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Gomo – Review

Gomo - Review

Gomo – Review

What happens when you steal Gomo’s pet dog?


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Gomo is a creature which, while sleeping loses his dog to a bad guy. However upon awakening finds bad guy really has nothing to do with the kidnapping, but an alien demands an exchange of a crystal for the dog instead. And that, my friends, is pretty much the last logical thing that occurs in this puzzle game.

There are some games that make sense. Others that appear to be random puzzles placed in the path of said player for kicks and giggles. Gomo falls into the category of random puzzles which have no correlation to each other what so ever and are extremely limited in the variances of what you can do. There appears to be a growing number of these sorts which can be found on such sites as and

That is not to say Gomo doesn’t have its unique qualities. While at first the little guy look fairly weird, he grows on you. Plus, he has a tendency to do some fairly amusing things, gets knocked around a bit, and will let you know when you have taken too long as far as he is concerned – by falling sleep on the job.

The graphics are simplistic, there is no true language used, and it cannot be stressed enough how limited the gameplay is. In the beginning rudimentary instructions are given, and then it is off to find a crystal.

That is NOT to say it is easy. I had to call in the experts on several of the puzzles – my 6 and 7 year olds. To them it was a piece of cake to figure out the switch needed to be flipped in order for the door to be opened so Gomo could grab the key to a case I had no idea even existed.

All in all it was a game regimented to the ranks of “cute.” A time waster which is amusing, however it is unsure if it is a keeper to be replayed for nostalgic sakes – unless said player is between 5 and 9. It is worth the $7 and change to play it at least once.



Grade: C
+ It is worth the $7.99 to play at least once. 
–  Graphics are simplistic
–  Limited gameplay – falls in the category of random puzzles.


Dawn Appelberg

Dawn Appelberg

Dawn is an active gamer, with her favorite platform MMORPGs. Â Since the earliest Pong and written choose your own adventure style games on the Commodore 64, she has been a part of the gaming community since before it was mainstream. While she does play console, most of her gaming preferences is computer based. A retired army veteran, Dawn lives in Washington State with her husband and three kids. She homeschools her kids, runs a national homeschooling network, earned two Bachelors (Psychology and Criminal Justice) and is now working on her Masters in Constitutional Law. She also is the Executive Officer for a sports complex and runs the nonprofit which works with it. On the side, she works with radio personalities to find sponsorships that meet their audience target.

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