Behold, Obduction!
Behold, Obduction!
Cyan says it's hard to believe, but the game has really been released for Windows; Mac and Rift versions to follow
Posted: 08/25/16 | Category: News | Platform: Vr, Windows, Mac

Obduction To Be Released August 24th - August 7, 2016

Cyan: If you’re not worried about spoilers you can check out our Launch Trailer! It definitely reveals a few things, but we needed something that teased a bit more for people who might be undecided.

Obduction for Windows...come and get it! Steam, GOG, Humble Store. Mac and VR versions coming soon, and more stores are to be be added.

Everyday life is gone. Pieces of earth lie scattered within an alien landscape. There is no one here. Well... almost.

You’ve been abducted from your cozy existence and find yourself in an alien world bearing an incongruous Kansas farmhouse complete with a white picket fence.

The house is on the outskirts of a bizarre little town with curious structures containing more questions than answers. You notice a kiosk that welcomes you to Hunrath.

Explore, uncover, solve, decide. Coax the enigmatic landscapes of Obduction into giving up their secrets. Each choice you make will have substantial consequences. This is your story now.

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