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Mind: Path to Thalamus – Video Review

Mind: Path to Thalamus - Video Review

Mind: Path to Thalamus – Video Review

Ray Ivey lets us know what he thinks of the new point-and-click adventure from Carlos Coronado, Dani Navarro, Luka Nieto and Jose Ladislao


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Ray Ivey reviews Mind: Path to Thalamus
Grade: C+
+ Nice art, environments
+ Good ambient sounds and music
+ Solid, innovative puzzles
Horrible voice acting
– Context-free, largely empty environments 
– Really awful name


Ray Ivey

Ray Ivey

A gaming freakazoid, Ray enjoys games on all platforms. Also loves board games, mind games, and all puzzles. Co-wrote the Entertainment Tonight trivia game and designed puzzles for two Law & Order PC games. Also a movie freak, bookworm, and travel bug. Thinks games of all kinds are a highly underappreciated force for social good, not to mention mental and psychological health.   Ray's favorite adventures include the "Broken Sword" and "Journeyman Project" franchises, "The Dark Eye," "The Feeble Files," "Sanitarium," "Limbo," "Machinarium," "Riven," "The Neverhood," and "Azrael's Tear." His favorite non-adventures include the "Thief," "Uncharted," and "Ratchet & Clank" franchises, all of the Bioware RPGs, Skyrim, and Final Fantasy XII.   Ray writes about the movies for the Bryan/College Station Daily Eagle, which is the old-fashioned thing called a "newspaper." He's been on eight game shows. He's taught in seven countries and has visited twenty-one. His favorite classic movie star is Barbara Stanwyck and his favorite novel is "The Hotel New Hampshire" by John Irving.

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