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Earl Bobby is Looking for a Loo

Earl Bobby is Looking for a Loo

Earl Bobby is Looking for a Loo

A man’s adventure to find an empty toilet turns into a serious and intense one.


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First, he is looking for his shoes, then his balls, and now Earl Bobby is back, looking for a loo this time. Yeah, you heard me right. I’m not kidding. This one is very simple. You only need to help Earl Bobby find an empty toilet to do his business.


After playing his game of golf with his friend Baron Mucki, Earl Bobby is ready to go home. Unfortunately, he eats too much after the 18th hole and now he needs to find a loo to do his business. Sound easy? Don’t be so sure yet, because this “finding toilet” task is very difficult to do. It’s there within your sight, but somebody’s occupying it and he does not want to leave. NOT without force, at least.


Am I enjoying the game? Yes I am, until I meet the dreadful text parser feature. It’s fun at first, but when you’re stuck for hours just figuring out what word you should use, the fun disappears quickly. In fact, I have to type the name of every item on the screen just to figure out what to do next. Even with my wife helping me find that one word, it still takes me about 5 hours just to find the God-forsaken word so I can go to the next step. I might not be that good at text parsing games, but this one is way too ridiculous for me. You will see what I mean when you play the game (EVIL LAUGH).

Technically, I don’t think this game is any longer than the first two Earl Bobby games. It has approximately the same number of locations to explore. But the text parser aspect can cause it to become really long. If you are good at text parser games (like the old Sierra games), however, you will finish the game in two hours at most.


The other thing I really hate about this game is the pixel hunting. I was unable to pick up objects I knew I needed unless I rested the tip of my pointer on precisely the right spot. This is really frustrating, as the hand icon appears over all items no matter where the pointer is placed.

This game has better graphics compared to the previous two. Too bad there are still many commercial games out there having much better graphics than this one. Don’t worry though, I have played many games with worse graphics and still enjoyed them.

The sound FX and conversations don’t help to improve the game. The character’s voices are sooo lame that I turned my speakers off at times just to avoid them. 

But enough already about the bad parts of the game. Now we will talk about the part that makes this game fun to play: The HUMOR. Most of the conversations and actions will make you laugh with the satire and wackiness of Earl Bobby. Some of the puzzle solutions, once you discover them, are actually brilliant. Of course, sometimes you need to use more than logic to solve a puzzle. But if Monkey Island™ can do it, why not this game?

So if you are looking for a game to fill your spare time, go ahead pick this one. It might brighten your day with its humor. But if you have a hard time with games having “non-logical, out-of-the-box” kinds of puzzle solutions and the dreadful “pixel hunting,” then stay away from this game because you will lose lots of your hair in the process of finishing it. I’m not joking, especially with the “additional” text parser puzzles during conversations. That combination is way too deadly for me. The choice is yours.

Final Grade: C+

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP/Viista/7
  • Playable on Linux with Wine
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 1 GB Hard Disk Space
  • 2 GHz Single Core Processor
  • Direct 3D compatible video card
  • Strong nervous system

Vicky Indrawan

Vicky Indrawan

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