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Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark

This walkthrough is designed to complete the game as quickly as possible and does contain spoilers!


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Use a Hex editor to edit your latest save game file (called SAVE0.ITD, SAVE1.ITD, 
SAVE2.ITD, …) Find the following bytes and then change the value their to FF to get 255 of each item:

Byte – Item

  • 19856 – Oil lamp fuel
  • 19866 – Rifle shots
  • 19882 – Health
  • 20024 – Revolver bullets

Save your game in the first savegame slot. Back up the SAVE0.ITD file. Change to the INDARK directory and type: debug [ENTER]

At the debug prompt, type the following:


E 4E9A FF 
E 4E90 FF 


When you reload the game, your character should have 255 health points, 255 shots in the rifle and 255 units in the oil lamp.

Note: Cheat codes may not support all versions of the game.

Alone in the Dark

(The Walkthrough Ver. 1.01)


This is a COMPLETE SPOILER to the Alone in the Dark game for the PC. It will get the player through quickly and assumes the player either retains all (s)he reads or does not care at all about the story that goes with the game. All unnecessary and used items are left behind as soon as possible. Most things that do not need to be done to finish the game are marked as optional. This is by no means the only order of events that leads to a completed game, but it is nearly the most efficient. Distribute this freely and add to it as you wish just maintain the credits. Enjoy!

In the LOFT: Push the Wardrobe in front of the window to keep out the winged beast. Then push the Chest over the trapdoor in the floor to keep out the Zombie. Now you can safely search the LOFT. Open the Chest to get the rifle. There is a note behind the Piano on its righthand side. There is a Book in the small bookcase opposite the window. Read and leave the Book (Extracts of Golden Fleece) and the note. Open/Search the Wardrobe to get the Indian Cover. Take the Lantern from the table. Exit through the opening in the corner to the Right of the barrels (the same way you entered) into the STORAGE ROOM.

In the STORAGE ROOM: Open/Search the shelves on the Right to find the Can of Oil. Use the Can of Oil and leave the Empty Oil Can. Take the Bow on the way out the door to the First HALLWAY.

In the First HALLWAY: The floor has a weak spot be careful. Enter the First BEDROOM, on the left. Then the Second BEDROOM, on the Right. Exit the Third BEDROOM and go into the First BATHROOM, on the Left. Leave the First BATHROOM and go Left through the closed door at the end of the First HALLWAY to the top of the WOODEN STAIRS.

In the First BEDROOM: Do not walk on the carpet to avoid an encounter with a Zombie. Open/Search the desk to get the key. Use the key on the Chest to get the Old Calvary Sabre. Leave the key. (Use the Rifle to kill the Zombie when you open the door (2 shots required), if you walked on the carpet.) Leave the room and go across the First HALLWAY to the Second BEDROOM.

In the Second BEDROOM: Close the door behind you to keep out the Zombie. Walk through to the next Third BEDROOM.

In the Third BEDROOM: Prepare to kill the flying beast, as he enters through the window, with the rifle (2 shots required). Get the Vase and Throw it to get the Dresser Key, leaving the Broken Vase. Use the key to open the Dresser and take the 2 Small Mirrors. Leave the key and exit through the closed door. Go across the First HALLWAY to the First BATHROOM.

In the First BATHROOM: Open/Search the Closet for the First Aid Case. Open/Search the case and take the Flask. Leave the empty case. Eat/Drink the Flask to add life points as needed, leave the empty Flask. Leave the BATHROOM and turn Left into the First HALLWAY and go through the closed door.

At the top of the WOODEN STAIRS: Walk (near the wall) to the Statues by each Gargoyle and Drop/Put a small mirror on each Statue. The reflection of each other kills the Gargoyle. Go down the stairs.

At the bottom of the WOODEN STAIRS: Go Right, not disturbing the Knight, through the closed door. Do not disturb the Dark Figure! Take the Gramophone, the Match Box, leave the Poker. Open/Search the Wardrobe to get a box of Cartridges. Reload the Rifle (or Use the Cartridges same thing). Leave and go to the other side of the stairs (past the Knight) and go through the door into the Second HALLWAY. Now that you have been in the Second HALLWAY, you can get relatively close to the Knight and Throw the Very Heavy Statuette at the Knight. Take the Sword, leave the statuette and go down stairs, through one of the openings on either side of the WOODEN STAIRS, to the bottom of the STONE STAIRS.

In the Second HALLWAY: [OPTIONALLY: Go straight through the door directly in front of you into Jeremy’s Old BEDROOM.] Enter the door on the corner, the Second BATHROOM. Then go around the corner to the door on the Right, the DARK ROOM. Use the Matchbox to light the Lantern and walk in the DARK ROOM.

In the Second BATHROOM: Enter quickly and get the Jug. [OPTIONALLY: Open/Search the closet to get another First Aid Case (You may want to reenter to avoid being attacked).] Exit quickly back into the Second HALLWAY. Go back around the corner (past the BATHROOM and Jeremy’s Old BEDROOM) and go left back down the WOODEN STAIRS.

In Jeremy’s Old BEDROOM: Get the notebook from the Mantle. Be prepared to kill another flying beast behind you. Read and leave the notebook (Jeremy HartWood’s Notebook). Exit back to the Second HALLWAY.]

In the DARK ROOM: Drop/Put the lit Lantern on the floor. Open/Search the Night Stand near the bed to get Some Bullets. Take the Very Heavy Statuette and the Book. Take the Lantern and go into the hall. Stop using the Lantern by choosing an Action (Open/Search is good). Read and leave the Book (Diary of a Journey). Exit back to the Second HALLWAY.

At the bottom of the STONE STAIRS: Go left through the unlocked door (on your right) into the GARDEN. Go up the STONE STAIRS to the bottom of the WOODEN STAIRS (again).

At the bottom of the WOODEN STAIRS (again): Get to the Left side of the WOODEN STAIRS and reenter the Second HALLWAY. Go back past Jeremy’s Old BEDROOM, the Second BATHROOM, and the DARK ROOM to the closed GALLERY door. Enter.

In the GARDEN: Go to the Statue of the Girl and the Goat. Open/Search the dirt at the base of the Statue and take the 3 Arrows. Back out of the room before the Spiders get you. Go back to the bottom of the STONE STAIRS.

In the GALLERY: Face the Picture on the Left and Drop/Put the Old Indian Cover. Turn and face down the GALLERY and Use the Bow. Aim at the yellowish object (painting) at the other end of the GALLERY. Shoot the painting (3 shots, 1 hit required Leave all unused arrows). Go to the painting just shot and enter the single door on the Right, Jeremy’s “new” BEDROOM.

In Jeremy’s “new” BEDROOM: Take the (false) Book. Push the Clock aside. Open/Search the hole in the wall to get a key (to Jeremy’s STUDY) and parchment. Read and leave the parchment (The Creatures of the Night). Exit back to the gallery and go Left to the double doors now on your Left, the LIBRARY.

In the LIBRARY: Use the Lantern, enter and Drop/Put the Lantern on the floor. Run to the Left and go Right, past the secret door, when you cannot go any farther. In the corner to the Right of the Secret Door, Put/Drop the (false) Book in the Bookcase to trigger the mechanism. Go Left and enter the SECRET ROOM. [OPTIONALLY: Open/Search the LIBRARY for several Books to further explain the story and give clues. Note: There are Books on both sides of the desk. Caution: Reading one of the books makes you go temporarily insane (costing life points) cool to see though.] Exit through the closed set of double doors, go downstairs, back to the bottom of the STONE STAIRS (again).

In the SECRET ROOM: Take the Talisman. Open/Search the Shelves to get 3 Daggers, Books, and Parchment. Stand in the Center of the Pentacle on the floor to Read the Yellow Book (De Vermis Mysteriis) without getting a broken back. Leave all the Dagger BUT the Sinusoidal bladed one (the curvy one) and leave all the books and parchment once read. Use the remaining dagger on the Vagabond in the LIBRARY. Leave the Dagger.

At the Bottom of the STONE STAIRS (again): Go Right to the closed door, enter the KITCHEN.

In the KITCHEN: Take the Pot of Soup (Flesh actually) from the Fireplace. Enter the Pantry by the Window and prepare to kill another Zombie (rifle works well as does the Sword…). Open/Search the Coal Pile for the Shoe Box. Open/Search the Shoe Box for the Pistol, leave the Empty Shoe Box. Take the Can of Oil in the corner, Use the oil and leave the empty can. Use the Jug at the water barrel. Go back in the KITCHEN and [OPTIONALLY: Open/Search the Cupboards to find 2 Knives (not really needed)] enter the other Pantry to the Right of the Cupboards and take the Key and Open/Search the barrel to get a Biscuit Box. Eat/Drink the Biscuit Box as needed to increase health points, leave the Empty Biscuit Box. Go through the door between the Counter and the Pantry and enter the DINING ROOM through the closed door straight ahead.

In the DINING ROOM: Go immediately to the Table and Drop/Put the Pot of Soup on the Table to “mesmerize” the Zombies. Go through the single door to the PARLOR.

In the PARLOR: Go immediately to the Table, take the Lighter, and Use the Jug of Water on the Ashtray (Cigars). Open/Search the Cabinet by the Window to get a Record and a Book. Read and leave the Book (Memories) and leave the Record (Chopin’s Pothumous Opus 69 Nr 1). Use the Golden Key (the one from Jeremy’s “new” BEDROOM) to open the set of locked double doors to the Right and enter Jeremy’s STUDY. Leave the Key to Jeremy’s Study.

In the STUDY: Open/Search the shelves in the corner passed the Sword and Shield to get a Book and a Record (Saint-Saens’ Dance of Death). Read and leave the Book (The Tale of Captain Norton). Leave the STUDY and go through the set of closed double doors in the PARLOR and cross the Third HALLWAY to the LIVING ROOM. Note the front doors to the Right leaving now is not a good idea!

Enter the LIVING ROOM.

In the LIVING ROOM: Use the Sword (from the Knight) to kill the Pirate (Captain Norton). Take the key he had and the book by the paintings on the floor. Read and leave the Book (Demonia Particularis). Use the golden key from the Pirate to open the locked set of double doors and enter the DANCE HALL. Leave the Key to the Dance Hall.

In the DANCE HALL: Ignore the Record (J. Strauss’s Blue Danube) on the stand to the Right. Use the Record (Saint-Saens’ Dance of Death). Avoiding the dancers, take the Key from the Mantle. Leave the Record and the Gramophone. Exit back through the doors you came in and go back to the Third HALLWAY.

In the Third HALLWAY: [OPTIONALLY: Go toward the STONE STAIRS to the locked door on the Right. Use the Key (the gray one) to enter the CELLAR.] Go through the PARLOR to the STUDY (again).

In the CELLAR: Avoiding the Rats, take Some Bullets from the Counter to the rear of the Stairs. [OPTIONALLY: Open/Search for a Book on the far side of the CELLAR by the Barrels. Read and leave the Book (The Trial of Captain Pregzt).] [OPTIONALLY: Take the Block of Wood holding the Barrels. Don’t enter the cave this way bad idea.] Go back upstairs, down the Third HALLWAY through the PARLOR to the STUDY (again).

In the STUDY (again): Go to the Sword and Shield and Put/Drop the Old Calvary Sabre to trigger the mechanism. Go done the steps to the CAVES.

In the CAVES: Run across the Bridge. Go down the Tunnel to the Left. At the Fork, Run from the Worm with a weapon (Pistol is best) ready to quickly kill another Flying Beast (2 shots required). Run to the Right of the closed Stone Door and kill the Flying Beast. Continue down the tunnel until the worm just appears in front of you and quickly back up the tunnel. Go back to the formerly closed Stone Door and enter. Jump down onto the Walkway and go around to the Left. Jump (new Action) over the Bridge and up onto the ledge. Go past the closed Stone Door on the Right and kill the Creature on the Left. The Pistol works best (2 shots required).

Continue passed the Creature to the Pillars. Kill the flying Creature (2 shots from the Pistol) Jump from Pillar to Pillar to the other side. If you fall, you can wade to through a tunnel to the Cavern with the Walkway, just watch the Monsters. Go down the tunnel to the fork and go Right to the cavern with the Sabres and Skulls. Go Right at a Sabre and Left at a Skull to the Chest. Kill the Flying Creature as before if need be. Use the fancy Key to open the Chest and get a Gem and a Book. Read and leave the Book (A Pirate’s Log Book). Push the Rock aside and enter the small Cavern behind the Chest.

Go through the Cavern and around the corner, jump down and go past the closed Stone Door on the Left. Use the Lantern (Use the Lighter if it needs to be lit and leave the Wet Matchbox while you are at it) and enter the Maze. Remember the closed Stone Door on the Left as soon as you enter. If you don’t see it go Right and turn Left when you see it and start the following directions from there.

Go Straight (as possible, ignoring little irregularities), Right, Left, Right (only choice), Left, Left, Left (only choice), Left (only choice), Right (only choice), Right (only choice), Left (only choice), Straight (past a left option), Left, Right (only choice), Left (only option), Left, Right (only option), Straight (past a left option), Right (only choice), Left, Left (only choice), Right to the door and Put/Drop the Gem in the door. go through into the Cavern and head for the Tree in the Center, avoiding Fireballs and the Water Creatures while wading to the Crypt/Altar in front of the tree. Take the Hook from the Crypt/Altar. Put/Drop the Talisman on the Crypt/Altar to stop the Fireballs, but you must still avoid the Water Creatures. Use the Lighter to relight the Lantern (if you are out of oil at this point, you are in BIG trouble try again). Throw the Lantern at the Tree. Follow instructions and “GET OUT OF HERE!” Wade to the opposite platform you entered on. Jump up and Use the Hook to open the Stone Door. Go through and to the Left into the Maze and go to the Stone Door to the Right and Use the Hook to open it. Go through and to the Left, jumping down to the Walkway and walk to the Left, Jumping the bridge, to the other side. Jump up and go down the Tunnel, at the Fork, go Left (toward you) at the Second Fork, go Right and out into the CELLAR. Go up the Stairs and out by the STONE STAIRS and down the Third HALLWAY and out the Front door.

It’s over, but…

Dox by Doc. Enjoy.


Version: 1.0

Version: 1.01

Version: 1.02

David R. Downs


Version 1.01
Avoiding Zombie in First BEDROOM
Version 1.02
Some spelling errors 🙂 My weakness.
Thanks t Vartan Narinian (?)

David R Downs

David R Downs

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