Remake of Downfall Has Been Sprung
Remake of Downfall Has Been Sprung
Revisit the Quiet Haven Hotel in style in this new-and-improved version of the 2009 horror adventure from Harvester Games and Screen 7
Posted: 02/16/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows

Note: This game contains scenes of violence, sexual content and strong language. Neither the remake nor the 2009 version of Downfall is suitable for players under 18.

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Return with Joe and Ivy Davis to the recently renovated Quiet Haven Hotel and have a real panic. Watch as Ivey disappears and Joe straddles reality and nightmare. See everything become gruesome and disgusting.

Among the game's improvements are high-res graphics, new animations, a new score and full voice acting.

Here's a suggestion. If you're ever on a road trip and get caught in a terrible storm, keep going. Even landing in a ditch with a few broken bones is preferable to what happens to Joe and Ivy.

A playable demo of the Downfall remake is available here. If you're interested, you can download the original Downfall free of charge here . It might not work on later versions of Windows (Vista is the last one officially listed), and no tech support will be available.

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