The Uncertain: Episode 1 Demo is Released by ComonGames
The Uncertain: Episode 1 Demo is Released by ComonGames
The Episode itself has actually been available since September 22nd
Posted: 11/14/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows, Other

Download the demo here

Welcome to a post-apocalyptic world where there are no humans -- only robots/artificial life forms exist here. You are one of them. You see everything through digital eyes.

There used to be humans in this world. But humans being what they are -- emotional, unpredictable, chaotic -- they destroyed themselves.

Without humans to screw things up, the robots have formed a perfect society ruled by logic. Harmony abounds. There are no wars.

In The Uncertain: Episode 1 - The Last Quiet Day, you're an engineering robot who is curious about the human race. You'll have much to explore, diverse puzzles to solve and important decisions to make. Your overriding question: Why have humans destroyed their entire race?

The Uncertain is an episodic, story-driven 3D adventure with a unique story, beautiful graphics and an immersive atmosphere. The game was constructed for Windows with Unity 5 using NVIDIA GameWorks HBAO+, DoF and FXAA technologies. It also supports NVidia Shield ATV.

The Uncertain: Episode 1 - The Last Quiet Day is available on Steam . Additional outlets can be found here  .

The free demo can be downloaded here

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