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Dream Chamber Released for PC, Mac, iPad

Dream Chamber Released for PC, Mac, iPad

Puzzle-adventure game takes place in the 1930s in the age of private detectives.


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Anuman Interactive announced today the release of Dream Chamber, a puzzle-adventure game set in the 1930s in a time when private detectives were big names, for the PC, Mac, and iPad. 
The game centers around Charlie Chamber, a rich heir that divides his time between being a social butterfly and pursuing his activity as an inexperienced private detective. After his girlfriend got robbed for art objects, he dives into his side hobby as a matter of honor and discovers that the robbery was part of something bigger. Using his talents such as having a photographic memory that allows him to revisit places he’s already been to in his dreams. This helps him discover additional clues and he can share his findings with his own subconcious.
Dream Chamber is played in a third-person format, using point-and-click for desktops and point-and-touch for the iPad to move about. The player can use the user-friendly interface to activate, study, gather, use and combine objects they find and in the scenery. There are also several puzzle games ranging from lock picking to putting torn documents back together.
Check out the jazzy trailer below:

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