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Cognition Episode 3: The Oracle – Review

Cognition Episode 3: The Oracle - Review

Cognition Episode 3: The Oracle – Review

When a trail of clues and bodies lead Erica to the luxurious Enthon Towers, her post-cognitive powers leave her unable to escape the dark betrayals in its past


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Erica Reed returns in the third episode to Cognition.  Cognition is a Kickstarter-funded game from the team behind The Silver Lining, a fan-made King’s Quest sequel.  Erica is a psychic who uses her abilities to solve crimes.  In the first two episodes, you learn about Erica’s ability and the untimely loss of her brother.  A mysterious set of circumstances surrounds Erica’s recent cases; and it appears someone is targeting her in some manner.  But, who or what is difficult to say.  Episode 3 raises the bar in terms of emotional impact and story engagement.

The Story So Far

At the end of Chapter 2, a body is thrown out a window and crashes onto a police car. This is the same police car that Erica had sent to stake out an apartment building for the friend she met at her brother’s grave.  Erica quickly rushes over to investigate.  

While I felt Episode 2 was primarily self-contained, Episode 3 is focused on core story arc in the first season of Cognition.  A new physic power is introduced for Erica to use.  It allows her to view and interact with visions from the past.  The surprise is that these are not events from Erica’s life, but events related to Cordelia, the new friend she met at her brother’s grave.

Cordelia and Erica must work together in past and present in order to unravel the secret behind the most recent murder, as well as some of the details surrounding her brother’s death and how everything relates to the most recent cases.  

Production Values

Episode 3 has a much more honed story than Episode 1 or 2 did.  The puzzles primarily relate to using the right cognition power at the right time and place.  This also has their most elegant puzzle, where you have to find the code to open a safe.  

The graphics and sound are consistent with the other episodes in the series.  The sound bolsters environment but does not detract.  The graphics provide a suitable environment for exploring.  One of the interesting points about this game is that everything takes place in the same primary location, which is Cordelia’s apartment building.  You’ll spend most of the game switching between current time and Erica’s visions of Cordelia’s past.  Some of the common locations, such as the police station do not show up in this installment.

Final Thoughts

The journey in this game is most satisfying and I can’t wait to play the conclusion.  All the pieces are in place for an astounding finale.  The team behind this game is starting to get really good at telling their story while also mixing in the elements you’ll love as an adventure gamer.  If you’ve played the first two installments, you’ll want to play the third.  If you like mystery games, then you’ll want to play this series.   

Grade: A+
+ The most satisfying episode so far. 
+ Great storytelling and mix of gameplay elements.
+ If you like mystery games, you’ll want to play this.



Cognition Episode 3


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Release Date: May 16, 2013
Brief: When a trail of clues—and bodies—lead Erica to the luxurious Enthon Towers, her post-cognitive powers leave her unable to escape the dark betrayals in its past. The shocking truth about the Oracle’s identity is revealed, along with the killer’s connection to Erica’s own tragic past. No longer sure who she can trust, if anyone, Erica is determined to find the truth, no matter what the cost.


Jeffry Houser

Jeffry Houser

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