Get Ready to Hobnob with Action and Adventure in Hob
Get Ready to Hobnob with Action and Adventure in Hob
Starting today, use your mechanial glove arm to grapple, punch and warp your way through an ever-changing world
Posted: 09/25/17 | Category: News | Platform: Playstation 4, Windows

More info:
Save a Stunning, Brutal World in Hob - August 29, 2017 

World Shift Mechanics

After two years in development, the action adventure Hob has been released. Presented without dialog, the game's narrative unfolds through exploration. Investigate ruins, befriend sprites and battle rogue creatures. Solve puzzles to repair a world in stress.

As a bonus, Kristina Ness of Runic Games has created a comic that serves as a short prelude to the main story. View it here, or download it for printing here.

Hob is now available for PS4, and for Windows on GOG , Humble Bundle  and Steam.

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