Allison Road Canceled?
Allison Road Canceled?
Maybe...maybe not...more confirmation is required
Posted: 06/05/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Allison Road is Your Path to Terror - March 30, 2016

The following was posted to the Allison Road Twitter account June 4, 2016 at 5:25pm :

Hi all. Sadly Allison Road had to be cancelled. Statement to come in the next few days. Thx for all your support and very sad it came 2 this

Meanwhile, neither the game's official site, Greenlight page nor IndieDB page reflects anything about the game having been canceled. The Greenlight page does, however, reflect some angry comments from fans.

Developer Lilith Ltd's official website has only one working page, captioned Lilith Ltd Job Board. It states that Allison Road is currently in development, and carries the prototype gameplay trailer.

With only sparse and conflicting info available, I'm not prepared to say that the cancellation is definite. I doubt this is a publicity stunt of some sort, but you never know.'s wait-and-see time.

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Posted Date : 11/15/2016
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