Scéal is Now Available on Steam
Scéal is Now Available on Steam
Discover the emotional story of a young girl’s spirit trapped inside the pages of a living storybook
Posted: 10/28/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

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Indie game developer Joint Custody has announced that its supernatural Irish mystery game Scéal (meaning "Story" in Irish) is now available on Steam.

The game draws from Irish folklore to tell an emotional tale of a young girl's spirit trapped on earth. To reach the afterlife, she must unravel the truth about a past of which she has no memory. She doesn't even know her name.

The girl must unlock fragments of her life by completing tasks for the townspeople of Carlingford, an Irish fishing village. A raven named Branna promises to take her to the afterlife when her memories are complete. The girl possesses supernatural powers that will help her in her quest.

The world of Scéal is like a living storybook, with rich watercolor-style graphics that pop up and animate as you travel through them. The game has three possible endings, depending on the girl's actions.

The game's music was composed by renowned Irish folk singers Lorcan Mac Mathuna and Aislinn Duffy. Each track was written and recorded in three different styles to reflect the various emotional states of the main character. You can listen to the full soundtrack on Soundcloud

Scéal is currently available for Windows on Steam

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