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The NADI Project Review

The NADI Project Review

The NADI Project Review

Deserted island, ghosts, puzzles, no clock, point-and-click, short and it’s FREE!


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Genre: Point-and-Click Adventure, Free to Play
Release date: June 1, 2016

One minute there you are, a powerful executive traveling the world in your private jet, making deals. The next, there you are washing up on the beach of a deserted island, the only survivor of your jet crash. How can you get help? And why is this girl’s voice in your head?

The NADI Project is a short and sweet adventure game by Monkeys Tales Studio (not to be confused with Monkey Tales Studio), a two-person indie started in Italy in January of 2015. This is their first offering.

On the plus side, this is a classic Adventure game. You’re all alone in a confined area and must explore and solve puzzles to escape. The graphics are nice and the puzzles are fair. It’s fun to play.

On the down side, it’s short (I carefully explored every nook and cranny and still completed it in under two hours.) I also got the impression that it was quickly assembled from stock elements – trees were repetitive clones of each other, textures and animations were generic, etc.

It also needs quite a bit of polishing. My character produced the same clopping footsteps whether he was walking on concrete, wood or sand. The English translations were awkward in places. The geology made no sense in places. And the story was a bit trite.

But as a quick and dirty flexing of the studio’s new creative muscles, not bad. The game is fun to play. It has all of the main elements necessary for a good adventure. It shows that Monkeys Tales Studio has what it takes to make a great game. They just need to invest the extra effort.

Bottom line? It’s free. It’s fun. Download it. Play it.

Grade: B-
It’s free
+ Nice graphics
+ It’s Free
+ Well behaved puzzles
+ It’s FREE
+ Did I mention that it’s a free download?
English translation is sometimes awkward
Needs a bit of polish


System Requirements
OS: Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10
Processor: 3.5 GHz Dual Core CPU
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: 2048MB video board
DirectX: Version 11
Hard Drive: 750 MB available space

Bob Washburne

Bob Washburne

I have been playing adventure games since 1979 when I played "Adventure" on the DEC PDP minicomputer at work. The first adventure game I ever purchased was "Zork 1" for CP/M. I can remember the introduction of the IBM PC. I remember the invention of the microcomputer (actually, it was discovered rather than invented). I remember the invention of the minicomputer. Yes, I am an old fart. I have written 80 reviews and articles for JustAdventure starting with my review of "Bioscopia" in February of 2004. I currently own more adventure games than I will ever be able to play, let alone review. And I want more!

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