Mystery of Rivenhallows Launches on Steam
Mystery of Rivenhallows Launches on Steam
Developer/publisher EnsenaSoft brings us a sinister point-and-click tale of mystery and suspense
Posted: 07/27/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Rivenhallows Orphanage was once a peaceful, happy place. Then children started disappearing without a trace. The authorities could do nothing.

You, a former resident of Rivenhallows, must now return to the orphanage and attmpt to discover its sinister secrets.

Mystery Of Rivenhallows is a feature-packed adventure game full of surprises, challenging puzzles, cryptic clues, secret passages and ghosts! Find keys, examine objects, be observant to your surroundings, and check out every room in the house. Only by reaching the very end will you unveil the terrible truth to the shocking events that eventually shut down the orphanage.

Mystery of Rivenhallows is now available for Windows on Steam; it will carry a 20% discount ($3.99) until August 2, 2016.

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