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The Crow’s Eye Looks to Kickstarter

The Crow's Eye Looks to Kickstarter

The Crow’s Eye Looks to Kickstarter

A first-person terror adventure with extensive crafting, full of suspense and which rewards investigation. Demo available. Video, screens, and info


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The Crow’s Eye Trailers, OST, Screens, Info – July 19th, 2014

The Crow’s Eye, a first-person terror adventure, has just launched a Kickstarter campaign seeking to raise $35,000. The game is being developed by Barcelona, Spain based 3D2 Entertainment. A free demo is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The developers state that The Crow’s Eye gather’s inspiration from games such as Bioshock, Portal, and Amensia, as well as television series like Lost or True Detective

You can also support The Crow’s Eye by giving them a vote on Steam Greenlight.

A DRM-free version will also be available when the game launches sometime mid-2015.

The Crow’s Eye is being developed with the Unity 3D graphical engine. The player embodies the role of a young man who has awakened in the long-abandoned Crowswood University.

As you journey through the university you will discover mysterious experiments of questionable morality. Get past the different levels by investigating every corner of the university to discover the plot behind the university’s mysteries, and why you’re there. Craft items to make your way through the monstrosities spread throughout the levels and overcome different obstacles.

The Crow’s Eye mixes different genres to offer a game experience that will captivate those who love investigation, crafting and terror. Its most remarkable features can be seen below.

 Crafting items: Collect different items and discover how to combine them. Some will be more hidden than others, so search the many rooms well. This includes ventilation ducts, furniture, etc. Items will have different uses. While some will be used to advance through the game, others will drive enemies away, or will grant improvements to the player.

Interact with your surroundings: You can use the vast majority of items that surround you in many ways. They can be used to throw against enemies, reach high areas, and open doors or drawers. In some puzzles or situations you will need these kind of elements, otherwise it will be difficult, or close to impossible, to advance in the game.

Explore: Freely investigate the map in search of documents, crafting items or secrets hidden throughout the game. Exploration will always be rewarded for those tempted to search in hidden places.

First-person immersion: Put yourself in the skin of the character and advance through the abandoned Crowswood University, its installations and surroundings. The melodies along with the sounds will make for a chilling experience.

Great variety of puzzles: Solve a great variety of puzzles spread through the game to advance through the plot. You may encounter two types of puzzles in-game.

Main puzzles: These are part of the main plot and are compulsory in order to reach the following levels. There is a vast range of them throughout the game.

Secondary puzzles: These do not follow the main plot but unlock secret areas. There are a few of them spread through the levels, and their difficulty is quite high. Some puzzles are not what they appear to be.

Observe the enemy: Advance stealthily and beware of the enemies’ moves. Search out their weaknesses in order to confront them, use crafted items or items you find in your surroundings to stun them. There is a broad range of enemies in the different levels, each worse than the last, so make sure you’re ready before advancing, or you’ll likely find your life cut quite short.

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