Essence - The Resurrection Rises on Kickstarter
Essence - The Resurrection Rises on Kickstarter
Journey beyond time and space in this surreal exploration adventure from two-person indie developer Onevision Games
Posted: 02/16/16 | Category: News | Platform: Mac, Windows, Linux

You awaken. What happened? Who are you? Where are you?

Imagine core worlds that revive and evolve around you as you uncover hidden secrets and lost memory fragments. Interact with riddles to discover the nature of these worlds and your purpose within them. Assemble a story that will lead you to a single interwoven message. 

Essence - The Resurrection is in development by Onevision Games for PC/Windows, Mac and Linux and will launch on Steam in 2016. A Kickstarter campaign with a base goal of  €15,000 is in progress. Stretch goals include support for Xbox One, PS4 and VR. 

Discoveries beyond belief await you. If you're into the fantasic and surreal, please consider backing this game. Pledge €5 or more and gain access to a playable prototype consisting of "a handful of parts of the worlds and features of Essence."

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