This powers up the bridge to the Organ and the neon “Muse”
light below you. Turn right and get coin.

Put coin in Isadora’s machine and listen to what she says. The grub means
nothing. Just something weird. Go up the ladder beside Isadora to the
balcony. Click on the center of the door and solve the match-the-sounds
puzzle. This changes with each game and is time consuming but not
difficult Go straight ahead to the Muse Machine and look it over. On the
way back look at the back of the door to see the chart of what goes in
the Muse Machine. Go to the Organ. Turn left and look and touch the Dog
skeleton. Just something fun to do. Pull the lever beside the canal and a
bridge comes up. Go forward to the Organ. Look up at monkey. Read sheet
music on Organ.

Play notes from left to right WITH NO STOPS. You should hear some music.
Go to the Tiki Gods guarding the door beside the stairs. They should
laugh and let you into the Drum Room. Explore. Go through the door at the
opposite end of the room into the T-shaped hall. Look over jukebox. Turn
left and go forward to end of hall. Turn left and touch sign with colors,
it should start blinking, the number of blinks for each color will be
important later. Look at the other picture opposite. Just weird, not
important as is the dripping sac thing at the other end of the hall. Now
go to the other end of the hall.

Turn right and touch the cat picture. Remember the part of the guitar
that you see there. (this is called a notation clue) Click to open the
door and watch the Salty sequence. Listen to what Salty says when he
comes out. Go back to Drum Room to the masks and click on them for mask
puzzle. The masks have to be in order from left to right. Each mask must
have a characteristic of one next to it. Try the round face with big eyes
at the left, then the next with big eyes, then the next with funny fangs,
and so on. IMPORTANT! Make a note of the color of the background and the
masks to use on the JukeBox. Use that on the Jukebox and the needle falls
through the record and drops the gear. look down and open the grate and
get the gear. Go to the Clown pole, which is at the top of the stairs,
and down the ladder. Turn left and click on the heart revealing the
gears. Pull the bottom gear all the way down. (it takes twice) Pull the
left gear down twice. Insert the gear you have in the center. This will
reverse the walkway right above you to let you in the upstairs hallway.
Be sure to go to the CD to the right of Isadora and turn it over to get
the number of the song to play for Salty. Also be sure to turn left at
the top of the stairs and look under Thurston’s picture for another
notation clue. Go upstairs.

Turn left and listen to Thurston. Just fun stuff. Go to microwave looking
thing and open it and look at another notation clue. Go to Victrola and
set lever to the number of song on the CD you just looked at. Push button
and Salty goes crazy. Go to the end of the hall and look into binoculars,
just shows chasm. Turn left and turn board over and get first notation
clue with music to play on the Organ. Write this down or push the
“PrintScreen” button and go to Paint and paste and print. This is a pain,
because you have to quit the game, but we found it the best way. Go to
elevator and push button. Go in and turn left and push whatever lights

Turn left and move lever to 1. (2 is where you are and the basement
doesn’t work yet) Attic you can go up and look but not enter. Exit
elevator and go down the stairs, across to the ladder and up. Go to drum
room, turn right, and click on drum with face on it. Turn left, go to
drum machine, pull lever on left side. Pull all the buttons down and
listen to the drum solos. When ready push red button and play “Simon
Says” with drummer. Get maraca from drummer. Go to muse machine and
insert maraca. Go to door in right side of t-shaped hall. Enter tapestry
room, turn right. Click on tapestry. Enter room, and turn gears to show
thone ( eye under screen will be blinking). Go set in thone, push red
button, make note of the alignment of letter and symbol. Go to door, turn
right, click on tapestry, enter, and align wheel of fortune with clue
from throne. This sequence of symbols and letters will be applied to the
Organ keyboard. Starting from the left side of the keyboard, assign the
letters and their corresponding symbols to the keys using both black and
white keys. you will notice that there are two letters missing from the
alphabet since there are only 24 keys. We found it best to make a chart
of the keys with the alphabet right above them, or we’ll E-Mail you our
chart. Look down, get mouse.

Back out, turn right, go forward, turn left, go to cat tapestry, put
mouse in bowl, but don’t enter yet (this takes you to the chasm). Turn
left, click on center tapestry to enter guitar book room, read guitar
book, make notes on letters to tune guitar, look in three drawers below.
Make note, or print the music notation clue in the center. Remember the
letter of the guitar string, but don’t take it. Now for the Chasm. Go to
the cat tapestry and click on it, go ahead into the Chasm. You will pass
through a door. Turn right and go ahead 1 time. Turn left, go ahead
twice, turn left, and go ahead once. You will be facing the skull. Turn
left and go ahead once, turn left, go ahead once to the bar. Open the
right hand panel, click on the center and drag left. Get the bottle. turn
left twice, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead once back to the skull.
With the skull to your back, turn right, go ahead once, turn right, and
go ahead twice, turn left to the door. With your back to the door, go
ahead once, turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead to the
skeleton. Turn right and give bottle to skeleton, and get bone. Turn
right, go ahead once, turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead
twice to the door. Open the door back to the tapestry room.

Go to the garage door in the center of the upstairs hallway. Click on
handle in middle and drag up. Give bone to dog. Explore. In the car is
another notation clue. Go to the robot and click on him. Pick the car on
the right, the slowest one. Right after you click on the starting lights
hold down on the mouse button until the race is over. May take several
times. When you have won, listen to the robot. Turn right twice and go to
the round tool shed left of the door. Click on handle and drag right.
Look at the notation clue and draw it or print screen. Get spark plug.
Look at notation clue in floorboard of car, and draw it. Go to muse
machine and put in spark plug. Go back to garage, and get toothed wheel.
Look down and enter hole. Face Skeleton, then turn right, go ahead once,
turn right, go ahead once, turn left, go ahead twice to the door. Turn
left and go ahead 1 time. Turn left, go ahead twice, turn left, and go
ahead once. You will be facing the skull. Look down, and click on the
center of compartment. Put toothed wheel in empty spot. Here, since every
game is different, you will have to experiment.

The goal is to have all 12 holes showing pink. Our arrangement was 1, 3,
4, 2. The secrete is to add the total of pink dots on each wheel, and
turn the top wheel until all available pink dots are showing. When you
get the wheels aligned properly, look up, and click on the skull to enter
the Dolly room. Explore. Go click on guitar case in the chair. She will
tell you she needs a string. Go up the steps, enter the skull. Turn
right, go ahead once, then turn left, go ahead one to the bar. Open the
left hand or center panel, get string. Turn left twice, go ahead once,
turn right, go ahead to the skull, and enter skull. Give string to
guitar. Tune the guitar using the tuning box on the left. Notice that the
guitar head is bent down, so tune from bottom to top with the guide from
the guitar book. Get the tuning fork.

Go to the white door, and click in the middle. Go put it in the muse
machine. Go back to the Dolly room at the left end of the t-shaped hall.
After you enter the door, turn right, and go to the ball machine. You
must align the cups to get the ball the bottom of the board. We found it
best to turn the lower cups first to see which way they will turn. This
is fairly easy, it only took us a couple of tries. Click on the ball and
draw the notation clue. There are 2 notation clues on this sheet. The
first one is for the jungle organ. The second one is missing the second
note, this will be the letter of the unused guitar string in the left
drawer in the guitar book room Go to guitar picture tapestry, the first
one to the right of the throne and click on it. Using the clues from top
of the stairs, microwave, and cat picture, drag correct pieces to center
to build guitar. Pull up on toggle to watch movie. Turn right, open door
and get vacuum tube. Since the twins take it from you, go back to the
Dolly room, climb the stairs, enter the skull. Turn right, go ahead once,
turn left, go ahead once, go ahead once over the bar.

Turn left twice, go forward, open the chest marked time bomb, get the
vacuum tube, back away, go ahead twice, turn right, go ahead once, turn
right, go ahead to skull, enter skull. Put vacuum tube in muse machine.
Go to the organ. Build another keyboard chart below the first one, take
the first symbol from the sheet music and place it and the letter on the
second chart as indicated on the sheet music, then continue your alphabet
from there, warping around at the end of the keyboard back to the
beginning of the keyboard on the left. On ours we had to move up the
keyboard to the right five notes counting both white and black keys.
Using the chart from the tool shed, the right and left side will overlay.
Using the notation clues fill in the blank spaces in the second row by
matching the shaded boxes. In the first column add the first two rows of
arrows to get the third row (f you have 4 arrows right in top box and 2
arrows left in the second box, the third box will be 2 arrows right).
When finished this will be the sequence for the notation clue from the
racecar. Now play music from notation clues. When it is right, you will
hear noises from the monkey above. We played all the notation clues, and
the monkey was holding 4 coins to give to Isadora We used the Blue coin
first and got the key.

Go up the red stairway the hallway. Turn right and go forward to the
attic door. Use key on door, open door. Go ahead twice to puzzle. Watch
the way the figures move to figure out how to get to the door at the
other end. This one is kind of tough. When you reach the door, turn left
and click on the chest. Get the elevator card. Turn right and push
button, enter elevator. Turn left and put card in panel. Turn left and
move handle to basement.

Go forward, you will get a gun. Shoot all the rats, you must reload when
the cylinder is empty by clicking on the cylinder in the lower left. You
can turn your pistol into a machine gun by holding down on the control
key and shooting a rat. When the clip is empty, you must repeat the
process. Watch out for the big rats coming in from the hole ahead and a
little to the left. It takes about five shots to kill them. This was one
of the hardest sequences to finish for us. When all of the lights are
lit, go forward to the boarded up door, turn right. Click on the paper,
and get the monocle. Put monocle in muse machine. After the muse machine
blows up, listen to the twins, and follow them down. Turn left and click
on boat. Explore. Click on anything that lights up, and look at it. The
green on the palette is to tell you that green is the missing color in
the color-number notation clue at the left end of the t-shaped hall. On
ours, green was three beats, or play the note three times. Now for the
most nerve-racking puzzle in the game. Go to the organ. Here is where you
will need your organ keyboard chart again, and the completed chart from
the tool shed. Play the notes on the totems from left to right using your
second keyboard chart. When you run into a shaded box, play the first
note on the top of the totem, then move up or down the keyboard the
number of arrows indicated on the notation clue from the tool shed. If
the note is colored, play that note that many times, if the box is
colored, play the sequence that many times. Good luck, Happy playing. Any
questions or problems, feel free to e-mail us.


Leland and Arleigh

Leland and Arleigh

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