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Alphaman – An Alphabet Munching Puzzle Game Coming to iOS and Android

Alphaman – An Alphabet Munching Puzzle Game Coming to iOS and Android

Eat letters, spell words, solve puzzles, and dodge enemies in this arcade-style puzzle-solving maze game that is coming soon to iOS and Android markets.


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San Franciso, CA – The Awesome Game Studio (also known as TAGS), publisher and developer of mobile games and apps, announced today that Alphaman will be coming to iOS and Android markets soon. Alphaman  features a blend of arcade-style gameplay with puzzle-solving maze games to promote an educational-style of learning for all players.

“With the amount of technology surrounding our youth, it has been a priority to create an educational yet entertaining app to encourage spelling and reading,” said Rajat Ojha, Managing Director, The Awesome Game Studio. “We have combined great artwork, fun and challenging gaming into an amazing app that we are sure players will not want to put down.”

For those playing Alphaman, players will explore as the titular character Alphaman across 11 different maps ranging from Fire-themed to an alien spaceship to find letters and spell words correctly. Players can also pick up “alphapowers” to gain powers such as teleport, faster speed, and more to combat evil zombies that stand in Alphaman’s way.

Perfect for kids or those looking to stay sharp in their spelling ways, Alphaman is aiming to bring hours upon hours of educational fun. Expect to see Alphaman to hit iOS and Android stores for $0.99. For more information visit the official TAGS website

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