Different Galaxy
Different Galaxy
A story-driven adventure hybrid from Killmonday Games, developer of Fran Bow
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Galaxy is a kitten. He's also a scout, although what kind of scout isn't yet clear.


Different Galaxy is a "story-driven adventure-hybrid," although hybrid with what isn't clear at this point, either. It appears as though the game might take place in outer space.

Acccording to Killmonday: The mechanics of the game are still in development and they might change according to the story, but at the stage we are today it will be a story driven adventure-hybrid.

We want to make a game that it feels complete in both story and game-play so we are very open to use all mechanics available! It is a bit soon to let you know about details, but we are so hyped that we couldn’t wait!

The game is being developed with Unity in 2D, and will be hand-drawn. And that's all I know right now. There are no videos or screenshots.

I'm sure Killmonday will be releasing further details at some point.

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