The Filmmaker is Now Available on Steam
The Filmmaker is Now Available on Steam
Yes, the mystery text adventure from Christopher Brendel/Unimatrix Productions and Storycentric Worlds has arrived
Posted: 03/11/17 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

More info:
The Filmmaker Premieres Worldwide - December 20, 2016 

It's been a long road. The Filmmaker -- which is the third in a series of text adventures, the first two being Lifestream  and Shady Brook  -- has finally been launched for Windows on Steam.

If this game seems familiar, it's likely due to it being a remake of the 2010 game of the same name, but with some new elements. You can read JA's review of that version here.

The Carson Stiles Gateway Theater, which has shown low-budget B-movies for years, has been closed due to a series of murders. Protagonist Brianna, who faithfully attended every new movie shown there, receives an unexpected invitation to the theater's grand re-opening. Little does she know the theater is haunted.

The Filmmaker offers 6+ hours of gameplay in which Brianna enters five distinct films. It also features two different endings.

The game is available on Steam  and carries a time-limited 15% discount. Further, both Lifestream  and Shady Brook are available at a 50% discount.

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