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The Tale of Three – Pre-Alpha Trailer, Screens, Game and Indiegogo Info

The Tale of Three - Pre-Alpha Trailer, Screens, Game and Indiegogo Info

The Tale of Three – Pre-Alpha Trailer, Screens, Game and Indiegogo Info

Play as one of three characters in this upcoming fantasy action-adventure with RPG elements from indie developer gameDNA studio


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Prepare to embark on an unforgettable fairytale adventure in which you control the direction of an epic story.

The Tale of Three is a third-person action-adventure game in which the fates of three playable characters — a thief with magical powers, an overgrown and extremely strong gnome and a smart elf with a powerful bow — become entangled.

Patryk Stępniewski, gameDNA studio Co-Founder & Main Programmer: “We aim to make The Tale of Three a unique experience that combine[s] an intriguing story and humor with challenging gameplay. We would like to give people an opportunity to participate in the game development throughout our crowdfunding campaign.”

Mateusz Zaranek, gameDNA studio Co-Founder & Creative Director: “Our goal is to create something that will make us feel the same magic we felt when our parents read us stories in childhood. Therefore, The Tale of Three is inspired by works by the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and many, many others. It’s game that resembles a fable.”


  • Almost every mission can be completed in multiple ways. You decide whether to accomplish it craftily, truculently, or in some other way
  • Each of three playable characters has unique skills that prove invaluable in combat. You can fight using melee/ranged weapons and magical powers
  • Use the environment! The game’s physics permit movement and destruction of objects which may also be used against opponents
  • Compete against different enemies: wild animals, skeletons, bandits, angry gnomes, and many, many others, as well as bosses whose defeat requires use of elaborate methods.
  • Explore a world covering approx. 10 square km (4 square miles) including undergrounds. Travel by horseback. Visit a medieval city, an enchanted forest, a village of elves, some ruins, dark woods, swamps, caves, etc. Have fun in the tavern, take a trip through the gnome mines, and sneak around the castle.
  • Prepare for the high level of difficulty in planning your next moves, solving puzzles and making quick decisions that cannot be taken back.
  • Discover a dynamic world alive with a day/night cycle and weather. Meet a host of animals (e.g. wolfs, bears, cats, cows, birds) and magical creatures (yes, dragons too!).

The Tale of Three is being developed on Unreal Engine 4 and is currently in pre-alpha. Its launch is set for Fall 2015 as a digital download. The game will be released on Windows; Mac and Linux could be added depending on crowdfunding revenue.

gameDNA studio, comprised of just two people, is looking to raise $30,000 via Indiegogo by October 22, 2014 and would appreciate your support.

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