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Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaigns Launched for The 13th Doll

Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaigns Launched for The 13th Doll

Kickstarter and Greenlight Campaigns Launched for The 13th Doll

Here we have an adventure horror game created by and for fans of The 7th Guest series. If the funding goal is reached and community support is demonstrated, developer Attic Door Productions will be granted a license to market the game commercially.


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The 13th Doll began as an all-volunteer, freeware passion project over 10 years ago. But development has been somewhat uneven due to “life” getting in the way — you know: families, babies, sickness,  “real” jobs — those kinds of things.

Ultimately, Attic Door decided that The 13th Doll had been too ambitious and let it sit for several years.

It was picked up again in January 2015. But it had been dormant so long that technology had passed it by; files had been lost or corrupted; you get the idea. For all intents and purposes, the project had to be started over. So that’s what Attic Door did.

Then one fine day, Trilobyte (license-holder of the 7th Guest series) happened to notice The 13th Doll and contacted Attic Door. To say, “Hey, you can’t do that” perhaps?

Nope. To make an unprecedented offer of licensing rights, which will enable Attic Door to legally produce and sell The 13th Doll. This is conditioned on raising enough money to make a quality product, and building a community for the game. Enter Kickstarter and Greenlight.  

Attic Door is looking to raise at least $40,000 on Kickstarter by August 27th. Close to 50% of that amount has currently been reached, with 27 days to go. I’d say it’s lookin’ pretty good.

The Greenlight campaign, started July 26th, already includes six pages of enthusiastic comments. Don’t forget to vote it up!

The 13th Doll is not an official game, nor is it canon. Trilobyte is involved only as far as licensing goes; the game isn’t sanctioned by them in any way.

The 13th Doll does tie in with the events of The 7th Guest, however. Tad has returned, as has the Stauf mansion.

We find Tad, who is haunted by the souls of Stauf’s victims, in a mental institution. He’s plagued by guilt and obsessed with escaping and returning to the mansion to save those he left behind.   

If you’re unfamiliar with The 7th Guest and would like to learn more, see JA’s review of the game.

Attic Door is looking to release The 13th Doll by the end of 2015 for Windows and Mac. Depending on funding, the game may also be released on PS4 and Xbox, and support Oculus Rift.

So…take your vote over to Greenlight and some of your money over to Kickstarter.


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Karla Munger

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