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Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass

Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass

Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass

After Brain – the worst brawler in the history of the Wrestle Zone – wins the title belt, both he and the belt are kidnapped leaving it up to Simon and Defender to get them back.


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Genre: Humorous Adventure
Release date: 29 Feb 2012
Platform: PC

Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass is a new title from Wadjet Eye Games, makers of the wonderful Blackwell series. This is an adventure game that just keeps on giving. If you like lighthearted adventures with a shot of arcade and a full drink of humor, then you need to check out this Da New Guys sequel.


The Setup
The game follows the path of the wrestling team Da New Guys. The team consists of three members:

  • Brain: The awkward guy who has an inflated view of his self-importance
  • Simon: The brawn of the group. He is strong.
  • Defender: The guy in a Super Hero-like costume.

During the game, you’ll get to play all three characters. The game starts out with you as Brain. The team is in the middle of a big wrestling match for the belt. Puzzle one, puzzle two, and then Brain wins the belt. Brain’s win has upset some wrestlers, and a mob comes to his house looking to retrieve the belt. During his escape, Brain is kidnapped by a unknown assailant. It is up to Defender and Simon to discover the kidnapper, free Brain, and save the Wrestle Zone.  


Puzzles, Arcade Sequences, and Achievements
The puzzles in this game are as perfect as possible. You’ll probably get stuck, but you won’t be frustrated. You’ll be able to take a deep breath, put some thought into it and move on with the game. The direction you must take is clearly defined; it’ll be a matter of putting the pieces together.

One of the key elements of this game, even more so than its predecessor, is the use of multiple characters. Sometimes only a single character can get an item, but then must hand the item to one of his teammates to solve a puzzle. At times this approach feels contrived, but it still adds a layer of challenge to the game that would not otherwise have been there.   


This game also comes with some built-in arcade style sequences. Don’t’ fear, fellow adventure gamers, the arcade sequences are not as bad as you might expect. at one point, you’ll have to navigate through a maze with laser walls that turn on or off every few seconds. It is not based on reflexes, but rather on how easy it is for you to plot a path through the ever changing lasers. In another segment, you’ll do some water skinning, reminiscent of the trip to Kerona in Space Quest 1. I got through this sequence a lot quicker than I did the Space Quest sequence. A third action sequence mimics the old console style fighting games. Even if you die here, you’ll be able to continue without fault.  

An interesting addition to this game is the concept of achievements. If you solve puzzles certain ways or reach certain points in the game, you can be rewarded with an achievement. Each achievement comes with a bonus image, usually concept art or unused sequences. It’s a nice snapshot behind the making of the game.  


Graphics, Sound, and other Production Values
In my review of the original game, I commented that the production values were a bit lacking. That is less the case in this new game. The game style and animation approach is similar, but presents some polish not present in the previous game.

The voices are more varied than in the previous installment. They are good enough to keep me entertained. The sound effects and background music are the only items not created exclusively for this game; but they fit into the general theme without issues.  


One thing to note about this game is that it felt like it would never end. That’s a good thing. Each time I thought I had completed something, it turned out there was another section. The flow between sections is sometimes a bit awkward, but it always feels like the game is offering up one more treat. It makes for a pleasant surprise and fun gameplay.  

Da New Guys: Day of the Jackass is the most lighthearted game I have played in awhile. If you’re looking for an adventure with wrestlers, full of puzzles and humor, then this is the game for you. Pick it up, and go for a round or two in the ring.  

Rating: A-

Jeffry Houser

Jeffry Houser

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