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Empyrion – Galactic Survival Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer, Screens, Info

Empyrion - Galactic Survival Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer, Screens, Info

Empyrion – Galactic Survival Pre-Alpha Gameplay Trailer, Screens, Info

A 3D free roaming, space survival adventure that’s an unusual blend of Eve Online, Space Engineers, Minecraft, Rust and Halo – all in one package!


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The search for paradise is as old as humanity. By the end of the 24th century, however, Earth is anything but paradise.

The planet is riddled with overpopulation, runaway climate change, natural resource exhaustion, political instability, riots, looting, war, hundreds of millions of refugees, severe droughts, famines, mass extinctions of many species and ecosystem collapse.

In the year 2402, a wrecked starship is discovered in the Antarctic. It’s determined that the ship belonged to a technologically advanced alien race and was powered by an unknown form of energy.

A star map is recovered whose symbols are similar to those used in ancient cosmologies to describe Empyrion – the land of plenty. The map appears to point to a location 2.5 million light-years away in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Given the increasingly desperate situation on Earth, the United Council of Humanity decides to focus Earth’s remaining resources on a unified effort to build a fleet of starships with the goal of establishing contact with the mysterious aliens, and finding Empyrion. All ships are equipped with an alien energy cell to power their experimental hyperdrives.

In the year 2473, the fleet of starships is ready and you are the first commander of the frigate Helios. You activate the hyperdrive but something goes wrong: an unknown force takes control of your ship…

Re-emerging from hyperdrive, your ship is disabled and drifts in the orbit of an unknown planet somewhere in the Andromeda Galaxy, far away from the destination indicated by the map. You have lost contact with all other ships of your fleet. Gravity pulls your disabled ship towards the surface where it crashes.

The impact completely destroys the ship and kills the crew. You are the only survivor. It’s up to you to find a way to leave this hostile planet and uncover the mysteries of Empyrion. Earth must be saved before it’s too late!

Game features:

-Space and planet exploration (a real free roaming experience!)
-Resource gathering and survival
-Building of spaceships and bases, extensive crafting system
-Space and land combats
-Single, multiplayer and co-operative
-Huge procedural galaxy and open world

Indie developer Eleon Game Studios will be launching Kickstarter and Greenlight campaigns for Empyrion – Galactic Survival this month. Anticipated release dates (PC) – March 2015: Alpha – Early Access; December 2015: final release.

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