Paws - A New Adventure in the World of Shelter
Paws - A New Adventure in the World of Shelter
Developer Might and Delight is releasing the standalone adventure March 24th on Steam and other retail outlets
Posted: 03/23/16 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows

Shelter 2 Review - March 9, 2015

Return to the world of Shelter 2, where you'll become a baby lynx who gets lost in a world filled with danger and tries to find its way home. The story is one of friendship, and of overwhelming odds and the strength to overcome them. One need not have played the Shelter games in order to enjoy Paws.

Anders Westin, CEO, Might and Delight: As the world of Shelter continues to grow, so has the opportunity to expand on the experiences and variety of stories we can tell. We've also been hugely inspired by the feedback and continued support of our fans, who have shown a clear indication to delve further into the Shelter universe. Paws allows us to present a world unlike any before seen in the series. This isn't Shelter 2. This is a big scary world as viewed through the eyes of a little cub.

Paws is set for release for PC and Mac on Steam (save 10%) and other retail outlets, such as GOG (save 10%, DRM-free) on March 24th 2016.*  

An expanded edition of the game will come bundled with an original soundtrack created by the award-winning Retro Family and will include The Lonesome Fog, Might and Delight's first major foray into the world of interactive books.

*Please note: The first trailer above says, "Out now," but this is incorrect. The game will be released tomorrow, March 24th. The second trailer, from GOG, is correct.

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Posted Date : 09/30/2016
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