Steam Greenlight Saying Goodbye Soon?
Steam Greenlight Saying Goodbye Soon?
So said Valve last February...
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Back on February 10, 2017, a piece of news entitled Evolving Steam was posted in the Steam Blog.

Rather broad in scope, its gist is that a "better path for digital distribution" is needed and that a "new path, which we’re calling 'Steam Direct,' is targeted for Spring 2017 and will replace Steam Greenlight." (Valve has actually been squawking about doing this since 2014.)

A post in Workshop Discussions addresses issues not covered in the Blog post. It was last edited on March 7, 2017.

I've been unable to locate any more recent news. It's now Spring, and this leaves me wondering what the current status of this changeover might be. Knowing how these kinds of things usually go, I think it will likely take longer than anticipated. At this point, I suppose it's a wait-and-see proposition.

So what do you think about this change? There are currently 184 pages of comments on the Steam Blog post; anyone who has anything to say is free to post it there. Comments may also be posted beneath this article.

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