The Wardrobe is Now Available on Windows
The Wardrobe is Now Available on Windows
From C.I.N.I.C. Games and Adventure Productions, an irreverent, mature, non-politically correct point-and-click adventure with skeletons and plums
Posted: 02/17/17 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

More info:
The Wardrobe's Release Date Is Delayed Three Weeks - January 25, 2017 

In The Wardrobe you'll play Skinny, who's accidentally killed by his best friend Ronald. Skinny then finds himself sentenced to "live" in Ronald's wardrobe as a skeleton and watch over him without his knowledge.

Five years have passed, and things have changed. Skinny must now reveal himself and induce Ronald to confess his "crime" in order to avoid eternal damnation.

Inspired by such '90s classics such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max: Hit the Road and Tony Tough, The Wardrobe is now available for Windows on Steam, Zodiac and the Humble Store, all at a time-limited 15% discount. Mac and Linux vesions are to follow next week.


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