Monumental is Released on Steam
Monumental is Released on Steam
Here we have a Myst-like, narrative-driven, puzzle-based adventure from indie developer Whipstitch Games
Posted: 02/05/16 | Category: News | Platform: Windows


Are Myst-like games making a comeback? Lately, we've seen Empathy, The WitnessAnamedia and maybe a couple of others, all in the style of Myst.

Now we have Monumental, in which you play a sole adventurer on an alien planet who is searching for a research team that's disappeared. In the process, you'll discover The Monument: a remnant of a highly advanced but long dead alien race that may hold the key to the planet's dark secret.

This narrative-driven, puzzle-based adventure from Whipstitch Games gives you four primary tools: a flashlight, a data capture tool, a camera and a microphone. Exploration will be the order of the day.

Will you be able to find the truth long forgotten?

Well, you can find out right now. Monumental for PC is currently available on Steam for $9.99.

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Randall Rigdon
Posted Date : 02/11/2016
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